Sampanthan complains of SLN intrusion into civilian lands

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 02 June 2004, 17:39 GMT]
The Trincomalee district parliamentarian, Mr.R.Sampanthan, Wednesday complained to the Trincomalee Government Agent that the Sri Lanka Navy has intruded into a rectangular plot of land in the Manayaveli-Sandicove residential area, which comes under the Trincomalee divisional secretariat division, and erected concrete fence in an attempt to annex the rectangular plot of land to the SLN-occupied lands.

Mr.Sampanthan has sent copies of his letter to the head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), Trincomalee Senior Superintendent of Police and Trincomalee Divisional Secretary for necessary action, sources said.

Full text of the letter of Mr.Sampanthan follows:

“The Sri Lanka Naval Dockyard property adjoins the civilian area and property at Manaiyaveli- Sandy Cove, within the Town and Gravets Divisional Secretary’s division.

“During the days of the British Admiralty there was a fence constructed with metal railings separating the Naval property from the civilian area. This fence exists even today and is clearly visible.

“After the Sri Lanka Navy took over the Naval Dockyard, a new fence was constructed with concrete posts, in front of the British Admiralty fence and a little more into the civilian area. In doing so some 25 civilian families were displaced some years ago. This act caused much heartburn to the people of the area. This fence erected by the Sri Lankan Navy is also clearly visible.

“ On Saturday the 22nd May, Sri Lanka Naval personnel intruded into a rectangular plot of land in the civilian area and erected concrete fence posts in an attempt to the annex the rectangular plot of land to naval territory.

“ I visited the area on May 26th and observed the position. This area is well known to me. I have visited this area several times recently, and the erection of these concrete posts so as to annex a rectangular plot of land to Naval territory was clearly an intrusion into the civilian area. This rectangular plot of land has never been a part of the land in the possession of the Sri Lanka Navy.

“ I brought this matter to the notice of the Government Agent and the Divisional Secretary. The Government Agent assured me that he is in touch Naval authority at Trincomalee to sort out this matter. I believe the Divisional Secretary and his officials have inspected the area and ascertained the correct position.

“ Immediately adjoining the Manayaveli-Sandicove road leading to the beach, and in front of the land sought to be annexed in the up stair Manaiyaveli Committee Centre building. The Community Centre and the people of Manaiyaveli-Sandy Cove had requested that a small piece of land to be made available to them behind the Community Center Building to start a computer and Type study programme for the children of the area. I am informed that the relevant officials had examined this request and that a small piece of land was to be released for the said purpose when the land was sought to be annexed as above stated.

“ The land sought to be annexed was not fenced what I inspected the same on the 23rd. The people of Manaiyaveli and Sandy Cove of all committees in live in much harmony. I would not like this harmony to be disturbed. I would urge that this matter be resolved early,” said Mr.R.Sampanthan.


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