Next ploy of Rajapaksa Establishment: Sinhala-Buddhicisation of Tamil youth in North

[TamilNet, Monday, 04 November 2019, 23:13 GMT]
Namal Rajapaksa, the son of former SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has managed to deceptively invite 600 Tamil girls promising government employment opportunities through a business operative, SL Ramachandran, a Tamil from Vara'ni in Jaffna. Sinhala-Buddhist extremist monk cum politician of Jathika Hela Urumaya, Athuraliye Rathana thero, was accompanying Mr Rajapaksa to the “introductory show of Sinhala education” where Tamil boys were made to dance wearing Sinhala costumes. The girls, who took part in the event said they were promised government jobs if they showed up at the event held on Monday at Ilangkai Veanthan Art's College at Neeraaviyadi, a suburb of Jaffna.

Mr Ramachandran thinks he would become the next Governor of North if Gotabhaya Rajapaksa gets elected and to achieve that he has to woo Tamil voters in Jaffna.

Six hundred Tamil girls between 18 and 20 were deceived to attend the event in Jaffna

The agent was exposed in 2012 as the “civil society” organiser of the occupying SL military, which was under the command of Maj. Gen Hathurusinghe at that time.

Ramachandran was also attempting to create a “Tamil-Buddhist” community according to the plan of Athureliya Rathana thero during the Rajapaksa regime.

The Tamil girls between eighteen and twenty years of age were told they would get government jobs if they start to learn Sinhala.

Tamil boys in Sinhala costume performing at Sinhala language and culture promotion in Jaffna

Many more unbelievable experiments are going to take place in the North if Gotabhaya Rajapaksa gets elected as the next SL President, commented Tamil grassroots activists in Jaffna observing the latest ploy by Mr Ramachandran.

In the meantime, Athuraliye Rathana thero was evoking anti-Muslim sentiments among the young generation of Tamils in Jaffna. The JHU parliamentarian monk was citing the ‘trends’ in the Eastern province while provoking the Tamil youth to stand with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa if they wanted to ‘safeguard’ Jaffna from the same ‘danger’.

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