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Sri Lanka aims to get more time to complete genocide

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 16:46 GMT]
The primary aim of Sri Lanka in the UN human rights council is to buy some more time to complete its genocide of Eezham Tamils through structural means and militarisation so that the question of war crimes would eventually lose its importance and would become acceptable means of contemporary world polity. The more time is given to a virtually Sinhala military to occupy the country of Eezham Tamils with impunity, the more the world will be contributing to a dangerous paradigm. If the existing State system in the international organisations is going to repeatedly prove its incapability in delivering criminal and political justice, the global Tamils have to be prepared to undertake an international struggle in appropriate ways. 70 million global Tamils cannot be taken for ride by the Sinhala polity just because it has a State and Tamils don’t have a State.

TamilNet commentator in Colombo writes:

Genocidal Colombo’s external affairs minister GL Peiris, speaking in London last week wanted the UN Human rights Council to discuss Sri Lanka in October 2012. There is absolutely no reason for Sri Lanka to be taken up in September this year, he said.

However the UNSG has placed the UN panel report on Sri Lanka’s war crime for the UN Human Rights Council to take a decision in the sessions in September.

Colombo’s Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, who heads the SL delegation at the 18th Session of the UN Human Rights Council at Geneva, was on Monday harping on the support of some of the 29 members of the Council to bail out Sri Lanka.

"Pakistan pledged their support on behalf of the Islamic nations numbering 54 while China was also strong in their backing. The Maldivian president is also here in support of us," the SL minister was cited saying.

The current line of thinking upheld by Chinese policy planners is hijacking the US ‘war on terror’ in their favour and becoming ‘number one’ even in that.

China officially treats ‘separatism’ and ‘extremism’ as equivalent to ‘terrorism,’ and accuses the USA for not properly defining ‘terrorism,’ which means that the international outlook of China is more dangerous that that of the USA as far as the struggles of stateless peoples are concerned.

Pakistan has no moral say in supporting a genocidal country “on behalf of 54 Islamic nations,” when the plight of many Islamic peoples in various other contexts is similar to that of the Eezham Tamils and Muslims in the island.

By being in the company of China and Pakistan in the UNHRC in protecting Sri Lanka committing genocide on Tamils and Muslims, Maldivian President Nasheed is leading his tiny country into dangerous waters, unlike his predecessor Gayoom who followed a well-balanced foreign policy.

But, some diplomatic circles think that the US Asst. Secretary of State and the Conservative government in UK are actually setting Maldives behind the scene to support Rajapaksa.

* * *

Both the USA and India refuse to accept the genocide that has taken place and continues to take place in structural ways in the island, may be because the personalities abetted the war in the island continue to sit in the establishments in Washington and New Delhi.

Their refusal in this respect and soft peddling of even the war crimes investigations protects the genocidal State in Sri Lanka and encourages it.

Meeting Tamil diaspora groups last month, the US Asst. Secretary of State Robert Blake said that if they call for an international investigation that would be used in SL by the JVP/JHU to campaign that the US wants regime change in SL, and that would further polarize the issue and there would definitely be no accountability.

While visiting Jaffna on Tuesday, Blake has seen the manifestations of the US appeasement policy with a genocidal state. Stage-managed ‘protests’ by Colombo-backed paramilitary prevented him from meeting the civil society and the university community in the American Corner.

Sometimes back, the EPDP leader Douglas Devananda proclaimed that it was his brand of collaboration that was appreciated even by the West.

In future, even the genuine civil society of Tamils is likely to turn against if the USA continues with Blake’s approach of appeasement with genocide.

Making a press statement in Colombo Wednesday, Blake just mentioned the placement of the UN panel report with the UNHRC, but was harping on LLRC addressing the allegations raised in the report.

The kind of economic assistances he was listing, the long process of ‘national reconciliation’ he was harping on and his soft ‘advice’ to put an end to the ‘grease devils’ will not relieve the Eezham Tamils suffering genocide. Blake avoided the issues of Sinhala colonization and militarization.

The fundamental issue is that genocide is not recognized and Blake is not genuinely interested in international investigation of war crimes, as it would ultimately turn against the engineers of the war in the US. Blake is personally blackmailed by Colombo in this regard. Blake continued from Bush times into Obama times. It is high time that the Administration in Washington should reconsider Blake continuing his engagement with Sri Lanka.

The Indian media NDTV in its reporting Tuesday reflected how the guilty-filled India is still haunted by the thought of the LTTE. Defending the guilt, harping on petty aids it provides without focus and pointing at others for its inability or unwillingness to decide on the national question of Eezham Tamils is the prevailing trend with New Delhi.

“No tears are shed for Prabhakaran,” the NDTV report by Sreenivasan Jain said, adding that the present young generation of Tamil children “will grow up in a Lanka without a LTTE, no small thing.”

The NDTV cited SC Chandrahasan of the OFERR, long working with the Indian agencies, saying that there has been a lot of progress made in the rehabilitation of Tamils.

But coming to the political question NDTV said, “India also has to balance its support of rights for Tamils with the complex balance of power in the subcontinent.”

* * *

The ultimate reality is that the 70 million Tamils don’t have a State to make the world deliver justice while the 15 million Sinhalese having a State is able to commit genocide with a free hand, patted by powers as well as tiny states.

Even the tiny Maldives of the population of 0.3 million is treading on the righteous wishes of Tamils.

Genocidal Colombo’s foreign minister GL Peiris vows that Sri Lanka will challenge the UNHCR taking up the panel report on war crimes at the UNHCR in Geneva as well at the UN General Assembly this month.

“We will protest the taking up of this report at the UNHRC sessions strongly, in Geneva and when President Mahinda Rajapaksa and I visit New York next week for the General Assembly,” Prof. Peiris was cited saying on Wednesday.

As Sri Lanka consistently refused to acknowledge the UN panel report the UN has all justification in taking up the required further action. But Sri Lanka now particularly targets the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navaneetham Pillai.

By simulating ‘technical’ issues Sri Lanka tries to rally the support of other countries to escape from investigations or to buy time.

“During our bi-lateral meetings on the fringes of the General Assembly we will address these issues and call for even handed treatment to Sri Lanka in accordance with the formal procedures of the UN,” Peiris said.

The UNHRC sessions that started on Monday will continue till the end of this month. The UN General Assembly convened Tuesday will meet until 22 September.

What turns out in these international bodies should be carefully watched and they should be taken into consideration in deciding the future of the political course of Eezham Tamils as well as global Tamils.

Even though the 70 million global Tamils don’t have a State, Tamil Nadu had a role to play by twisting the hands of New Delhi at a crucial time of the genocide of Eezham Tamils. But Mr. Karunanidhi sat on it and presently Tamil Nadu has to try doubly hard in setting the equation right.

If justice is not forthcoming from the international bodies or from the powers, the diaspora and other global Tamils may have to seriously think of adopting altogether different strategies.



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