“Colombo no longer has any excuse for its brutal policies” - National Post

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 August 2009, 20:48 GMT]
In light of the 'military victory' over the LTTE, Sri Lanka must now be judged by the human-rights standards that typically govern developing countries. And by those standards, the country's recent conduct should be of great concern” said an editorial in the National Post on Friday, citing the detainment of 280,000 Tamil civilians in government camp as indicating Tamils “are destined to remain second class citizens”. Questioning the global silence over the deaths of thousands of civilians in the final stages of the war and the praise given to the Sri Lankan Government by the U.N Human Rights Council, the article observed a continued double standard by the international community, where “apparently, some humans' human rights count for more than others”.

Observing the “brutal treatment of reporters in Sri Lanka -- especially those who happen to critique the country's military”, the Canadian paper highlighted the killings of several journalists “often by murderers linked to the government, the military or their supporters”, whilst others attempting to speak 'have been threatened with prosecution under the country's "Prevention of Terrorism Act", or accused of the catch-all term of 'treachery"'.

“Sadly, most people in the West don't seem to care much about all this -- even those activists who proclaim themselves up in arms over events in Honduras, western China and Iran” the article said, questioning the silence of human rights and political advocates “who boycott Israel at the first sound of gunfire in Lebanon or Gaza” as indicative of a double standard taken by the international community towards the plight of thousands of Tamil civilians killed by Government forces during the final phases of the military conflict.

“So why is it that Israel is the world's bete noire while Sri Lanka was recently commended by the UN Human Rights Council following its victory over the LTTE? Apparently, some humans' human rights count for more than others” the editorial observed, citing the passing of a resolution by the United Nations praising the Sri Lankan Government for its military campaign, despite opposition by several western nations including the United States and the U.K.

“Given its large Tamil population and commitment to human rights, Canada is the right country to ensure that the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils is on the world's radar screen. The war in that country is over. Colombo no longer has any excuse for its brutal policies”.

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