The pawns of states and super states: A poetic picture of Tamil agony

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 03 February 2009, 13:48 GMT]
A Tamil academic and folklorist S. Jeyasankar aptly brings out the plight of Eezham Tamils in a recent verse of him in English. The poem found in his website is reproduced by TamilNet.

The Pawns of States and Super States

How many people have to be getting killed?
Before they were called as "liberated"?!

How many places people have to be vacated?
Before they were called as "displaced"?!

How many check points and detention camps
have to be passed?
Before they reach their destinations?

How many shells and bombs have to be faced?
Before they live in "peace and harmony"?!

How much amount of harassment and humiliation
have to be tolerated?
Before they are being relieved from labeling as "terrorists"

How much amount of torture and interrogation
have to be experienced? Before they were called as "innocents"?

How much to be deaf and dumb?
Before they are being tagged as "democrats"

How much of sufferings people must undergo?
Before the policy makers and diplomats
are being satisfied?

how much the minorities have to lose?
For the best interests of the "Nations" and "Super Nations"!!!


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