29 reported missing in Colombo - Civil Monitoring Committee

[TamilNet, Saturday, 14 October 2006, 08:33 GMT]
The Civil Monitoring Committee (CMC), formed recently in Colombo by involved Tamil and Sinhala politicians, to monitor extra judicial killings, abductions and disappearances, based on the records registered so far, reported Friday that 29 persons were still missing in Colombo. Six persons were reported killed. Eight persons were released, according to the list compiled from the details become public and from the people who are willing to talk.

There are many acts of Disappearances, Abductions, Killings and Extortions occurred in capital city Colombo, suburbs, that have gone unreported due to reasons of fear and logistics, said the CMC chaired by Srithunga Jayasooriya.

The other members of the CMC are: Mano Ganesan MP (Colombo District), Nadarajah Raviraj MP (Jaffna District), Vasudeva Nanayakara MMC, Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne, and Appapillai Vinayagamoorthy

The list issued by the CMC follows:

ABDUCTED RELEASED (February, 2006-Colombo)

Vadivelu Anandasiva owner of Western Jewellers 88, Sea Street Colombo 11 was abducted at Alexandra Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 06 on 8th February, 2006 at 7 PM by armed men. Two of the abductors were in police uniform and others were in civil attire. Anandasiva who was returning home from Sea Street shop was blindfolded and taken to a location one hour drive away from the place of abduction. Abductors released Anandasiva on 10th February, 2006 near Kanatte, Borella, Colombo 08 upon the collection of ransom money.

ABDUCTED MISSING (March, 2006-Peradeniya)

Selavanayagam Shganthikumar (age 26) was abducted at Peradeniya, Kandy on 13th March, 2006 by armed service personnel in civil attire who came in a white color van. As according to the father of the victim, Ramiah Selvanayagam of 1099, Wijayabahu Mawatha, Hunupitiya, Wattala (north of Colombo), his son was stopped and abducted when he was proceeding to Matale city with his newly married wife from Colombo via Peradeniya. Police complaint has been made at Peradeniya police station.

ABDUCTED MISSING (April, 2006-Colombo)

Sivarajah Sivagethran and Sivalingam Barathan worked at a automobile garage at Bathia Mawatha, Kalubowila, Dehiwela, south of Colombo. Both of them have gone missing since 16th April, 2006. The information has been given by sister of one of the victim, Vadana Sivagetheran who is living in Ellalai west, Chnnakam, Jaffna.

ABDUCTED MISSING (April, 2006-Colombo)

Sivarajah Haran (age 22) was abducted from #8, Station Rd, Colombo 06 on 26th April, 2006. Haran, originally from Jaffna had come to Colombo for the treatment of his sick mother (cancer patient) was staying at the above address. He is missing since then.

ABDUCTED MISSING (May, 2006-Colombo)

Vinasithambi Chelvanayagam, a corporal (service # IQ01009) in Sri Lanka army has gone missing since 2nd May, 2006. Corporal Chelvanayagam worked at Army Head quarters Colombo. His wife Mrs.Parameshwary Chelvanayagam has made complaints to HRC in Colombo (#4142/06 dated 15-06-06) and Local Police in Kosgama (police entry #342/15 of 03-05-06). The place of residence of Chelvanayagams is 139, Anandagama, Akaravita, Avissawella, south of Colombo.

ABDUCTED MISSING (May, 2006-Colombo)

Irudhayasamy Francis (age 34) was abducted by persons came in a white color van during the day time of 12PM on 26h May, 2006. Location of the abduction is opposite Vivekananda College Vivekananda Hill Colombo 13. Information provided by the wife of missing person (Mrs) Indrakumari Francis who is living in Modera Colombo 15.

ABDUCTED KILLED (June, 2006-Colombo)

In early June, 2006 five headless bodies of men were found in an estate area at Avissawella, 50 KM away from Colombo. Later upon DNA tests, two bodies were found to be of two Tamil persons, who had gone missing since May, 2006 who were last seen at Amour Street, Colombo. The two identified are Sivasamy Sukumar (age 40), a three wheeler driver, resident of Paradise place, Amour St, Colombo 12 and Mahalingam Narendrakumar (age 31), a businessman, and resident of Telangapatha Rd, Wattala, north of Colombo. The identities of other three bodies are not confirmed but widely presumed as of missing Tamils.

ABDUCTED MISSING (July, 2006-Colombo)

Selliah Premasiri and Sithamparapillai Satkunarasa who stayed at 270, Western Lodge Sea Street Colombo 11 have gone missing since 5th July, 2006. (Mrs) P.Sutharsini, wife of one of the victim S.Premasiri suspects her husband and his friend S.Satkunarasa are arrested by the armed forces on a false alarm.

ABDUCTED MISSING (July, 2006-Colombo)

Ariyadasa Pushpadas was taken away from his house at 84, Vivekananda Hill Colombo 13 on 7th July, 2006 at 12 PM by persons identified themselves as CID officers. These persons had demanded Rupees 10 million for the release of Pushpadas and subsequently collected Rupees 4 million from the family of Pushpadas on 19th July, 2006. However Pushpadas has not been released yet. The mother of Pushpadas, (Mrs) Mariya Regina has lodged a complaint with the Director of CID in Colombo and also made a complaint (HRC/5048/06/IC VIR date 08/09/06) at the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

ABDUCTED MISSING (July, 2006-Puttalam)

Muttiah Sathyaseelan (age 31), Muniyandi Sureshkumar (age 22) and Balakrishnan Ramar (age 24) have been abducted by armed men on 11th July, 2006 early morning 3 AM from Sathyaseelan‚s residence at Wataravum Mill Road, Thillaiyadi, Puttalam. According to wife of Sathyaseelan, Mrs.Chitra Sathyaseelan, the abductors were holding automatic rifles and introduced themselves as from police and informed that they are taking the abductees to Puttalam police station. Subsequently a police entry (GUB333/153 dated 18/07/06) has been made at the Puttalam police station by the family members of the victims.

ABDUCTED MISSING (July, 2006-Colombo)

A leading Sugar merchant and owner of Kala Traders Shop Fourth Cross St Colombo 11, S.Sriskandarajah and his driver Ramiah Jeyaraj (age 23) were abducted on 20th July, 2006 as they were driving to the shop from the Sriskandarajah residence at Gregory‚s Road Colombo 07. The driver Jeyaraj hails from Mahathenna Division, Sarmiya Group Plantations, Badulla. It is reported that Sriskandarajah family has paid ransom money over Rs.30 million to certain unidentified persons for the release of abductees. However both Sriskandarajah and his driver Jeyaraj are still missing.

ABDUCTED MISSING (August, 2006-Colombo)

Mahalingam Suppiah (age 44) resident of No.60/121B, Wadullawatte, Wellampitiya, Colombo suburb has gone pissing in Pettah, Colombo while at work. Victims family has made complaints at Police on # MCIBB(ii)154/82 dated 24/08/06 and at Human Rights Commission on # 4771/06 dated 24/08/06.

ABDUCTED MISSING (August, 2006-Colombo)

A video shop owner Shanmuganathan Manivannan (28) was abducted from his shop Shan Video at #44 Kotahena St Colombo 13 by armed men on 21st August, 2006. He is missing since then.

ABDUCTED MISSING (August, 2006-Colombo Suburb)

Loganthirajah Komathy (age 36), Finance director of Aero Lanka Pvt Ltd, a private firm which is operating flights between Colombo and Jaffna was abducted from her residence at Rathmalana, south of Colombo, on night of 22nd August, 2006 , 10pm by armed men who broke into her residence. Also employees of the same company Lal Premaratne (age 28) and his wife Mrs.Premaratne (age 25) are also reported missing since the same day evening. They were last seen leaving the office after work. All three are missing since then.

ABDUCTED MISSING (August, 2006-Colombo)

Gunasekaran Mahindan (age 24), Kandasamy Sridharan (age 24) and Ramakrishnan Rajkumar (age 21) who were staying at AKB Lodge, #9, Grandpass Rd, (Opposite Sulaiman Hospitals) Colombo 14 were abducted by armed persons who came in a white color van on 23rd Aug, 2006 midnight. All three are missing since then. Wife of one of the victim, R.Rajkumar, Yogeshwari has made a complaint at the Human Rights Commission on 28th August, 2006. Rajkumar family had come to Colombo to travel abroad. Permanent address of Rajkumar is 39/1 Lower Road, Orrshill, Trincomalee.

ABDUCTED MISSING (August, 2006-Colombo)

A businessman and politician belonging to Cabinet Minister Periyasami Chandrsekaran‚s party, Kunjupillai Sivakandan (age 34) was abducted from his business premises at Messenger St Colombo 12 on 23rd August, 2006, 2 PM by armed persons. The abductors had produced service identity cards and taken Sivakandan in a white color van. Sivakandan‚s father Kunjupillai is desperately seeking the release of his son had lodged complaints with the police and HRC in Colombo and sought the intervention of the highest helms of the government.

ABDUCTED MISSING (August, 2006-Puttalam)

A Video shop owner, Sellathamby Sellakumar (age 38) was abducted by armed persons came in a white color dolphin van on the night of 28th August, 2006, 9-30 pm from his business premises at Thillaiyadi, Puttalam. Sellakumar, married with two children, is missing since.

ABDUCTED RELEASED (August, 2006-Colombo Suburb)

Nadarajah Guruparan (age 39), news manager of Sooriyan FM, Tamil Radio channel was abducted by armed men near his residence at Mt.Lavinia, south of Colombo, on 29th August, 2006 early morning, when he was on his way to work. Subsequently Guruparan was blind folded and taken to a place, one hour away from the location of abduction. After certain interrogation Guruparan was released at Kohuwela, south of Colombo, early morning following day. While Guruparan was abducted, his issue was taken up very much by the media forums and certain sections of diplomatic community in Colombo.

ABDUCTED KILLED (September, 2006-Colombo)

Edward Reginold Jesudasan (age 30), an executive of Union Assurance who left work from his office at Colombo 03 on 1st September, 2006 evening did not return home at Farm Rd, Mattakuliya, Colombo 15. His highly tortured murdered body was found near Kelaninadhi Temple (Viharaya) Ferguson Rd Colombo 14 following day morning and was identified by his mother (Mrs) Mary Matilda Jesudasan. Father of Edward Reginold is a retired police officer.

ABDUCTED RELEASED (September, 2006-Colombo)

Thavarajah Thavamani, an graduate computer engineer at MTV, a private media enterprise, was abducted on the mornings of 1st September, 2006 at Vivekananda Rd Wellawatte, Colombo 06 when Ms.Thavamani was on her way to work. She was released by her captors on the same day night 10-30pm in Kirulapone, Colombo.

KILLED (September, 2006-Colombo)

A small boutique owner, Nadarajah Manivannan (age 28) was shot dead near his shop, Sennan Groceries Chitra Lane Colombo 05 on 2nd September, 2006 by armed men who came in a motor cycle.

ABDUCTED KILLED (September, 2006-Colombo)

W.M.Suriyakumar (age 26), a businessman who owned a communication centre was abducted at Subadhidharama Rd Dehiwela, south of Colombo on the night of Saturday 9th September, 2006, 10 PM by armed persons who came in a white color van. Suriyakumar‚s body was found in a paddy field at Kelaniya on following day.

ABDUCTED RELEASED (September, 2006-Colombo)

Owner of Mythili Jewelers 153 Sea Street Colombo 11 Egamabaram Palaniraja (age 60), son Balasaravanan Palaniraja (age 23) and employee Ganesan Muhundan (age 21) were abducted on 12th September 9 PM along with their Nissan sunny vehicle bearing # WPJE 9995. The abduction had occurred when the three started returning home situated in Bambalapitiya Colombo 04 from their shop at Sea street. Palaniraja was released in Kadiraveli, Polonaruwa situated 200 KM away from Colombo on 14th Sepetember, 2006 allegedly to arrange ransom money for the release of his son. Egamabaram Palaniraja‚s son and employee were held back first. They were later released on 23rd September, 2006 at Kadiraveli, Polonaruwa after an alleged payment of ransom money. In addition, the expensive vehicle owned by Palaniraja has been kept back by the abductors.

ABDUCTED MISSING (September, 2006-Colombo Suburb)

Rathnasingham Jegan Thanabal (age 27) holder of NIC # 792101623V, a final year engineering student at Moratuwa University, Katubedda south of Colombo was abducted as he left university campus premises by 12pm on 13th September, 2006. He is missing since.

ABDUCTED MISSING (September, 2006-Colombo)

Thirulogarasa Prabakaran (age 30) holder of NIC # 7623354616V resident at 49/1 Kotahena Street, Colombo 13 was abducted by armed men during the busy morning hours of 15th September, 2006, 9 AM from his residence. He is missing since then as according to his wife Mrs Jayakala Prabakaran.

ABDUCTED RELEASED (September, 2006-Colombo)

Murugesu Gunalan (age 63) a registered medical officer and owner of RK pharmacy and Colombo Medical Centre Gindupitiya, Colombo was abducted on 17th September, 2006 during the busy morning at Kotahena, Colombo 13. Gunalan was released in Dambulla town situated 200 KM away from Colombo two days later after reportedly paying ransom money.

ABDUCTED MISSING (September, 2006-Udappu, Puttalam)

Thamodaran Mahendran (age 43) and Subramaniyam Paramasivam (age 40) both of 6th division, Udappu have been abducted by armed persons who came in a white color van. This incident has occured opposite Udappu Tamil Vidyalayam, Udappu village, Puttalam district at 11 pm on 26th, September, 2006. Above persons are members of Udappu Paarthasaarathy Hindu Temple Trust and this has been reported to the police station at Udappu, Mundhal.

ABDUCTED MISSING ( September, 2006-Delkanda, Colombo)

Ramiah Subramaniyam, (age 30) holder of NIC# 762064227V a carpenter who was working at Delkanda, south of Colombo has gone missing near his work place since 26th September, 2006. Subramaniyam hails form Mokka estate, Upper division, Maskeliya, up-country.

ABDUCTED RELEASED (September, 2006-Colombo)

Sathasivam Kumarasamy, resident of Jampettah Street, Kotahena, Colombo 13 was abducted by armed men came in a white color van during the day time of 28th September, 2006 at Hini Appuhamy Mawatha Colombo 13. Abductors had demanded Rupees 10 million initially from the family for the release of Kumarasamy. One member of the abductors (Poobapillai Skandarajah of Batticaloa) was arrested by the Kotahena police through a tip-off and this person is under the police custody pending investigations. It is reliably reported that this person had confessed being member of the group which is responsible for many kidnappings and killings in Colombo. Subsequently Kumarasamy was released in Borella, Colombo 08 on 29th September, 2006.

ABDUCTED KILLED (October, 2006-Negombo)

Warnakulasooriya Nimal (age 29) was abducted from Thusara Avenue, Kudapaduwa, Negombo, north of Colombo on 7th October, 2006 at 11 PM by armed persons who came in a white color van. His body was found at Katana, following day.


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