Eezham Tamil youth in Germany resolve to uphold Tamil sovereignty

[TamilNet, Monday, 16 July 2012, 11:21 GMT]
Condemning the attempts by establishments to compel Eezham Tamils to accept the genocidal development model of Colombo in the Tamil homeland, second generation Eezham Tamil youth in Germany resolved “to raise awareness and educate Tamils and non-Tamils about the ongoing-internationally abetted-genocide of the Tamil nation” and to educate the IC about the legitimacy of the Tamil struggle for sovereignty at the ‘Tamil Eelam Sovereignty conference’ organized by TYO-Germany at Landau, on Sunday. Speaking to TamilNet, Vibisanan Rajasingam of the TYO said that it was important for the second generation youth in the diaspora to understand the need for a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam as the only solution to check the genocide of the Eelam Tamils, referring to the three types of sovereignty of the Eelam Tamils as mentioned in the Tamil sovereignty cognition declaration.

Youth conference in Germany
Youth conference in Germany
Youth conference in Germany
The conference was held on Sunday as a conclusion of discussions at a prior conference organized in Dusseldorf by the TYO-Germany and Country Council of Eezham Tamils in Germany, also involving the participation of Viraj Mendis and Fr. Koolen.

Speaking at the Tamil Eelam Sovereignty conference, Mr. Mendis spoke about the role played by geopolitical interests of international powers in the island in breaking the peace process between the GoSL and the LTTE, attributing the reason for the genocidal massacre at Mu’l’livaaykkaal to this ‘crimes against peace’.

Mr. Rajasingam spoke about the need for the youth in the diaspora and the homeland to get a firm grasp of the concepts of self-determination and the historical, earned and remedial aspects of Tamil sovereignty in order to get a better understanding of the struggle in the future.

The following resolutions, placed by Sinega Puvaneswaran from TYO-Germany, were passed unanimously at the conference.

  1. Awareness of Eelam Tamil identity and the promotion of the same among the mainstream German polity and society is vital for our authentic cultural life in Germany as well as for the restoration of our sovereignty in the occupied homeland of the Eelam Tamils.

  2. We welcome the Tamil Sovereignty Cognition as a principled approach to resolving the national question of Eelam Tamils in the island of Ceylon and recognize the declaration as a milestone following the Vaddukkoaddai Resolution of 1976, the Thimpu principles of 1985 and the reaffirmation of the Vaddukkoaddai Resolution amongst the Tamil Diaspora in 2009.

  3. It is due to the global injustice that the genocidal war was made possible on the Eelam Tamils. The same global injustice prevails, politically privileging the perpetrators in the Sri Lankan establishment. Addressing this is a step to restore the lost power of balance.

  4. The struggle of the Eelam Tamils, who are subjected in their homelands to a protracted, intended genocide carried out in various ways and kept under a system of colonization, militarization and Sinhalicisation, has been internationalized with over a million of them in the diaspora, and thus, a solution from a purely local approach is not only impossible but also unproductive.

  5. We uncompromisingly uphold the legacy of the Tamil Eelam liberation struggle and its martyrs of over 60 years of resistance and shall endeavour to promote its political and cultural symbols, the Tamil Eelam national flag, national festivals, national culture to both local and global audiences and what we shall promote the ideals of the resistance and the freedom fighters in all spheres of Tamil life.

  6. We reject the territorial integrity of the Sri Lankan state that occupies Tamil Eelam and we reject the imposition of the ‘Sri Lankan’ identity, politically and culturally on the Eelam Tamils

  7. We will boycott any Tamil Diaspora organization that compromise the principles of Homeland, Nation and Self Determination and therefore lends legitimacy to the unitary state of Sri Lanka.

  8. As a practical next step to the Tamil Sovereignty Cognition declaration, we call on a new generation of Tamil leaders from Tamil Nadu, Tamil Eelam, and the Diaspora to challenge the international community to revaluate its approach to self-determination for unrecognized nations and peoples and to build solidarity with other peoples living under occupation to challenge the present geo political order.

  9. We condemn attempts by certain establishments and organizations to compel the Eelam Tamils to accept Colombo's development model in the Tamil homeland which operates as a military-corporate nexus and facilitates the systematic erasure of Eelam Tamil socio-economic and cultural life.

  10. We resolve to raise awareness and educate Tamils and non-Tamils about the ongoing-internationally abetted- genocide of the Tamil nation. We will educate the international community about the legitimacy of the Tamil liberation struggle.


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