Wigneswaran warns of bleak future for Tamils, urges planning for next step

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 20:23 GMT]
SL President Maithiripala Sirisena appointing Shavendra Silva as the SLA commander is the logical outcome of the Sinhala thinking that remains unchanged. “Secondly, he may also be thinking that if Gotabhaya Rajapaksa were to come in as the president next, Shavendra Silva would be an ideal lieutenant to him, because they have worked together in the past,” commented former Chief Minister of North Justice C.V. Wigneswaran. The Sinhala political leaders would not grant any political rights to the Tamils in the future because, in their position there had been no genocide, no war crimes and they maintaint that those killed were all ‘terrorists’. “We may expect a very difficult time ahead. Tamils, both internationally and locally, must start thinking as to what should be our next step in the event of such people becoming very violent against our people,” the former chief minister told TamilNet.

“Already I find that they are trying to point out that Tamils are trying to regroup themselves and that the Tigers are going to come back. I think there is some plan in the whole thing in the way this appointment has been done,” Justice Wigneswaran said.

The Sinhala establishment thinks in terms of ‘disciplining’ the people of the island, he added.

However, the former CM was expressing hope that the international community would act to get those responsible for the war crimes punished.

NPC Chief Minister's comments come a day after an outspoken Tamil doctor, S. Sivaruban (41) was detained by the SL Army and the Police (TID) on allegations that the doctor was ‘regrouping’ the LTTE. Dr Sivaruban, a Judicial Medical Officer, was the Medical Superindentent in charge of Pazhai divisional hospital situated within Pachchilaip-pa'l'li division in the district of Ki'linochchi.

The residents of Pazhai staged a protest on Tuesday morning in front of the hospital condemning the arrest. They demanded the SL authorities bring him to the courts without subjecting him for prolonged PTA detention.

Unlike many other judicial medical officers, who prefer to be silent to avoid harassment from the SL authorities, Dr Sivaruban has been revealing the details of the types of crimes to the media as well as to the human rights watchdogs. Now, occupying Colombo is ‘disciplining’ him through the PTA detention.

Maylivaganam Kumaravel, deputy head of Patients' Welfare Association said the detention was shocking news to the people.

Pachchilaip-pa'l'li Divisional Council Chairperson Sureh Subramaniyam and Karaichchi Divisional Council Chairperson A Velamalikithan said that the people are again being pushed into a challenging future and the fear of white-vans, abductions and PTA-threats is being reinstated in their minds.

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