SL military deployed to rob material remains of houses in Valikaamam North ‘HSZ’ 

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 23:31 GMT]
The occupying Sri Lanka Army has been systematically deployed in recent days to dismantle and rob roof tiles, wooden window and door frames off of the remaining houses that are situated inside the areas, which the uprooted people have been demanding the SL authorities to release for their resettlement in Valilkaamam North in Jaffna district. Journalists in Jaffna have managed this week to photograph stolen material temporarily stored within the military fenced-off area in Kurumpasiddi along Eezhakeasari Ponniah Road. In the meantime, Tamil journalists have also photographed some of the private properties situated within the military-seized deployed for military use to be in good condition. The President of Valikaamam North Rehabilitation Society Mr A Gunabalasingam, said he has received several complaints from the people who have seen the organised robbery by the SL military.

Vali North
SL military has stored roofing tiles fenced off area of the military zone at Kurumpasiddi along Eezhakeasari Ponniah road

Valikaamam North
The chairman of Valkaamami North Rehabilitation Society Mr A. Gunabalasingam. He is an uprooted Tamil from Mayiliddi.
The buildings used by the occupying Sinhala military have been extended with new buildings in Sinhala-Buddhist style, the journalists said providing photographic evidence to TamilNet on Wednesday.

The fenced-off area was a residential area before the people were uprooted from Kurumpasiddi. The area was earlier demarcated as ‘High Security Zone’.

After 2009, the occupying SL military transformed the HSZ area into Sinhala Military Zone (SMZ) selecting fertile and resourceful areas for Sinhala military cantonments and for settling families of Sinhala soldiers.

Vali North
Former ‘High Security Zone’ changed into Sinhala ‘Military Zone’

The Sinhala ‘military solution’ for resettling Tamils in former HSZ lands has been strictly limited to identified pockets of lands, not entire villages as demanded by Eezham Tamils.

The military plan is also limited to count only the people who are actively demanding their lands back. The people who stay with their relatives or displaced elsewhere are intentionally ignored.

The regime of Maithiripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramsinghe is fully backing the military-conceived project under the Rajapaksa regime. The current regime is only engaged in public relations stunts projecting the release of selected ‘pockets’ in militarised Valikaamam North as ‘release of lands’ and ‘resettlement’ and as ‘reconciliation’.

Vali North
Occupying SL military is using the seized houses of uprooted Tamils in Valikaamam North with additional structures in Sinhala Buddhist style.

After gaining more than enough time and space brokered by external powers through influencing the UN Human Rights regime in Geneva, Colombo has even gone to the extent of deploying its Sinhala military to ‘demonstrate’ how the military-conceived ‘reconciliation’ will be implemented in Valikaamam North.

SL military commander in Jaffna Major General Mahesh Senanayke re-iterated the military diktat on Monday by openly stating that there was no reduction in the camps or number of military troops deployed in Jaffna. He also said there would be no such consideration of reducing the troops in 10 years in the future. The SL commander was also demonstrating that any resettlement of uprooted Eezham Tamils in the former ‘High Security Zone’ in Valikaamam North could only take place at the mercy of the Sinhala military.

The latest deception by the SL military is to locate 100 second-generation landless families from the 3,400 families living in the so-called welfare centres for uprooted Tamils from Valikaamam North and lure them into accepting military-conceived ‘housing’ with 20 perches of lands per family.

On Monday, the commander of the occupying Sinhala military in Jaffna was laying foundation stone for the scheme at Maaviddapuram at a limestone quarry land that belonged to KKS Cement factory.

In the meantime, Colombo government and its external partners who want to muffle protest coming from Eezham Tamils are actively promoting the ‘Sinhala-only’ determined military ‘reconciliation’ for war-affected Tamils.

Vali North
SL military has transformed the building of Va'lar-mathi Stores, which was owned by an Eezham Tamil trader, into a military-run shop at Kaankeasanthu'rai (KKS)



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