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SL Archaeology Department resumes disputed ‘chaitya’ project in Kanniyaa

[TamilNet, Thursday, 11 July 2019, 18:12 GMT]
Openly violating the promise extended to Mano Ganesan, the SL Minister of Hindu Religious Affairs and National Integration on 10th June 2019, the occupying Colombo's Archaeology Department has resumed the controversial dismantling of the base construction of the old Saiva temple of Pi'l'laiyaar at the heritage site of Eezham Tamils in Kanniyaa, Trincomalee three days ago. The SL Archaelogy officers engaged in the dismantling claimed that SL Minister Mano Ganesan had agreed to such reconstruction when the Saiva Priest of Then-Kayilai Aatheenam, Thavath-Thiru Akaththiyar Adika'laar, visited the disputed site on Thursday. The officials were violating the promise extended by themselves and the monks that they would not proceed with the disputed dismantling/construction work at the site.

SL Arch Dept resumes work at Kanniyaa
SL Arch Dept resumes work at Kanniyaa

The officials told the Saiva priest that they had necessary papers from higher authorities to continue the work.

They further claimed that the decision to continue was based on findings from a carbon test, the priest told TamilNet.

Elected Tamil councillor Vipooshanan Chandirarajah who was present at the meeting last month also visited the site and said the resumption of the dismantling was in complete violation to the promise extended by the officials and the monks at the meeting.

SL Arch Dept resumes work at Kanniyaa
SL Archaeology Department resumes dismantling of Pi'l'laiyaar temple and construction of Buddhist ‘Chaitya’
Mr Vipooshanan said violating the restrictions and decisions by the civic authorities and even going against the earlier promises were typical for the SL Archaeology Department and the Forest Department.

He described the discourse as an intended manouvere on the part of the unitary structures of the SL State.

“Not only the physical destruction of human lives but also the calculated and intended dismantling of the cultural identity and ownership to the heritage constitute acts of genocide. This is a calculated act of genocide,” Mr Vipooshanan told TamilNet.

In the meantime, the land-owner and the principal trustee of Pi'l'laiyaar temple, Mrs Ganesh Kokilaramany was trying to get in touch with Mr Mano Ganesan on Thursday. However, the SL minister was busy with proceedings in the parliament. She had managed to convey the urgency of attention on the part of the SL Minister through other officials in his ministry, Kokilaramany said.

SL Arch Dept resumes work at Kanniyaa
SL Arch Dept resumes work at Kanniyaa

The Saiva priest urged united action from all Tamil politicians and grassroots actors to safeguard the heritage site of Kanniyaa.



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