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Zurich, Vienna, war crimes and Tamil polity

[TamilNet, Friday, 18 December 2009, 07:28 GMT]
By concentrating in an undue way on the choice of a president between the two main candidates seen as war criminals, why should Eezham Tamils ultimately uphold the interests of any of the powers either committed or abetted those very war crimes but show no signs of mending their ways on the national question and are now backing those dummy candidates, argues TamilNet political commentator in Colombo. Instead, Tamil politicians and new political aspirants among Tamils should leave the matter to genuine and spontaneous decision of the Tamil people and should make the best use of the time to concentrate more on laying strong foundations to the emerging national polity of Eezham Tamils to face any eventuality that emerges after the presidential elections, he further said.

The political commentator further writes:

A nuanced war is being waged in the media vested with the interests of powers either to bring in a change or to stabilise Colombo’s ‘regime.’

A CNN programme this week, in a subtle way, exposed Colombo and the futility of its supporters.

The war crimes allegations took a new turn with Sarath Fonseka exposing Gotabhaya and Gotabhaya in a veiled way pointing in the direction of India.

The SL Defense Secretary when delivering a lecture at Ananda College, Colombo stated it was India which helped to end the war enabling SL to avert the International intervention, cited a column in Daily Mirror, Wednesday, asking whether Delhi uneasy on Fonseka’s disclosures.

“Because of the intensification of pressure from the Delhi’s South Block during the concluding stages of the war to swiftly finish it, they point out that the SL Govt. had to commit multiple murders on the Tamil Tiger leaders,” the Daily Mirror column said.

“Delhi South Block is therefore saddled with the dire necessity and motive to make Mahinda the victor at the forthcoming Presidential elections, who is capable of sweeping these incidents during the blitzkrieg under the rug permanently,” the column further said.

“The UNHRC had questioned whether India’s restlessness and uneasiness whenever war crime charges are levelled against SL is because there is a skeleton in the cupboard of the Delhi’s South Block. If that is true, Delhi South block has to become uneasy and worried by the disclosures made by Gen. Sarath Fonseka in regard to the occurrences during the last days of the war.”

“If war crime charges are brought against SL and if Delhi South Block is charged as a party to those crimes before the International Courts, the whole of India will be shaken to its foundation,” was the revealing of the Daily Mirror column.

The Indian media on the other hand is busy in painting a rosy picture of what the Indian Establishment and Mahinda were able to achieve towards ‘peace’ in the last few months and what they could achieve together in future.

The US Senate committee report in a subtle way hinted that what the international community could not achieve in releasing the IDPs, was able to be done by India behind the scene.

What is exposed about India and Mahinda regime can in no way excuse the crimes of the ethnically motivated military commander Fonseka, who openly admitted his chauvinism, and the irresponsible ways of the West, especially the US, in abetting the war and genocide in the island.

What worries Tamils is not the keenness of the powers in hiding their respective war crimes by blaming ‘Tamil terrorism’ or pointing finger at one another, but the equal interest shown by them in the nullification of the righteous cause of Tamil nationalism and their discouragement to independent political organisation of Tamils, reflected in the media orchestrated by them.

A section of the Tamil elite is playing in their hands. It is not to state that this section betrays Tamil interests, for no Tamil mind at this tragic situation can be motivated by self-interest. They may all mean well, but unfortunately the Tamil elite is handicapped by its inherent inability to lead the masses and is conditioned by its long legacy of subservience.

Thus they don’t trust the will power of their own people and place too much importance on the manoeuvrings of others. Any criticism against this line of thinking is responded with retort as another spurt of ‘anti-intellectual’ sentiments. A Tamil left politician in Colombo rightly commented recently on the futility of any political organisation coming from these sections. But sadly his ilk is lopsided in identifying the pulse of the people and in leading them.

A former Tamil civil servant who was a favourite of J R Jeyawardene is worried of Tamils boycotting any elections. He says that the Tamil boycott of the first universal suffrage in the island in 1931 brought in disaster to them and to their participation in ‘national’ politics. For him ‘national’ means something else. Whether right or wrong, the 1931 boycott is the irrefutable evidence today that Eezham Tamils consistently rejected the British-made united island and its constitutions right from the beginning.

Some others, who work against democratic ballot exercises of Eezham Tamils to evolve their own polity, pass judgements against them, ignore or watch them with ‘interest,’ show extraordinary keenness in Tamil participation in the elections in the island and in working secretly to influence Tamils in casting the first vote, second vote etc to one of the main candidates.

Following Zurich, now we see a meet in Vienna.

Sections of influential diaspora opinion makers and the TNA are currently meeting in Vienna to discuss the ‘presidential choice’ and a political package tied with the ribbon ‘internal self-determination,’ media circles in Colombo say.

The energy of Tamils should not be deviated or wasted on working for others. The precious time available now has to be made the best use of it by Tamils voicing for themselves and working for their own political formation.


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