Tamils determined to mark Heroes Day braving institutionally genocidal SL apparatus

[TamilNet, Thursday, 22 November 2018, 21:51 GMT]
Eezham Tamils in their occupied homeland started the Tamil Eelam Heroes week by preparing for the marking of November 27 Great Heroes Day (Maaveerar Naa'l) at the genocidally annihilated heroes cemeteries at 33 different locations in the North and East. The occupying unitary state – regardless of the political turmoil prevailing in the South — is bent on using its institutionally anti-Tamil legal system to block Tamils from using Maaveerar-associated symbolism during the remembrance. The people on the ground are determined to mark the day with due respect for tens of thousands of Tamil men and women, who sacrificed their lives for the restoration of Tamil sovereignty through an armed struggle, which was the last resort to protect their nation from ultimate annihilation.

Preparations in North

The occupying unitary state of genocidal Sri Lanka, particularly its Sinhala military establishment including the militarised police and the militarised ‘civil’ administration in the North and East, repeatedly warn the Eezham Tamils against LTTE-associated symbolism and military titles. They advise against public commemoration events.

In a last-ditch push to block the attempts to mark Heroes Day in front of the SL military-occupied largest Heroes Cemetery in Jaffna at Koappaay, Colombo's Sinhala military intelligence has instructed the SL Police in Koappaay to file a case against the public commemoration to take place at a private property.

Last year, a large number of people braved the military harassments at the locality to mark the Heroes Day.

This year, the SL Police is arguing that it would act against Tamils whom associate LTTE related symbols at the remembrance event.

The SL Police says LTTE is a proscribed ‘terrorist’ organisation also outside the island and that people would not be allowed to use such symbolism while remembering their war-dead.

However, Eezham Tamils in the East and North are determined to proceed with the remembrance events as they did last year.

The occupying Sinhala military has been systematically razing to the ground without any traces the Tamil Eelam Heroes War Cemeteries in several places of North and East.

Resettled Tamils in Champoor, Trincomalee, prepare to mark Tamil Eelam Heroes Remembrance Day at Aal
Resettled Tamils in Champoor, Trincomalee, prepare to mark Tamil Eelam Heroes Remembrance Day at Aalang-ku'lam

The Sinhala military, which is driven by the Mahavamsa mindset, is very particular in erecting its bases on the grounds where Tamil Heroes cemeteries had stood so that nothing remains to remind the fighters who had sacrificed their lives for the Tamil cause.

The bulldozed Tamil Heroes Cemetery at Koappaay has been transformed into a large cantonment for 512 Brigade of the occupying SL military.

Grassroots organisations in Jaffna have created a committee to look after the arrangement of the remembrance event, which is being organised inside a private property just opposite the SL military occupied Heroes Cemetery at Koappaay.



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