Tamils need new ways to challenge exhausted credibility of ‘Sri Lanka’ and partners

[TamilNet, Friday, 11 September 2015, 18:56 GMT]
Historically speaking, all the successive Sri Lankan regimes have exhausted their credibility in the delivery of domestic level investigations on the crimes committed against the Tamil people. The SL judiciary has also succumbed to Sinhala chauvinist majoritarianism. Tamils cannot expect justice from the culprit itself. This is against natural justice, said political analyst S Yothilingam in an interview to TamilNet this week from Jaffna. “The international powers, backing the SL regime, are only concerned of protecting the regime, based on their geopolitical interests. Their monitoring of a domestic mechanism is also called into question,” the veteran analyst said, urging Tamils to see the difference between the real Global Community and the International Powers, and conceive new strategies and tactics to deal with the challenges being posed by the Powers and the Agent State.

Tamils categorically reject the deception of so-called internationally-monitored internal investigation regardless of the percentage of international involvement or participation in a domestic investigation, Mr Sivasubramaniyam Yothilingam said in the Tamil interview.

As far as Tamils are concerned, the only way forward is a UN-sanctioned international criminal investigation, the Tamil writer said.

A UN-sanctioned criminal tribunal or an International Criminal Court (ICC) based investigation process should be brought through the current UNHRC-based OISL recommendation or through the UN Security Council, he said.

Only a such course could ensure non-recurrence of grave crimes against Tamils in the context of the island. An international criminal investigation process would also guide the discourse into delivering a just political solution to the national question, he said.

R. Sampanthan and M.A. Sumanthiran, dominating the hierarchy of the TNA, have deliberately chosen a collaborative path against the sentiments of the people and the grassroots of the TNA itself, the Tamil writer further said.

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