Deception of so-called reconciliation at display in Kanniyaa: Tamil councillor

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 23:39 GMT]
Around twenty monks and one hundred Sinhala Buddhists gathered at the dismantled base construction of the Saivaist Pi'l'laiyaar temple in Kanniyaa and chanted Pirith while Tamil devotees were conducting annual Hindu ritual of Aadi Amaavaasai for their ancestors on Wednesday. The Pirith prayer is a new exercise, which was intended to demonstrate their so-called stake of the imaginative ‘chaitya’, which they claim as existed at the locality, commented Divisional Council (PS) representative Chandirarajah Vipooshan. After witnessing the latest development, Mr Vipooshan said a few Tamil individuals and the controversial outfit known as Rava'na-senai were getting deceived by the Sinhala Buddhists and that they were only abetting Sinhala Buddhicisation of the heritage site of Eezham Tamils.

Buddhist monks chanting Pirith at Kanniyaa

The Sinhala officials who were present at the site were also violating at least two of the four interim orders of the court, Mr Vipooshan said.

Before the court decides on the fate of dismantled base structure of the Pi'l'layaar temple (or the Chaitya as claimed by the Sinhala Buddhist extremist monks), the site could not be regarded exclusively as Buddhist or Hindu. However, the monks and the Sinhala worshippers were proving their hostility by seizing the locality.

Tamils were only confined to the mutt of the Hindu temple, which is now claimed as ‘Sivan temple’ by Raava'na-senai.

At the same time, the Sinhala persons present at the site still continue to demand money from the people who enter the Kanniyaa Hot Wells. The practice continues unabated, both with and without tickets, Mr Vipooshan said.

The ITAK has come under severe criticism for its deceitful conduct by interacting with the extremist Buddhists on the one hand while making a legal challenge supposedly against the claim of the Buddhist monks.

Aadi-amaavaasai at Kanniyaa in Trincomalee
Aadi-amaavaasai at Keerimalai in Jaffna peninsula



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