LTTE hands over 74 SLA bodies to ICRC

[TamilNet, Friday, 13 October 2006, 03:07 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) handed over 74 bodies of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers in black body bags to ICRC Thursday evening in Kilinochchi. Another soldier's body was brought to Kilinochchi Thursday evening. More than fifty bodies of SLA soldiers are strewn around in the battlefield in unidentifiable state, according to LTTE officials. 133 SLA soldiers were killed in action or reported missing according to the official figures released by the Sri Lankan defence ministry media co-ordinating centre Thursday. More than 200 SLA soldiers were killed when LTTE defense formations under Special Commander Col. Theepan defeated the SLA forces Wednesday, LTTE officials claimed.

SLMM officials Lars Bleymann and Gunnar Johannsson at Kilnochchi playground where the recovered bodies were packed into black bags.

The LTTE Military Spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan said that LTTE had seized 16 Multi Purpose Machine Guns (MPMGs), 4 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPGs), a Grenade Launcher, lite anti-tank weapon, 98 assualt rifles and large amounts of ammunitions from the Gemunu Watch SLA soldiers.

More than fifty bodies, severely damaged and decomposed state, were still found srewn around inside the LTTE territory and inside the no-go zone, he added.

Most of the dead troopers belonged to the Gemunu Watch regiment of the SLA.

Director of LTTE NGO Liaison Office, Mr. Pavarasan, hands over the details of SLA dead soldiers body bags to ICRC representative Ms. Katja Lawrance.
Director of LTTE's NGO Liaison Office, Pavarasan, handed over 74 black body bags to the ICRC official Katja Lawrence at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Head of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Liaison Office in Kilinochchi, Lars Bleymann and Gunnar Johannsson also visited the Kilinochchi Central Playground where the bodies were packed into black bags.

Defence ministry media officials in Colombo reported 78 SLA soldiers as missing in action and 55 dead.

283 SLA soldiers were wounded, according to the figures issued by Colombo.

The bodies were brought to SLA camp in Vavuniya in four vehicles, media sources in Vavuniya said.

Identification details of more than 50 soldiers, gathered from various identity cards and papers, provided to media by Mr. Pavarasan, follow:

  • Seargeant Jayatilake Wijeweera
    5TH Gemunu Watch
    ID S401852
    National IC: 701130367A

  • Corporal Ekanayake
    4TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S406942
    National IC: 752600635V
    Military IC: 595155

  • Mantumage Sarathkumara
    4TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S416871
    National IC: 831001950V
    DOB: 09.04.1984

  • Prasad Jeyawardene
    55 Division
    ID: S417029
    National IC: 832853976
    Divilana, Giriginbanweva, Gevanagala

  • Ratnayake Mudiyansalage Premaratne
    ID: S509263
    Military IC: 346451
    41 Halagawatte, Walipittiya, Mannaprawa, Vivila

  • Pradeep Sanjeewa
    5TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S415647
    National IC: 822843000V

  • Jinasiri Vasantha
    ID: S367178

  • Rajeewa Sanjeewa
    ID: S515728 VIR
    National IC: 860281031
    Military IC: 370382
    7B/11A Ambagawella

  • S. Gunapala
    Military IC: 13684

  • D. T. Thilakaratne
    ID: S815404
    1st VIR

  • Lt. M.R.H.W Sumanadasa
    ID: O65327
    23E Kristuraja Road, Wattegama, Ya-Ela

  • Rajapakse
    ID: S515712

  • ID: S414462
    Gemunu Watch

  • ID: S7415739
    4TH Gemunu Watch C COY

  • ID: O165923
    4TH Gemunu Watch

  • Priyaratnage Sanjeewa Saman Shanthakumara
    4TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S416418
    DOB: 24.11.1983
    130 Migawewa, Gebittikollawa, Anuradhapura

  • ID: S416571
    Gemunu Watch

  • ID: S416081
    4TH Gemunu Watch

  • ID: S416081
    4TH Gemunu Watch

  • ID: S414383
    TH Gemunu Watch

  • Gajan Dhammika
    TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S416524
    National IC: 832711942V
    Military IC: 367165
    DOB: 27.09.1983
    39A, Tumbegamuwa, Welimada

  • ID: S411639
    4TH Gemunu Watch

  • Seargeant Weerasinghe
    4TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S407115

  • Sanjeewa
    ID: S514386 C COY

  • W.C.M. Perera
    ID: S515718

  • Raveendra
    ID: S413703

  • Ranatunga
    9TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S413663
    National IC:

  • ID: S511581
    5 VIR

  • Hettige
    ID: S413609

  • Corporal Nayananda 5 VIR
    ID: S508606

  • Premasiri
    ID: S513535
    National IC: 771702545V

  • ID: S157033
    5 VIR

  • Abeyasekara
    5TH Gemunu Watch
    ID: S404173
    58/Allewewa Polonnaruwa

  • G.P.T. Sanjeewa
    National IC: 830433163V
    Gehan Gethara, Thikkala, Kirindana

  • ID: S469289
    6TH Gemunu Regiment

  • Periratna Aruna Priyadarsana
    9TH Gemunu D COY
    ID: S139326
    National IC: 822750354V
    DOB: 01.10.1982
    213 Galganda, Diyatalawa

  • ID: S 356642

  • ID: S 77984

  • Suranka
    9TH Gemunu D COY
    ID: S514703

  • ID: S416343
    9TH Gemunu D COY

  • ID: S239124

  • ID: S463655
    1ST Gemunu REGIMENT

  • ID: S414856
    4TH Gemunu Watch

  • ID: S412967
    5TH Gemunu Watch

  • H.M. Herath Mudiyansalage Saranga
    ID: S416519
    National IC: 853021962V
    DOB: 28.10.1985
    124 Rattanapittiya, Waganadamulla, Monaragala

  • Gisganage Anaramano Veeraratne ID: S412917
    National IC: 821122031V
    Military IC: 335349
    DOB: 21.04.1982
    Jeyagama, Arakkoda, Polgahawela, Kurunegala

  • Rangodage Wajeerakumara
    5TH Gemunu
    ID: S416598
    93 Janasakthi Gama, Ulala Gamburupittiya, Matara

  • ID: S408402

  • ID: S466540
    1ST Gemunu

  • Lance Corporal Laxmankumara
    ID: S412936

  • ID: S416634

  • DMR Aberatne
    ID: S413883

  • R. M. Mahinda
    ID: S515714

  • Lance Corporal Wickrama
    ID: S514878

  • Prabath Nandasiri
    ID: S462958

  • Seargeant Nandasiri
    ID: S453708


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