Uprooted Tamils live with UXO threat, UN agencies silent on demographic ‘conquest’

[TamilNet, Thursday, 31 May 2012, 04:30 GMT]
Uprooted Eezham Tamils from the coastal villages of Mullaiththeevu district, denied resettlement in their own lands and forced to ‘resettle’ in Koampaavil resettlement-scheme, away from the radars of international media and human rights activists, have been abandoned without proper humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, the families, clearing lands have been confronted with unexploded ordnance in the area that has been declared by UN agencies as clear of landmines. Last Sunday, 37-year-old Manoranjitham Asokkumar, a mother of three children, sustained serious injuries while clearing her plot of land. Local humanitarian workers, who gave photographs to TamilNet, alleged that the UN agencies had failed to even highlight the plight of the civilians who face the threat of landmines in the area, which the agencies have earlier verified as clear of landmines.

Land mines in Koampaavil
Land mines in Koampaavil
Land mines in Koampaavil
The latest victim who sustained serious injuries was identified as Manoranjitham Asokkumar, a mother of three, who was living at 4th division, near Arasadip-pi'l'laiyaar temple The hurried ‘resettlement’ was carried out by the Colombo government to showcase that it was closing down the barbed-wire camps of incarceration in Cheddiku'lam in Vavuniyaa.

Civilians who were uprooted from the key villages of Mu'l'livaaykkaal, Valaignar-madam, Puthumaaththa'lan and Puthukkudiyiruppu were given lands in Koampaavil and were forcefully ‘resettled’ against their wishes.

The Sri Lankan state through its military-run administration of civil affairs in Vanni has been depriving the uprooted Tamils from resettling along the coastal stretch of Mullaiththeevu.

Through military occupation, land grab, Sinhalcisation and Buddhicisation of the Tamil country, the coastal and strategic villages are being fully occupied by Colombo.

Like the Gazafication that has demographically changed the settlement patterns of the occupied Palestine, Colombo and the Sri Lankan forces are creating another Palestine in the country of Eezham Tamils while the global community is kept unaware of the protracted programme of structural genocide.

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