Genocidal Sri Lanka wants to militarise Dutch Fort in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Thursday, 31 May 2018, 19:18 GMT]
The occupying Sinhala military of genocidal Sri Lanka wants to station its occupying forces into the Jaffna Fort, which has been renovated into a heritage site for tourism with the official assistance from the government of The Netherlands. SL Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and Sinhala colonial Governor to North Reginald Cooray have been promoting the idea during the recent visit by the former to Jaffna on 28 May. The latest move is an acid test for the integrity of the Government of The Netherlands, which has been criticised by the Eezham Tamils as failing to recognise the territorial and heritage ownership of Eezham Tamils but facilitating the agenda of the occupying SL State with its Colombo-centered approach of the entire renovation project.

SL Governor Reginald Cooray is liaising at the diplomatic level, informed civil sources in Jaffna told TamilNet.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands Ms Joanne Doornewaard was visiting Jaffna to meet the SL Governor on Thursday. No information was revealed to the media on the position of the Netherlands.

The SL military, eyeing the Jaffna Fort since the beginning of the renovation project, has been waiting for the right moment to advance its plan of converting the Portuguese/ Dutch Fort into its military base.

Eezham Tamils would perceive the Dutch Fort again as a symbol of occupation if the Sinhala military is allowed to move into the site of the colonial heritage.

The SL Governor is now advocating the case for SL military moving into 40 acres of lands by arguing that such move would ‘help’ the people of Jaffna as the SL military would be releasing some of the properties back to the people. However, the argument is a fallacy, Tamil civil sources in Jaffna said. The proper way for releasing lands back to people is de-militarisation, they said.

The SL military is already occupying a long coastal stretch and some public properties close to the Jaffna Fort.

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