ITAK youth wing leader urges Tamils not to be deceived by deviators

[TamilNet, Sunday, 08 February 2015, 13:01 GMT]
There is no change in Sri Lankan military deployment in the Tamil homeland. On the contrary, the SL military seems to be enthusiastic about setting up bigger noticeboards than before along the border of Valikaamam North ‘High Security Zone’ said VS Sivakaran, the youth wing leader of Ilangkai Thamizh Arasuk Kadchi (ITAK) in a video interview this week. “However, a section among Tamils are being deceived to expect that there will be positive changes and that the SL military deployment would be reduced under Maithiripala Sirisena,” Sivakaran said. “But, this is not going to happen,” the ITAK youth wing leader said. The USA and India wanted to reverse the Chinese influence in the island. They needed a regime change, which they got. But, this has taken place at the expense of the political aspirations of the small nation of Eelam Tamils, he said.

Even today, hotels and swimming pools are being ceremonially opened within the military occupied zone. There is no sign of reduction in military programmes, he said.

How could Maithiripala pledge a corrupt-free country while having the most notorious minister known for corruption and other misdeeds in the North in his government, the ITAK youth wing leader, who hails from Mannaar asked.

“Rishard Badurdeen, who has been responsible for a number of murders, robberies, narcotic trafficking, felling of forest trees and land grab is given a key cabinet portfolio in the new government. I have written to the Commission appointed to look at corruption issues about the lands seized by Mr Badurdeen in Mannaar.”

“Badurdeen has suppressed the government employees in Mannaar. First of all, proper reparations should be made recognising the losses of these victims. Badurdeen has even appropriated the lands belonging Muslims in Mannaar. What is the response of the new regime to these accusations?,” Sivakaran asked.

“Nothing would happen to the complaint as another election is around the corner,” he said.

“Similarly, the past actions of former minister Douglas Devandana need to be investigated. In the East, there are Hisbullah and Ataullah, who have exploited the people a lot. Apart from the exploitation of resources and the practices of corruption, these elements have been responsible for creating communal disharmony,” he said.

The transfer of governors is a normal procedure when a new government comes to power, as these are all political appointments.

So, when Maithiripala government came to power all the nine governors were removed and new appointments were made.

Projecting the change of governor in the North as an achievement is therefore a deception, Sivakaran said.

The new governor of North was in fact a person behind the racist line taken by the LLRC, Sivakaran said. As a diplomat, Palihakkara had been working against the Tamils at the UN in the past, he added.

“Our Chief Minister describing him as a good and a talented person looks like a [diplomatic] comedy,” Sivakaran said.

Nothing tangible has been achieved in the issues of missing persons, resettlement of people in military occupied lands and in de-militarisation of Tamil homeland. Even the UN investigation faces the risk of postponement, Sivakaran said.

“We had already warned, before the presidential elections that this would happen,” he said.

“Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is a cunning leader in bringing about divisions in the Tamil polity. During the times of Cease Fire Agreement with the LTTE, he used the opportunity to cause Karuna defection to divide and weaken the Tigers, before their subsequent annihilation in 2009. In the same vein Wickramasinghe is now involved in destroying and compromising the principles of Tamil Nationalism through the present day TNA hierarchy, Sivakaran observed.

In order to hoodwink the international community, Colombo has promoted a Tamil as the Chief Justice. It is meant to convince the International community that internal investigation is now viable with a Tamil is in charge of the country’s judicial system.

The USA and India wanted to reverse the Chinese influence in the island. They needed a regime change, which they got. But, this has taken place at the expense of the political aspirations of the small nation of Eelam Tamils, he said.

The matter of TNA extending support to Maithiripala Sirisena was discussed at the ITAK Central Committee, but no decision was arrived at. However, R. Sampanthan and M.A. Sumanthiran went ahead with announcing their decision as TNA decision before the elections, Sivakaran said.

The leader of the ITAK youth wing also registered his strongest condemnation of the duo for their presence at the so-called Independence Day celebrations in Colombo.

In 1956, Sinhala policemen shot and killed a Tamil activist Nadarajan, who attempted to put up a black flag removing the Lion flag in Trincomalee. Since that day, the ITAK and all the political parties as well as the armed movements marked the day as Black Day, he said.

“Without obtaining anything substantial from the Colombo regime, there is no justification whatsoever, for Tamil leaders partaking at the so-called Independence Day celebrations in Colombo,” Sivakaran said.

Even an average Tamil person with no particular political literacy would object the conduct of partaking in the celebrations of the sovereignty of the Sinhala state, which committed a genocide massacring over 146,792 Tamils in Vanni, he said.

Commenting further on the conduct of ITAK parliamentarians Sampanthan and Sumanthiran, Sivakaran reiterated that there has been no inner democracy within the ITAK.

“The issue of disciplinary action brought against a few of us was intended to silence those who have been questioning the conduct of the deviators for the last four or five years,” Sivakaran further observed.

“They are not going to succeed. We have clear and categorical responses,” he said.

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