Thirumavalavan demands white paper on genocide of Tamils

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 09 June 2009, 16:06 GMT]
In his maiden address in the Indian Parliament Monday evening, Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi President Thol. Thirumavalavan, urged the Indian Government to bring out a white paper on the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils. He also called upon the Indian Government to change its anti-Tamil attitude. Thirumavalavan also sought to know the role of the Union Government on Sri Lankan issues and the kind of support that has been extended to the Government Sri Lanka. "Our party and our allied parties are very much concerned about Sri Lankan issues. I am sorry to say the Government of India betrayed the Tamil community in Sri Lanka," he observed.

Thirumavalavan also expressed his disappointment at the fact that there had been no mention of the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils in the Presidential Address delivered in the Parliament Friday.

Full text of Thirumavalavan's maiden speech on the floor of the Indian Parliament, 8 June 2009

Thol. Thirumaavalavan
Thol. Thirumaavalavan
Honorable chairpersons, honorable ministers, My heartiest congratulations to you all Sir. I know you are an eminent left-oriented parliamentarian. So I believe that you will not suppress my opportunity. I need at least 10 minutes. The senior members have taken their own time, more than 30 minutes. The new members need at least 10 minutes.

I would like to introduce myself since I am a new face to this house. I am Thirumavalavan, founder and president of VCK, which is an abbreviation of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (the Liberation Panthers Party). I am representing the Dalits, women, minorities, and other backward classes. I would like to submit my sincere thanks to my people who sent me to this house and also to the allied parties DMK, Congress, and all Muslim leagues in Tamil Nadu and other outfits of backward classes.

Sir, I feel proud to be a member of this house in which the great warrior of social justice Dr.B.R.Ambedkar served the downtrodden people. I would like to congratulate and appreciate our chairperson of UPA for having chosen our speaker and deputy speaker from Dalit and Tribal communities and also to all members of this house. I wish to say that this is an era of vulnerable social categories. I want to say that the empowering of the vulnerable societies is the real empowerment of the nation. We can see the empowering of Dalits, women, and minorities. Sir, I seek to appreciate and congratulate once again to the chairperson of UPA because we have a President who is a woman. We have a speaker who is Dalit as well as a woman. We have the Prime minister and Vice President from religious minorities. We have a Deputy Speaker from Tribals. So I feel proud to say that this is an era of vulnerable social categories. Sir, I would like to appreciate that in the President's speech there are many schemes and programmes to be appreciated. Like the National Mission for Female Literacy. The unique identity card scheme from free India. National Food Security Act. The Prime Minister's 15-point programme for the Minorities and Women Reservation Bill and so on. Many of the UPA members appreciated and explained everything. I don't want to enter into these. But I want to indicate some important issues which are neglected and we expected are not present in the Presidential Address. There is no mention about the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils. No mention about the Sethu project. No mention about reservation in private sector, or reservations for Muslims and Christians, particularly Dalit Christians. No mention about the Babri Masjid. No mention about an Act for Reservation. The Reservation Bill for quotient vacancies has already been passed in the Rajya Sabha. But it is not yet introduced in the Lok Sabha. No mention about the abolition of Untouchablity. Here, I am sorry to say, it is national shame that there are two villages in every area. One is caste village and another one is Dalit village. There are two habitations in every village. Without eradication of untouchablity, we cannot evolve democracy. We all are crazy on democracy. But what we mean by democracy? I mean respecting others' feelings and aspirations, admitting others' opinions and concepts, but there is no such an attitude. We have one popular slogan in our party: Let the democracy to last one and let the power to lay people. Humanity is the basic and fundamental need for democracy. Humanity leads to fraternity. Fraternity gives Liberty. Liberty makes way for equality. Equality in all, to all, is the real democracy. We all know very well that only voting right is not democracy. Here I want to submit some requisition.

  • We need a white paper on genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils.
  • What is the role of our Union Government on Sri Lankan issues? What kind of support is given to the Government of Sri Lanka?
  • Another request: Separate ministry to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes.
  • And request to implement the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers on Dalit affairs which was headed by our Finance Minister Pranabji.
  • Free education to all including higher education and professional courses.

Our party and our allied parties are very much concerned about the Sri Lankan issues. I am sorry to say the Government of India betrayed the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. So the Government of India should change the attitude against Tamils.

Thank you very much.


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