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Tamil independence, a universal issue going beyond state reformation in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Sunday, 29 May 2011, 09:36 GMT]
India could do much better by acknowledging the right to independence of Eezham Tamils, by working for international consensus towards it, by structuring an IC-facilitated transition arrangement for it, and by creating an environment for the diaspora to freely interact through Palaali and Trincomalee, for India’s own reconciliation with Tamils and for relieving the island from endangering the entire region, rather than covertly waging ‘counterinsurgency’ and psy-op wars with people of Tamil Nadu and the diaspora through intelligence operatives to save establishments indicted, writes TamilNet commentator in Colombo. The Frankenstein Monster in Colombo is now difficult for its creators and the UN to handle, but Sinhalese alone may able to bring it down and strike true reconciliation if there is an IC decision that Tamil Eelam is inevitable. That is the only way out now, he further said.

The mainstream Indian media may not like to see the real reason behind the extraordinary mass verdict in Tamil Nadu and may indulge in painting a picture citing reasons such as corruption and family rule that are not new to India. The DMK that has gone to the extreme in wronging its very ideological fundamentals may pretend as though it doesn’t know why people routed it out.

But those who steer affairs in the establishments have indeed seen the point. Shivshankar Menon who calculated that a ‘developing’ Tamil Nadu would give a free hand for his manoeuvrings had to cancel his visit to Colombo.

However, the signals that come from tea party invitations on one hand and psy-op campaigns of ‘media’ operatives in collaboration with Colombo on the other, only show that New Delhi is not yet prepared to transparent changes in its course, even after it is well known to the world that its pursued course of action on the affairs of Eezham Tamils has already led to its indictment in human civilization.

Mr. Karunanidhi, who could have authentically contributed to international justice at least at this stage by telling what he knows, is not relenting. Indian analysts like Prof. Suryanarayan repeatedly say that all injustice that took place happened with the full knowledge of Mr. Karunanidhi.

The hopes of the masses therefore focus on Ms. Jayalalitha.

India has its own agenda is what everybody says. But, if the agenda or the strategies and tactics of achieving it set by some individuals in New Delhi are wrong, then a great country like India should boldly come forward to the edification of those who are responsible for them.

A wrong done to a nation and to its people like in the case of the Eezham Tamils cannot be excused merely by psy-op citations of crimes and counter crimes of establishments and individuals.

‘Past is past’ can’t be for hiding the wrongs and ‘future is future’ can’t be for continuing the wrongs.

Some political analysts in India have now come forward to at least voice that New Delhi should not protect the Colombo regime from international indictment. But even they try to project that crimes against humanity is a general problem faced by all in the island for several decades now, and once the present regime is indicted and the state is ‘reformed’, everything should be alright.

By this projection, in a subtle way they aim to blunt the need to address the liberation question of Eezham Tamils as a question of its own merit.

Even when the chronic and unique national question in the island has reached the stage of naked genocide and extermination of a nation in the island, the compromising academic analyses coming from India show that they are not different from the ‘selective appetite’ of some in the IC against secession.

In their academic exercises of looking at the island through the colonially created frame of Sri Lanka, and envisaging models essentially to save it, they confuse generically different national question of Eezham Tamils and the JVP question of the Sinhalese that need separate solutions.

Confusing them as manifestations of a single state and envisaging a common solution are no different from how the Colombo-centric state manipulated the two issues for its survival.

The Indian academics also don’t want to see that it was the adamant position taken especially by India and the US in refusing to appropriately address the national question as a national question that led to the escalation of extreme militarisation among the generally peaceful peoples of the island.

The concern of some Indian analysts is now confined to the militarization of state in the island. It is true that it will affect everybody in the island as well as in the region. But the core excuse for the militarization carried out by the Sri Lankan state and blind acceptance of it by majority of the nation of Sinhalese in the island basically stem from refusal to recognize the parallel status of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island.

State militarization in the island cannot be stopped now unless Sri Lanka is firmly told by the IC that the country of Eezham Tamils has to be conceded now. Then only the Sinhala nation will revolt and put an end to the militarization and will seek true reconciliation.

But whether the militarization of state in the island is being secretly and competitively favoured by some powers of vested interests is the question of political observers.

The war crimes investigation is increasingly becoming a farce.

The injustice in equating the alleged crimes of the LTTE with the genocide of a state abetted by all the powers, and the bias of the UN panel report towards the Eezham Tamil dispora, just because it is the only section that has the freedom to voice the aspirations of its nation, have been pointed out by many.

The unbelieving should see that even after ‘equating’ the crimes, there are countries among the pro-report bloc that receive war-crimes indicted SL military top brass as diplomats, but arrest, prosecute and investigate suspected former LTTE functionaries.

The best show comes from the UN itself that keeps the war crimes indicted as SL Ambassadors and signs a treaty to induct the war crimes indicted SL Army into its Peace Keeping Forces.

Such demonstrations only show that civil leadership and diplomats of the world’s establishments are just superficial, but another dangerous nexus of forces is what that is actually running the world affairs. Unless peoples of the world join to break the backbone of this nexus there is no salvation to the world. Peoples in countries like that of India having one fifth of humanity have a bigger responsibility in this regard, and Sri Lanka is a crucial test case in their neighbourhood. There is a particular responsibility on the shoulders of Tamil Nadu.

Secession in the island is now inevitable not merely to answer the liberation question of Eezham Tamils, but to liberate the Sinhalese as well from militarization, to save the region of South Asia from dangerous forces making a ‘hub’ in the island and to demonstrate the victory of the civilized world over the brutal nexus for world monopoly that has insinuated into the governments of peoples all over the world.


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