Eyewash LLRC makes even the commission members to doze off

[TamilNet, Sunday, 09 January 2011, 03:55 GMT]
LLRC commission members, tired and perhaps sleepless over their own pretentious exercises, were seen dozing off during the session in Mannaar Saturday, when more than 500 gathered to give evidence and many more could not attend due to lack of space in the hall. People were waiting from 8.30 in the morning, the announced time for the session, but the commission members came only at 10.30. The hearing was over by 2.00 PM for the three AGA divisions of Musali, Naanaaddaan and Mannaar Town. 8 witnesses gave evidence and 250 remaining were asked to give their submissions in writing. Meanwhile, representative of Mannaar Tamil Association, V. S. Sivakaran, while giving evidence said that people have lost faith and are suspicious of exercises like LLRC that do not go hand in hand with political initiatives, but on the contrary coupled with more oppression.

LLRC, Mannaar

LLRC, Mannaar
LLRC, Mannaar
The Bishop of Mannar Diocese, Rt Rev Rayappu Joseph, attending the LLRC session in Mannaar
LLRC, Mannaar
LLRC, Mannaar
Sivakaran was discouragingly interrupted several times by the commission members when he was giving additional evidence after reading out his written submission, which made him to strongly protest.

After lunch, the commission had a session at Adampan between 3.30 and 5 pm for the Maanthai West AGA division.

The gathering at Adampan was many times more than that at Mannaar. The commission, visibly startled at the number, was able to give only one or two minutes each for the presentations. Yet, hundreds were asked to give submissions in writing.

The submission of the Bishop of Mannaar was the first heard by the commission between 10.30 and 11.30 at Mannaar. On behalf of the citizen committee of Mannaar, Fr. Deno and on behalf of Muslims of Mannaar, Mr M.A. Kadar gave submissions.

Mr. Cruz of Mu値値ikku値am in Musali gave evidence on the sufferings of the people of Mu値値ikku値am, whose entire village has become a military camp now.

Mrs Rajaputhram, the mother of a 15 year-old girl gave submission on her missing daughter, whom according to her was recruited by the LTTE, was missing at Puthumaathha値an, but was seen later at Zone 4 internment camp.

Another lady, Mrs Gunasekaran, was giving evidence on her son, Charles Kumar, the only earning member of her family, missing on 19 Jul 2007. Her family was uprooted from Colombo in the 1983 pogrom to come to Mannaar. Her son, returning from fishing, gave that day痴 earnings to her and went to Vangkaalaippaadu for a drink. The youth and a friend of him were seen being interrogated by 5 SL navy men in uniform. Both the youth are missing to this day.

The lady also gave evidence on Naval personnel abducting youths from houses after trespassing into houses and tying up their parents.

The sudden transfer of the Mannaar Government Agent is said to be the reason for the poor hall arrangements of the session. Even the Assisstant Governments of Musali, Naanaaddaan and Mannaar Town, whose divisions were attended on Saturday痴 session were seen standing throughout as there was no space.

Sunday痴 session will take place at Madu.



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