Defective CFA undermines Peace Process - Prof. Peiris

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 January 2004, 15:25 GMT]
The Sri Lanka government media spokesperson, Minister Professor G.L.Peiris, said Friday that Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has decided to withdraw from the current peace process as the ceasefire agreement (CFA) has become defective with Ms.Kumaratunge's take over of the defense ministry, political sources in Colombo said.

Addressing the cabinet press briefing Friday Mr.Peiris said the peace talks rely on the success of the ceasefire agreement (CFA). The agreement is binding on the security forces, police and prison officials. The Prime Minister is bound to fulfill this condition as a party to this agreement, said Mr.Peiris.

He added the Prime Minister was empowered with the responsibilities and authority at the time of signing the CFA. President's take over of three Ministries has disrupted the peace talks, which relied on the CFA. The CFA had been drafted taking into consideration the ground situation prevailing at the time of signing of the agreement. "The Prime Minister is not able to fulfill the relevant responsibilities as he presently does not have these powers," said Mr.Peiris.

The President has no right to request the Prime Minister to take forward the peace process while keeping three key ministries, defense, interior and mass communication with her, Mr.Peiris said.

The government has no problem regarding the take over of three key ministries by the President. But Ms.Kumaratunge should bring the necessary amendments to the CFA through Norwegian facilitation to take the peace process forward.


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