UN refutes claim by GOSL for flooding Vavuniyaa camps

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 August 2009, 19:54 GMT]
United Nations (UN) Resident Representative in Sri Lanka, Mr. Neil Buhne, Monday said it is the government’s responsibility to look into the damage of drainage systems and sewage in the camps for the internally displaced people in Vavuniyaa. These camps are described by humanitarian organizations and activists as ‘internment camps’ where hundreds of thousands of Vanni displaced people are detained against their wish behind barbed wire fences.

Mr. Neil Buhne refuted the claim by Disaster Management Minister Mr. Rischard Badiudin that the UN agencies were responsible for the maintenance of damaged drainage systems and sewage in camps and the government was not in any way responsible.

“It was not so. It is the Government’s responsibility to look into these areas. Not us. What we do is work in other areas in support of the Government,” the UN Representative told Colombo media.


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