IFT calls for redoubling of effort to support Eelam Tamils

[TamilNet, Thursday, 08 January 2009, 12:47 GMT]
Accusing the International Community of attempting to "wean Tamil people, both in the Tamil homeland and the Diaspora, away from the LTTE," by advocating the need for a political solution while Kilinochchi is under occupation, International Federation of Tamils (IFT), a Geneva-based umbrella group of expatriate Tamil organizations, in a press release issued today "called upon over 70 million strong world Tamil community to redouble it support to the Eelam Tamils for their struggle to create the State of Tamil Eelam," and interated "that the future State of Tamil Eelam will negotiate with the Sinhala State of Sri Lanka to create a mutually acceptable relationship whereby both Peoples pool their sovereignties to associate with each other for purposes of mutual benefit."

"In 1996 when the entire Jaffna peninsula which was then considered the administrative capitol of the LTTE, came under the occupation of the Sri Lankan State, the very same members of the international community made similar calls for the then government to commence a political process, which they hoped would alienate the Tamil people from the LTTE. Like at present the Sri Lankan State responded by banning the LTTE and pursuing a military solution in the name of "War for Peace". The reasoning expressed then was the same as the present," IFT said in the release.

Noting that "the struggle to realize the 1977 mandate of the Tamil people is being spearheaded by the LTTE," and that "the LTTE are considered by the Tamils to be there authentic representatives is clear from the overwhelming support received by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) at consecutive elections in December 2001 and April 2004," the IFT says it believes only after establishing a power center will Tamils have a "realistic prospect of ushering a just and durable solution to the conflict. It is also through such an approach can peace and stability be achieved in the island of Sri Lanka."


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