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Paṭṭiruppu, Heṭṭirippuva, Pattirippuva

பட்டிருப்பு, ஹெட்டிரிப்புவ, பத்திரிப்புவ
Paṭṭiruppu, Heṭṭirippuva, Pattirippuva


The cattle-stall settlement or the cattle-flock station

The merchant's residence or the merchant settlement

The royal audience seat, or the elevated pavilion from where the king views festivities etc

Iruppu seat, residence (Tamil, DED 480); settlement, hamlet, village, town (Tamil, Caṅkam diction, Maturaikkāñci, 143-144); Iruppiṭam: Iruppu+iṭam: residence, lodging, abode, dwelling (Tamil, MTL, DED 480+434); Irukkai: seat, residence (Tamil, DED 480); abode, village, town, royal seat, royal audience hall, (Tamil, Caṅkam diction, Naṟṟiṇai, 131: 7; 381: 7-10; Akanāṉūṟu, 91: 13-14); Iru: (verb) to exist, remain, sit down, live (Tamil, DED 480); cognates in 10 Dravidian languages. See column 52 on Kuṭiyiruppu
Irippuva related to Iruppu in Tamil (Sinhala place names, see box on Pattirippuva); Irippu: sitting, residence, position (Malayalam, DED 480). See box on Iruppu in Tamil
Pattirippu Patti+irippu: royal residence, elevated place from where the king gives audience (Sinhala, Clough); a small, elevated pavilion for the king to view festivities etc. "Rajuṭa utsavādiya bẹlīma sańdahā us koṭa sệdū kuḍā gṛhaya" (Sinhala, Sorata); Etymology 1: Patti+irippu: literally meaning the veranda-seat; Patti: extension of a veranda roof, sloping veranda roof (Tamil, MTL, Winslow); Pattik-kuṟaṭu: raised platform in a temple (Tamil, MTL); probably related to Pantar, Pantal: arbour, shed, the State-chamber (Tamil, DED 3922, MTL, Naṟṟiṇai, 40: 2); Etymology 2: through Ṭ/ T change, probably from Paṭṭi+irippu; related to Paṭṭi-maṇṭapam: hall of royal audience (Tamil, MTL, Cilappatikāram, 5: 102); Paṭṭam: related to royalty, regency, reign (Tamil, MTL); from the diadem of a king, flat piece (Tamil, DED 3878); for irippu, see box on iruppu
Paṭṭi cattle-stall, cow-stall, sheepfold, hamlet, village, (Tamil, DED 3868). See column 191
Heṭṭi also Heṭṭiyā: merchant, "Seṭṭi, Veḷendā" (Sinhala, Clough, Sorata). See column 211

Coming from the verb Iru meaning to sit down (DED 480), the term Iruppu in Tamil means a seat, residence or a settlement. Irippu is the cognate found in some Sinhala place names. The Sinhala word-form is close to Malayalam.

Iruppu meaning a settlement:

"ஒலி இருப்பின் தென் பரதவர்" (மதுரைக்காஞ்சி, 143-144)

"Oli iruppiṉ teṉ paratavar" (Maturaikkāñci, 143-144)

The coastal people of the south (of the Pandyan country) who live in clamorous settlements

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Paṭṭiruppu is a place in Manmunai South and Eruvil Pattu division of Batticaloa district.

Heṭṭirippuva is in Pannala division of Kurunegala district.

Pattirippuva is the name of the king's audience hall structure attached to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy.

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Some related place names:


Pāṇṭiruppu: Kalmunai Tamil division, Amparai

Kalliruppu: Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mullaiththeevu

* * *

Iiruppuva, Iiruppa:

Banḍirippuva: Wennappuwa, Puttalam

Dańḍubẹdiruppa: Pasbage Korale, Kandy

Dańḍubẹńdiruppa: Galewela, Matale

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