Tigers seize weapons, recover 2 SLA dead bodies in Ve'l'laangku'lam

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 05 August 2008, 06:49 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) have recovered two dead bodies of Sri Lanka Army soldiers, including one of of an 18-year-old soldier, following intense fighting on Sunday in Ve'l'laangku'lam and seized a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Launcher, a T-56 assault rifle, ammunitions and accessories. The SLA has suffered heavy losses in three clashes at Ve'l'laangku'lam. Meanwhile, a heavy fighting was continuing at Paalamoaaddai front in Vavuniyaa, where at least 10 SLA soldiers were killed Monday, according to LTTE officials in Vanni.

Arms and ammunitions seized by the LTTE, displayed for public and media [Photo: TamilNet]

Dead body of an SLA soldier following the clashes at Vel'l'aangku'lam front [Photo: LTTE]
Front side of the Identity card of the SLA soldier. [Photo: LTTE]
Details from the identity card of the SLA soldier Manoj Sameera Jayasingha Kankanamalage Wijeratne (18) who was killed in action. [Photo: LTTE]
One of the dead SLA soldier was identified as Manoj Sameera Wijeratne from Polonnaruwa.

The LTTE officials on Monday displayed the arms and ammunitions seized in the clashes. They also provided the photograph of the Sri Lankan identity card of the dead SLA soldier together with a photograph taken in Ve'l'laangku'lam front.

The first SLA offensive movement was launched at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday. After a 3-hour intense fighting the SLA was forced to pull back its troops with casualties. At 4:45 p.m., the SLA launched another offensive movement prompting stiff resistance from the Tigers.

The SLA suffered heavy casualties in the second drive, in which the Tigers seized weapons and recovered the dead body. An RPG-Launcher, assault rifle, twenty-three hand grenades, three Claymore mines, 8,162 rounds (7.62 mm) and 745 rounds with links were among the arms and ammunitions seized from the SLA.

Meanwhile, LTTE defensive units were engaged in confronting the SLA at Paalamoaddai in Vavuniyaa on Monday. 10 SLA soldiers were killed and several wounded in the clashes on Monday at Paalamoaddai, the Tigers said.

There were no details of LTTE casualties.



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