TamilNet Transcription: improved facilities introduced

[TamilNet, Thursday, 23 August 2007, 04:07 GMT]
TamilNet Transcription is now possible in Unicode with simultaneous display facilities. Transcription from Tamil to Roman and reverse transcription from Roman to Tamil can now be done without any limit to the size of the text, using the TamilNet web tool. Readers can make use of the facility by accessing the link provided on the right-hand top of the front page. Those who wish to get the source code are welcome to contact us. It is a non-profit offer from the TamilNet.

The following are the main features of the improved web-tool:

  • Transcription tables are shown in the page itself
  • Tables change automatically for Transcription and Reverse Transcription
  • Unicode is fully supported in the system for typing as well as conversion
  • As an alternative, Bamini font can also be used for transcription
  • While you type in one script, the opposite will be displayed simultaneously (Dynamic display)
  • Madras Tamil Lexicon transliteration is shown whenever required (Static display, limited to 500 characters)
  • Detailed manuals in English and Tamil are accessible through links shown in the web-tool

Web address (URL) of the tool: http://www.tamilnet.com/transcription/

The web tool employs browser based (Javascript) technique for dynamic display and server-based scripts for processing static display. The static display is limited to maximum 500 characters while the dynamic display has no limits.

The source code of the dynamic part can be viewed and downloaded by developers for integration in other websites.

Those who wish to install the server-based scripts only are requested to contact us.

The transcription tool has been tested satisfactorily in Windows XP Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers (latest versions).

On Mac OS X, difficulties in conversion and Unicode display were observed in Safari and Firefox browsers, respectively.



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