Sinhala policemen harass Tamil families in Kokkuththoduvaay, Mullaiththeevu

[TamilNet, Thursday, 23 July 2015, 15:12 GMT]
Occupying Colombo's Sinhala policemen, operating from Karunadduk-kea'ni police station in the strategic coastal strip, from Kokkuththoduvaay to Kokku'laay, which links the Northern and Eastern provinces, have been terrorising the resettled Eezham Tamil families in recent days, news sources in Karai-thu'raip-pattu division of Mullaiththeevu district told TamilNet on Thursday. Under the pretext of searching for illegal brewers, Sinhala policemen without uniforms enter the houses of Tamil fishermen during the nights when the men have left their houses for fishing. The SL policemen have framed a young Tamil fisherman with false charges on Tuesday.

A four member police squad, wearing jumpers, has been patrolling the streets of Kokkuththoduvaay claiming that they were searching for illegal brewers in the area.

The location of Kokku'laay village and lagoon. [Satellite map courtesy: Google Earth]
On Tuesday night, the SL squad detained a 23-year-old fisherman, Jeyanthan Jeyabalan, who was returning home after fishing.

The SL policemen took the innocent father of one into the nearby jungle, situated close to his house and started to torture him after placing him on a chair.

The policemen pointed a gun on the chest of his wife, who came to the spot after hearing the shouting. The mother and child witnessed that the SL policemen were pushing a bottle with alcohol into the mouth of Mr Jeyanthan.

Later, the police squad arrested Mr Jeyanthan on false charges. Released on bail, Mr Jeyanathan, who doesn't even drink alcohol, is now facing a court case on 27 July, the sources said.

Target area of Colombo's colonisation
Shown within the box is the target area of Colombo for Sinhalicisation to wedge the territorial integrity of Tamil homeland
In the meantime, Tamil civil sources in Mullaiththeevu described the harassment by the Sinhala policemen as part of an ongoing systematic campaign that seeks to expel the Tamil families away from the strategic strip, which has been subjected to Sinhalicisation.

About three thousand Tamil fisher families are residing in Pu'liyamunai, Mariyaa-munai, Karunaadduk-kea'ni, Thennai-maravadi, Kokku'laay and Kokuth-thoduvaay. They solely depend on the income of fishing in Kokku'laay lagoon for their survival.

Koku’laay lagoon is the focus of Sinhala colonisation presently, as it is the key location for wedging the demographic contiguity of the north and east of the country of Eezham Tamils in the island, as well as direct communication between Mullaiththeevu and Trincomalee.

Meanwhile, Sinhala Buddhist extremist monks have also stepped up their occupation project under the regime of Maithiripala Sirisena in Kokku'laay.

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