Protect stone scriptures related to Tamil history- Don

[TamilNet, Monday, 25 October 2004, 05:01 GMT]
"Majority of the centuries old stone scriptures that unearthed in the northeast province in Sri Lanka that defines Tamil History have been located in Trincomalee district. Most of the scriptures are connected with the history of Koneswaram Temple," said Professor C.Pathmanathan, Head of the Department of History in the University of Peradeniya. He conducted a research study tour in the east port district recently.

Tamil History scriptures
Professor C.Pathmanathan
Prof.Pathmanathan is now writing a book on the history of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Dr.K.Raguvaran, Hindu Cultural Department officer Mr.K.Theivanayagampillai, Cultural Officers r.C.Mahendraraja and Mr.K.Koneswaran, accompanied him during the study tour.

Professor Pathmanathan pointed out several stone scriptures recovered from the historic Trincomalee Koneswaram Temple precincts and underwater surrounding the temple about three decades ago are now reported missing. This tragedy should not be allowed for stone scriptures now in hand with the temple authorities and other agencies, he said.

Professor Pathmanathan at the conclusion of research study made an appeal to authorities of Hindu temples in the province especially in the Trincomalee district to create awareness among Tamils to take steps to protect stone scriptures found in temples and jungles close to such temples against acts of concealing and removing by forces with vested interests.

Tamil History scriptures
Stone scripture found in a Hindu temple in Trincomalee
"We would be aiding forces which are bent on twisting the history of Tamils in the country if Hindu temple authorities and Tamil scholars fail to protect such stone scriptures which are important to reaffirm our history in the country," Professor Pathmanathan stressed.

Several stone scriptures were found in the villages Kanguvely, Manankerni and Nilaveli. In Nilaveli a century old stone scripture has been found using as a step-stone in a Hindu temple, sources said.

Professor Pathmanathan suggested that systematic excavation done in the Trincomalee district could bring valuable historical evidence to establish the history of Tamils in the country.

Tamil History scriptures
Professor Pathmanathan with his team inspects a stone scripture found in Trinco Paththirakali Amman temple accompanied by the Temple Trustee S.Ravichchandrakurukal
He lamented that although History as a subject is offered in Jaffna University no student from Jaffna district takes this subject. He said only outstation students are showing keenness in taking History as a subject. History is not taught in the East University, he said.

Professor Pathmanathan served as the Head of the Faculty of History in Jaffna University from 1986 to 1991. Currently he serves in the same capacity in Peradeniya University and the first Tamil to hold this post after Professor R.Gunawardene. Professor Pathmanathan holds the unique position being the head of Faculty of History in two universities at different period, academic sources said.
Tamil History scriptures
Professor pathmanathan and his team examining a stone scripture now being used in the Pathirakali Amman temple for temple rites


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