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Details of next-phase structural genocide of Valikaamam North come to light

[TamilNet, Saturday, 27 August 2016, 23:08 GMT]
The commander of occupying SL military in Jaffna, Major General Mahesh Senanayake staged a hurriedly organised ‘ceremony’ on Friday instructing a section of recipients selected for 20 of 100 houses in the military-constructed housing-scheme at limestone quarry lands in Keerimalai. Sinhala military personnel outnumbering the civilian recipients of the housing scheme were demonstrating how the people of Valikaamam North are going to be surrounded by the occupying military forever. While the occupying SL military has robbed more than 5,000 acres of fertile, residential lands in the Valikaamam North and the entire Mayiliddi coast with the most resource-rich sea beds in the North and evicted more than 50,000 people from their villages, the Sirisena blueprint now wants to create resettlement slums and make the people of Valikaamam North subordinate to Sinhala military.

The entire plan targets to buy the people away from their own villages.

The initial step seeks to create resettlement slums for landless people and the most poverty ridden sections with 20 perches of lands and a house per family constructed by military at infertile limestone quarry lands.

At the same time, by keeping the released lands surrounded with military fences and prying eyes of the occupying Sinhala soldiers, the people are discouraged to resettle in the ‘released’ pockets.

The civil authority, constantly under the genocidal grip of Colombo, has been purposefully deprived of providing the needed infrastructure for resettlement in the released pockets of lands.

As a result, the uprooted people are forced to consider selling their lands in these pockets, and without no surprise, the buyer of these lands is going to be the genocidal State itself.

The military plan is to buy the ‘un-used’ lands from the people at a cheaper rate and offer these to those still demanding resettlement with strong cases of land ownership in the lands and villages, which the occupying military is not prepared to release back to the people. By doing this, the SL military targets to contain the struggle of the uprooted people.

SL Government Agent of Jaffna District N. Vethanayahan, Thellippazhai Divisional Secretary K. Srimohanan and the District Additional Secretary for Land affairs Subramaniam Muralitharan were present at the military-organised event in Keerimalai where the SL Commander Mahesh Senanayake spoke.

In his address, the GA was using the term ‘His Excellency the President’ more than the word ‘resettlement’.

The SL-GA was revealing some of the details of the next phase of Colombo's deceptive move in his address.

Sinhala military commander was saying that there are some pockets of lands to be released in the coming days. These pockets are from the GS areas of KKS Centre (J-234), KKS West (J-233), KKS South (J-235), Pazhai Veemankaamam North (J-236), Thaiyiddi South (J-236) and Thaiyiddi East (J-247).

But, Mahesh Senanayake made it clear that two military camps in the area will continue to remain.

Informed civil sources said that the military was only having 400 acres of lands to release and that too for only those who present themselves and claim their ownership to these lands.

The people are instructed to come to Divisional Secretariat in a short notice on Sunday.

The SL commander was also talking about a ‘lucrative sum’ to be given to those willing to succumb to the military solution.

The GA was talking about ‘2 acres per family’ while the commander was sharp in telling that it was ‘20 perches’ of lands coming with the houses.

The military-built housing scheme is to be extended with 250 more houses in the next phase, the GA further said. He also said that it would be the SL military constructing houses in the lands that will be purchase by the government.

The blueprint for military solution has been completed and the SL President is expected to acknowledge it soon, Senanayake said.

There would be no Valikaamam North resettlement problem by the end of 2017, Senanayake said at the meeting in which he was also joking that he would be speaking Tamil when he completes the housing project.

Tamils have already seen Rajapaksa addressing UN Assembly in Tamil a year before the 2009 genocide, commented a GS officer present at the meeting.

The SL Commander was speaking of getting the blessings from SL President. However, the SL President has already secured the necessary blessings of the Triple Gem and the triple powers from Washington, New Delhi and Beijing to continue to the structural genocide through Sinhala militarisation of the occupied Tamil country, commented the Tamil civil officials who are forced to subordinate themselves to the the military-led programme in the North.

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