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Onus focuses on India

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 March 2012, 01:38 GMT]
Even though diffusing, deviating and hijacking the need to address the crux of the crisis in Sri Lanka, the US-tabled resolution at the UNHRC and the associated diplomatic deliberations and muscle-flexing seem to be artfully fixing the onus on India, in lines with the long legacy of Indo-US competition ruining the aspirations of genocide-affected Eezham Tamils. India could seize the opportunity and could come out with alternative righteous options to counter the trap, but the guilty-filled Congress regime is incapable of them. As New Delhi’s stand has been repeatedly proved an impediment to justice in the island and at the same time New Delhi is also not doing anything on its own other than shopping there, the question comes whether removal of the Congress regime is a prerequisite to India’s progress in the region and in world affairs, writes TamilNet political commentator in Colombo.

TamilNet political commentator in Colombo further writes:

“It’s unclear what a resolution at the U.N. will achieve. An international inquiry appears unlikely. Sri Lanka is not a member of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, meaning allegations of war crimes are unlikely to be tried there. Only the U.N. Security Council can order an ICC probe into a country that doesn’t belong to the court or fails to carry out its own credible probe, but it’s unlikely to do this in Sri Lanka’s case,” said the US-based Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

The US-resolution at the UNHRC is not on any international inquiry. The resolution is not stressing on the war crimes as highlighted in media. It rather focuses on implementing Sri Lanka’s flawed LLRC recommendations the thrust of which is structural genocide of Eezham Tamils as a nation in the island.

The LLRC recommendations are also a pet agenda of the New Delhi Establishment.

“We have welcomed the report of the Sri Lankan Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). We believe that the implementation of the recommendations contained in this report would contribute to the process of reconciliation. We have also emphasized the need for an independent and credible mechanism to investigate allegations of human rights violations in a time-bound manner, which has also recommended by the LLRC. Our focus on these issues with the Government of Sri Lanka will continue,” says a letter written by New Delhi’s prime minister on Monday to DMK chief Karunanidhi, who has earlier asked India to vote against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC.

Manmohan Singh’s letter to Karunanidhi also listed out what New Delhi has been doing in the island, bragging that it is as a result of New Delhi’s assistance and engagement with Sri Lanka that “a modicum of normalcy is beginning to return to the Tamil areas in Sri Lanka.” Mr. Singh further said, “We intend to remain engaged with the Government of Sri Lanka in order to take this process forward.”

But New Delhi’s shopping interest in the island, not only far exceeding the list of what it is doing to Eezham Tamils but also collaborating with the structural genocide agenda of Colombo, is well known.

On Sunday, Chinese government news agency Xinhua reported that Colombo has come out with a 12-page document on a draft policy of national reconciliation, at a time when Sri Lanka faces a barrage of criticism at the UNHRC and the US has tabled a resolution seeking support to put pressure on Sri Lanka.

The Xinhua-cited document prepared by Rajapakse’s mouthpiece Rajiva Wijesinghe was on the stale theme of welding all communities into and within the fabric of one nation.

When genocidal Sri Lanka and all the three powers that abet it in the process are united on the LLRC hoodwink, why the big squabble at the UNHRC needs to be carefully understood.

“Commissions are not appointed by such regimes [Rajapaksa regime] to find answers and solve problems. They are used make detours and diffuse issues,” writes Colombo journalist Kusal Perera in Sri Lanka Mirror on Tuesday, adding a comment on the US-resolution based on the LLRC recommendations in the following words: “Clearly, the US and its allies are only arm-twisting on their own agenda.”

Another Colombo media The Nation in the editorial on Sunday was especially critical at the possibility of New Delhi yielding into pressure and voting against Sri Lanka.

“The worst that can happen will be India showing its true face in Geneva. So let India step out from behind the curtain where all the plotting takes place and show its true face to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans,” the editorial said.

The bitter conclusion of the editorial was: “Sri Lanka cannot take on big powers in a dog fight but if we are to go down, it is good to go down having seen your enemy in the face. With dignity.”

‘Sri Lankans’ were not bothered about the ‘dignity’ when they made use of every depravity of India and the so-called international community in committing the genocide of Eezham Tamils.

If they now talk about dignity in facing the powers, that dignity has already been achieved by Eezham Tamils, and the Sinhala nation with no moral stand could never achieve it. It is not in the desire of anyone that the Sinhalese also should see nearly 150,000 people ‘missing’ in their quest for ‘dignity’.

All the orchestrations in the Sinhala nation now show that it is preparing itself for its ruin.

The real dignity comes by the Sinhala nation conceding the nation of Eezham Tamils to them and by seeking co-existence and genuine reconciliation to keep out from the “dog fight” that frustrates the editorial of The Nation.

The current US-resolution in Geneva ultimately aims at fixing India that repeatedly goes astray on Sri Lanka, political observers say.

“India so far has been non-committal on the UN vote but this policy of inaction is looking increasingly untenable. Some analysts say India is scared that by berating Colombo it might lose out to China’s growing influence in Sri Lanka. India’s cautious role perhaps also has its roots in the country’s own flawed history of involvement in Sri Lanka,” the US-based Wall Street Journal said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, writing a guest column to South Asia Analysis Group last week, Madras University’s Prof Ramu Manivannan said that India “may therefore choose to absent itself from voting if it cannot influence the United States and the Nordic countries about the content of the resolution.”

“It is the brutality of the truth that hurts India more, not truth as it is,” he said, adding “The world knows little more than what India wants the world to believe about its role in the brutal military resolution of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.”

“We have shown enough stomach for humiliating rebuttals on political reforms and military-strategic turnarounds but cannot survive the exposure of the complicity factor if the Sri Lankan government chooses to use blackmailing strategy to enforce compliance with the its diplomatic ploy,” Prof Manivannan said, arguing that India should not give in to that fear and pave way for another Tibet south of India.

The South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG) in which Manivannan’s paper has been published, came under attack a week ago by a former EROS member Nesan Shankar Raji. Nesan wrote that the SAAG is run by a former RAW official, who when he was in position during IPKF times instructed the EROS to abduct a veteran Eelam activist and founder of TRRO, Mr. Kandasamy, alleging that he had been working for the CIA. (Mr. Kandasamy was abducted and was later found dead)

If the SAAG now publishes material like the article of Manivannan, something must have really gone wrong about the Congress Establishment in New Delhi.

The Congress has already shown electoral failures in key states like the UP. The West Bengal party of Mamta Banerjee having 19 members in the coalition of Congress is wavering. Watching the developments at the UNHRC, whether the DMK would make it a pretext to withdraw from the Sonia-led Congress coalition, bringing the much-needed downfall of the regime, is a question asked in the Tamil circles.

Eezham Tamils in the island and in the diaspora, and Tamils in Tamil Nadu, have made it clear in recent days what they expect from India and the international community inside and outside of the UNHRC.

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