Peace keeper's silence regretted - Nadesan

[TamilNet, Thursday, 08 November 2007, 06:07 GMT]
The official silence of the peace facilitator Norway, in regard to the killing of Thamilchelvan, is viewed with serious concern and is regretted by the Tamil population and the Tigers, said B. Nadesan, the new political head of the LTTE, to TamilNet. The Head of SLMM, Major General Lars Johan Solvberg, was invited by the LTTE to Ki'linochchi to convey this message to the Government of Norway for necessary action, he said after the meeting, Thursday morning. Tamils all over the world closely watch Norway and other members of the International Community for their open responses and for what they are going to openly tell the Sri Lanka government, he further said.

LTTE delegation headed by P. Nadesan meeting the Head of the SLMM and truce monitors in Ki'linochchi [Photo: TamilNet]

Thamilchelvan was the political and public figure of the Liberation Tigers. He was heading the peace negotiations. His residence and whereabouts were always an open knowledge. He was not a military target, Mr. Nadesan has told the Head of SLMM.

LTTE's Political Head B. Nadesan
Maj. Gen. Solvberg addressing media in Ki'linochchi [Photo: TamilNet]
The selective killing of Thamilchelvan and other members of the political division through a pinpoint aerial bombardment by the Sri Lankan government has aroused the anger of the Tamil public to unbounded levels in the island, in India and in the diaspora, the truce monitors were told.

The loss of Thamilchelvan was seriously felt by the public. The spontaneous participation of several thousands of Tamils in the funeral procession of Thamilchelvan, despite the attempts of the Sri Lankan government to disrupt it by threatening sorties of Kfir bombers, testify the level of public uprising, said Nadesan.

He added that the entry points to Vanni were deliberately closed by the Sri Lankan government to prevent media witnessing the funeral.

The meeting between the LTTE and the SLMM took place at the Political Headquarters of the LTTE in Ki'linochchi from 9:00 a.m. till 10:15 a.m. Thursday.

Voice: Press briefing by Johan Solvberg

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Voice: Press briefing by P. Nadesan

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