LTTE allows Kurankupanchan Muslim farmers to cultivate their fields

[TamilNet, Saturday, 07 August 2004, 17:39 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Saturday told Muslim farmers that they would be allowed to cultivate their paddy fields in Kurankupanchchan village from the oncoming season freely and without any restriction and they could also renovate the abandoned mosque in the area. Kurankupanchan village is located about 25 km. off Trincomalee town.

Mr.S.Elilan, LTTE Trincomalee district political head Saturday afternoon told a group of more than three hundred Muslim farmers including women who were assembled under a tree in Kurankupanchan village.

Kinniya Divisional Secretary Mr.M.Haniffa, Mr.Dagffin Aadness, head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) in Trincomalee and SLMM monitor Ms Margareta also attended the meeting.

Moulavi U.Y.Hithayathullah, Secretary of the Kinniya Jamiathul Ulama Council and other Muslim local leaders also participated in the discussion.

Mr.Elilan and Mr Hithayathullah issued an eight-point statement taken at the discussion after the meeting with Muslim farmers of Kurankupanchchan, sources said.

LTTE, Muslim farmers meeting.
Mr.Elilan speaking to Kuarankupanchchan Muslim farmers . ( L-R ) Mr.Hithayathullah, SLMM Trinco head Mr.Dagffin Aadness, SLMM official Mr.M.velumylum, SLMM monitor Ms Margaretta, Mr.Elilan and Kinniya DS Mr.Sheriff.
LTTE, Muslim farmers meeting.
A section of Kurankupanchchan Muslim farmers.

The statement follows: -

  • 1. Kurankupanchchan farmers are allowed to cultivate their own fields freely and without any restriction.
  • 2. Permission is granted to renovate the mosque in the area
  • 3. A fee of Rs: 50/= will be levied on each cartload of dead firewood transported from the village.
  • 4. Granting permission to transport other categories of trees would be conveyed through Ulama Council shortly.
  • 5. Permission is granted to renovate the main road and use the same in the village.
  • 6. Farmers are allowed to establish watch-huts in their paddy fields. However these huts should be constructed fifty meters away from the LTTE Kurankupanchchan camp.
  • 7. LTTE Trincomalee district political head would inform the Kinniya Jamiathul-Ulama Council regarding resettlement of villagers in due course after making alternate arrangement.

    LTTE, Muslim farmers meeting.
    Kurankupanchchan paddy fields in abandoned state.


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