Veteran Supreme Court Judge retires

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 20 October 2004, 01:26 GMT]
Justice C.V.Vickneswaran, Judge of the Sri Lanka's Supreme Court, who spent nearly 25 years as a Judge said Tuesday sitting on the bench on the last day of his retirement, that personal prejudices and external interference have marred the present day judicial activity and the Judicial community has to take corrective steps to change this climate," legal sources said. The ceremonial farewell is to be accorded to him later by the full bench of the Supreme Court.

Justice Vigneswaran"The original courts gave us independence, room for innovativeness and there was direct relationship with the lawyers, litigants and the Court Staff. But I wonder whether such independence and freedom are still available within our Judicial community.

"The Court life seems to be more controlled now. Subjective thinking, personal prejudices and preference to interfere with the judicial decision making process seem to have pervaded the judiciary. This is not good for the future. If we do not mend our ways, people may have to think of alternatives to the much cherished judicial process. I do not want to elaborate on what I have said, since brother and sister judges have to be on a bench presently," said Justice Vickneswaran in his speech delivered Tuesday.

Justices Weerasuriya and Ms Shiranee Tilakawardene were on the bench with Justice Vickneswaran on his last day sitting.

Justice Vickneswaran further said: "I cherish the memories of 25 years of judicial life and a lawyer's life of 15 years. I take with me happy memories. Although it was hard work, I preferred the drama and freedom of the original court as opposed to the more constrained atmosphere of present day Courts."

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