Disparity in US funding to schools in East creates dissension between Tamils, Muslims

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 08 September 2015, 06:40 GMT]
Deputy Chairman of Eastern Provincial Council, Indirakumar Nithiyanantham (Prasanna) who represents the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), has condemned the disparity in utilising the aid from the United States to schools in the Eastern Province. The aid, amounting to USD 3.2 Million has been allocated to 7 Muslim schools and to one Tamil school, the EPC Councillor told media on Tuesday. There is a serious question whether those providing these funds intend to cause further divisions between the Tamils and Muslims in the Eastern Province, commented Tamil councillors from Batticaloa.

The Chief Minister of EPC Z.A. Naseer Ahamed has gone on record justifying the 2015 allocation by citing the disbursement of a similar funding in 2007 to Tsunami affected schools.

The latest funding is provided to improve the conditions of war-affected schools in the Eas. But, most of the war-affected schools have been neglected in the allocation, Mr Indirakumar from the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) in the TNA alliance said.

The EPC has failed to even think about allocating funds to affected Tamil schools such as those in Champoor, the deputy chairman of the EPC told media.

The Tamil councillors from Batticaloa district questioned whether the USA, having a ‘development’ agenda of its own, was having hidden agenda of encouraging the disparity prevailing in the development of schools in the Eastern Province.

The discrimination has taken place while a TNA Councillor from East, Mr Thandauthapani Singaravelu, is serving as the Minister of Education.

Baduria Vidyalaya in Kaththaankudi (590 million SL Rupees), Abdul Qadir Vidyalayam in Ea'raavoor (240 million) and Al-Ameen Vidyalayam (178 million) were the schools in Batticaloa district, are the three schools have received allocations from the US funding.

M.S. Kariapper Vidyalaya in Chaaintha-maruthu (590 million SL Rupees), Darussalam School in Chammaan-thu'rai (590 million), Al Mazhar Girls’ High School in Ninthavoor (590 million) and An-Noor Vidyalaya in Adda'laich-cheanai (200 million) are the Muslim schools in Ampaa'rai district, have been allocated the funds, while only one Tamil school, Wesley High School, which is a Methodist School in Kalmunai with more than 25% of students being Tamil-speaking Muslims that has received 240 million rupees.


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