32nd anniversary of Vaddakka'ndal genocidal massacre commemorated

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 23:24 GMT]
Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Chief Minister, Justice C.V. Wigneswaran on Monday joined hands with NPC Opposition Leader Sinnadurai Thavarajah of the EPDP and the people of Vaddak-ka'ndal in Mannaar, commemorating 32nd anniversary of the genocidal massacre of 88 Eezham Tamils, who were shot and butchered to death in execution-style and by 300 Sinhala soldiers who had surrounded the village from all directions in the early hours of 30th January in 1985. Farmers, labourers, students, teachers and a school principal were among the massacred at various places in the village. The SL military had been wantonly targeting Tamil villagers in Mannaar for more than a month since 04 December 1984, when the Tamil Tigers carried out an ambush on an armoured vehicle of the SL military at Moon'raam-piddi, a village located on Mannaar - Jaffna Road.

Seven or eight SLA soldiers were killed in the Tiger ambush at Moon'raamp-piddi.

On the same day, SL military massacred at least 160 Tamil civilians at several places on Mannaar - Jaffna Road.

Buses were stopped and people of all ages were shot, butchered and killed by the SLA soldiers. Their bodies were dumped into steel barrels at gun point and these were rolled into the hospital.

Since that day, the SL military was wantonly targeting Tamil villagers in Mannaar, particularly the townships of Adampan, Murungkan, Uyilang-ku'lam and the agricultural suburbs.

The SL Army and SL Air Force, came from Tha'l'laadi military base. The SL military was on a long campaign of wanton targeting of villagers for more than a month since

On 30 January 1985, SLA soldiers from Tha'l'laadi military base, assisted by a SLAF helicopter, entered Vaddak-ka'ndal, a suburb of Adampan, in the early hours and captured the farmers, students and teachers at various places.

Sinhala soldiers selected Tamil males belonging to all ages among the victims, instructed them to walk towards Vaddak-ka'ndal Government Tamil Mixed School and massacred them inside and outside the school premises. Around 50 people were massacred near the school. The principal of the school and two teachers were dragged away from the school and gunned down in execution style. Most of the victims were from Vaddangkaddal, Kaaththaan-ku'lam, Aalang-ku'lam, Paalap-perumaa'l-kaddu and Ma'nip-pul-ku'lam. At least 15 of those massacred were students.

The SLAF helicopter landed inside the premises of the Vaddak-ka'ndal GTMS and a Sinhala military commander inspected the massacre.

33 Tamil villagers from the nearby Ma'nip-pul-ku'lam village were brought to Thurusadi junction and executed one by one by the Sinhala soldiers. A large number of Sinhala soldiers were in black uniform, according to the eyewitnesses who spoke at the memorial event.

NPC Chief Minister Justice C.V. Wigneswaran said the history of massacres against Tamils had started long before the Tamil youth actually took to the weapons. All the successive regimes in Colombo were backing the genocidal massacres against Tamils, he said.

The brother-in-law of NPC Opposition Leader Sinnadurai Thavarajah was one of the teachers who was massacred at Vaddak-ka'ndal School. Mr Thavarajah said the families of the principal and the teachers, who were from Jaffna and Mullaiththeevu districts, were now living outside.

Vaddak-ka'ndal (meaning the swamp in the locality of cultivation fields) is an ancient agricultural Tamil village, located in Maanthai West division of Mannaar district.


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