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SL Police sustains impunity for crimes of structural genocide in North-East

[TamilNet, Saturday, 15 July 2017, 23:47 GMT]
The genocidal State of Sri Lanka has been allowed to get off scot-free from international investigations by the global and regional State actors, who are locked in the geo-political game. As the crimes during the times of war have not been subjected to criminal prosecution, the occupying SL State also finds it easy to sustain impunity for crimes being committed against Tamil social activists and public officials in the East, especially in the Tamil villages of Batticaloa district, Tamil activists in the district complain. The structural genocide against Eezham Tamils cannot be prevented through internal justice mechanisms as impunity is maintained through the police system of the unitary State, they said.

None of the crimes committed by the occupying SL military, its paramilitary or the SL Police after the end of war in 2007 in the district have been investigated, the activists in Batticaloa said.

Ketheeswaran Thevarajah
Environmentalist Ketheeswaran Thevarajah, who was killed in Jaffna on 31 December 2010 by a killer squad for compiling information on environmental damage by scooping sand in Vadamaraadchi, Jaffna.
Krishnasamy Nakuleswaran
Krishnasamy Nakuleswaran (12 May 1974 – 12 November 2014)
Mathisayan Sachchithanantham
Mathisayan Sachchithanantham (26 January 1972 - 26 May 2015)
Sulaxan Sukantharajah and Gajan Nadarajah
Two students, 24-year-old Sulaxan Sukantharajah, from Kantharoadai in Jaffna and 23-year-old Gajan Nadarajah, who hails from Ki’linochchi, were gunned down on 20 October 2016 at Ku’lap-piddi in Kokkuvil in Jaffna by SL Police.
24-year-old Yogarajah Thinesh, gunned down by SL Police on Sunday
24-year-old Yogarajah Thinesh, gunned down by SL Police on Sunday
The trend is similar to what has been witnessed in the wake of the slaying of activists and students in Jaffna and Mannaar in the Northern Province, they said.

26 months have elapsed since Social Serivce Officer Mathisayan Sachchithanantham (43) was shot and killed by unknown gunmen at Ma'ndoor, which is situated 40 km south of the city of Batticaloa.

Mathisayan, a Justice of Peace (JP) was playing a key role in confronting the corruption and the anti-people elements in his village as well as at his work. Two persons, arrested by the SL police on suspicion, were released and the SL police made no progress after that. SL Police was well aware that ‘powerful actors’ were behind Mathisayan's assassination.

13 months ago, on 01 June 2016, Shanmugam Guru, a GS officer who confronted illegal logging by the occupying Sinhala military personnel at Kudumpi-malai was taken to a military camp and brutally assaulted.

The family that alerted the GS officer was harassed and the GS officer, while receiving medical treatment, was subjected to military pressure to refrain from seeking justice against the crime. Kudumpi-malai is an interior Tamil village that has been subjected to demographic and structural genocide since the end of war in 2007 in Batticaloa.

Almost 5 months have gone since Batticaloa District Director of Land Reforms Commission (LRC), Wimalarj Nesakumar, a Tamil from Ka'luthaava'lai, was shot and seriously injured by two unidentified men. The SL police has taken no action. The crime was committed by sections involved in seizing the lands of Tamil people at Punnaik-kudaa Road, Tha'lavaay and Chavukkadi in Ea'raavoor (Chengkaladi) administrative division. The SL police have been protecting the political sections that are connected with Colombo, blamed the activists in Batticaloa.

These are only a few crimes connected with armed violence.

There are many cases of threats and harassments, which are being carried out by the occupying forces intervening in the civil affairs, the activists said.

Several extra-judicial abduction-style arrests and on-site interrogations have taken place. The victims and their families have been threatened not to file cases with the SL police or with rights groups.

It is the unitary character of the genocidal State upheld by the ultimate culprits under the pretext of ‘good governance’ and the international failure to de-militarise the occupied Tamil homeland in the North-East that sustain this kind of impunity, they further said.

The same trend is also witnessed in Mannaar and Jaffna in the North, where social activists and students have been slain by the occupying forces or the elements operated by the unitary ‘Sri Lanka’, are systematically protected by the SL Police.

SL police has been covering up investigations on Mannaar killing fields by intentionally dragging the process of determining an institution outside the island to conduct forensic examinations on the exhumed human skeletons.

Unknown gunmen, believed to be the intelligence operatives of the Sri Lanka military, shot and killed a former constable of Tamil Eelam Police, a father of two children, at Ve’l’laang-ku’lam in Mannaar district on 12 November 2014. Nakuleswaran was a social activist who was promoting resettlement of people after the war and was targeted for his involvement in demanding the lands for resettling Tamils. Although the SL police arrested a few, all of them were allowed to go on bail due to political influence.

The occupying SL military and Sinhala colonists and intruders from South engage in illegal businesses of logging, sand scooping and narcotic trafficking in the occupied country of Eezham Tamils.

Last week a poverty-stricken daily wage worker, believed to be employed by a competing private party involved in illegal sand scooping in Vadamaraadchi East in Jaffna was gunned down by the SL police.

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