GoSL suspends postal service to Vanni

[TamilNet, Sunday, 17 August 2008, 16:40 GMT]
Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has suspended postal service to Vanni since 8 August, completely cutting off all communications between Vanni and other districts. The GoSL had already suspended telephone connections with Vanni and the suspension of postal service has effectively isolated the LTTE controlled area in Vanni. People displaced in their thousands are undergoing innumerable hardships due to lack of food, shelter and medicine in Vanni and are unable to contact their relatives or friends outside Vanni.

Postal service to the government and non-governmental organizations has also been suspended.

The GoSL has cut off the CDMA phone connections in Vavuniyaa and Mannaar districts two months ago and then suspended the telephone connections to Vann in order to keep the outer world from learning of the suffering of people in Vanni, the sources added.

Meanwhile, Government Agent (GA) Ki’linochchi district expressed the difficulty they experience in administrative affairs without phones, in the meeting held to discuss the issue of lack of essential food, medicine and other items in Vanni.

Previously, postal bags were brought from Vavuniyaa daily to the nine post-offices in Ki’linochchi district and the postal bags from Vanni were taken back to Vavuniyaa the same day.

The GA further said that he has explained the importance of telephone service to the government authorities. Phone connections to the District Secretariat have also been cut off.

Moreover, there is an acute of shortage of liquid money in the branches of Ceylon Bank, People’s Bank and National Savings Bank in Vanni and only an amount of Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 100,000 is being allowed to be withdrawn.

The officials transporting money from Vavyniyaa to Vanni being reluctant to engage in the transportation due to Claymore attacks has caused the shortage of liquid money.

Western Union too has not been able to deliver money to Vanni in due time because of the suspended telephone services.


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