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Colombo uses international aid, abetment, for structural genocide in Mullaiththeevu

[TamilNet, Thursday, 28 February 2013, 04:02 GMT]
The genocidal Sinhala State in Colombo has accelerated the process of creating a Sinhala division at Ma'nal-aa'ru renamed as Wæli-oya in Sinhala, in the strategic locality linking North and East territory of the Tamil nation in the island of Sri Lanka, by deploying Indian and other international aid, civil sources in Mullaiththeevu said. The housing aid of India and the infrastructure aid of the IC are pooled in creating the Sinhala division, with all facilities of attraction for the Sinhalicisation process at the wedging locality. This is carried out not without the blessings of India, the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia whose delegates visited the region in the recent months, the civil sources commented, adding that what was heard from the Indian Foreign Minister in the parliament on Wednesday on implementing the 13th Amendment was a sour joke of quarter a century.

Location of Ma'nalaa'ru
The location of the newly Sinhalicised division in the Mullaiththeevu district that will be wedging North and East, created after erasing out traditional Tamil villages and renaming it from Ma'nalaa'ru in Tamil to Weli-Oya in Sinhala. [Satellite image courtesy: Google Earth. Legend by TamilNet]

What is happening in Ma'nal-aa'ru is nothing but the practical response of the International Community of Establishmenrts (ICE) to the question of Eezham Tamils in the island. It is only a continuity of the genocidal war perpetrated by the same ICE, despite the deviating debates it is now promoting in the outside world, Tamil political observers said.

An SL Government mechanism is being put in the top gear at Ma'nalaa'ru, an ethnically strategic area bringing together the North and East provinces, to officially implement forced land-acquisition undertaken by the genocidal State.

As per this mechanism, a group of officers have been instituted at the District Secretariat of Mullaith-theevu, to officially acquire the traditional lands of Tamils at Ma'nal-aa'ru renamed as Wæli-oya (both meaning the sandy river).

The lands have been already encroached and now the process is to make it official.

Ma'nalaa'ru division
The Mullaith-theevu district and the newly created Sinhala division that will be wedging the North from the East

Ma'nalaa'ru, the so-called Wæli-oya of the Mullaiththeevu district, which was administratively annexed to the Anuradhapura District Secretariat of the Sinhala territory during the war, was returned to the Mullaith-theevu District Secretariat recently with a complete Sinhalicisation programme.

The so-called ‘development’ of the Sinhalicised division uses the aid earmarked for the re-construction of the war-ravaged North. The 50,000-house-scheme of the Indian Government and most of the other agricultural aids have already been taken to these Sinhala-colonised areas, Tamil politicians accuse.

The aid, especially the Asian Bank aid, is now used to build Sinhala schools in the Tamil land at the re-named Wæli-oya.

The aim of the school project is to attract, encourage and convince more Sinhalese to colonize the division and to eventually Sinhalicise the Tamils remaining in the division, say observers who have seen similar projects of structural genocide elsewhere in the island in the last several decades. Now it is focused and accelerated at Ma'nal-aa'ru they further commented.

The location of Kokku'laay village and lagoon. [Satellite map courtesy: Google Earth]

The region of traditional territory of the nation of Eezham Tamils ‘officially’ Sinhalicised by genocidal Colombo with and aim of wedging North and East.
The original people of Ma'nal-aa'ru that was exclusively a part of the traditional Tamil homeland are in possession of documents, including title deeds, to confirm the ownership of their lands. They were continuously subjected to refugee-life for the past 30 years. But they never lost their aspiration to return to their villages of fertile agricultural lands.

The representatives of the GoSL are now brain-washing the Tamil people that they could never return to their native villages, and it is better for them to accept alternative lands and ‘relief aids’ through collaborating with the ‘official programme’ of the genocidal State and its international abettors in the region.

Whenever the Tamil people having legal documents refuse to give up their land by mere ‘brain washing’ then they are intimidated by the occupying Sinhala military and the SL government machinery. Such people’s activities are systematically paralyzed. They are terrorized and silenced.

The Padaviya and Padavi Sree Pura divisions that were colonised and exclusively Sinhalicised from the side of Anuradhapura district with the aim of wedging the contiguity of the Tamil territory in the North and East of the island. What is Sinhalicised now is the division north of Padavi Sree Pura seen as Karai-thu'raip-pattu in the map and belongs to the Mullaiththeevu district of the North

A similar tactic was used 50 years ago in completely Sinhalicising the Padaviya colonization scheme at the tri-junction of Anuradhapura, Mullaith-theevu and Vavuniyaa districts. The scheme, first started at the closing times of the British rule giving lands to both the Sinhalese and Tamils, became exclusively Sinhalese after the first pogrom against Tamils in 1958. The Tamils who were chased out were intimidated never to return to their lands.

All these five decades, the State in the island was systematically working for extending the structural genocide committed against Tamils at Padaviya further into even traditional Tamil villages of the Ma'nal-aa'ru region of Mullai-theevu district, ultimately to delink the contiguity of the Tamil territories in the North and East of the island.

Tamil militancy since early 80s and the LTTE was able to check the process, but the ICE that found the military balance of the nation of Eezham Tamils inappropriate and destroyed it in a genocidal war, failed to check the structural genocide. The ICE endorses genocide as an appropriate way for its new world order, and that’s why the ICE and its outfits such as the International Crisis Group (ICG) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) are not accepting what is happening to Eezham Tamils as genocide, human rights activists in Vanni told TamilNet.

There are some individuals in the diaspora, coming from Jaffna and collaborate with the Rajapaksa regime, who argue without knowing what had happened at Padaviya that Tamils were never prepared to go, settle and do agriculture in the lands under question and why not the Sinhalese go there. Will they now answer to the people of Vanni who want their Ma’nal-aa’ru division back to them, asked the activists in Vanni.

* * *

The land-related genocide in the country of Eezham Tamils, carried out by the militarily occupying Sinhala State with an intended programme of annihilation of the territoriality of Tamils has never been highlighted internationally by the visitors of the Establishments in complicity with the genocidal State in the island.

Those who choose to bury the question under impunity of State bestowed to ‘Sri Lanka united by genocide’ have never accepted the land question an issue.

Genocidal Colombo now comes out with a strategy of speaking of ‘State lands’ in bringing out Sinhala military cantonments and Sinhala colonies in the country of Eezham Tamils.

This becomes possible only when the International Community of Establishments (ICE) is not recognizing the territoriality of Eezham Tamils in the island, and promotes Colombo’s LLRC implementation. The agencies of the ICE such as the International Crisis Group (ICG) evasively say that it is for the Tamils to conduct research and prove that there is an on-going genocide.

A veteran Eezham Tamil activist in his late 70s, speaking to TamilNet recently asked the question whether the ICG has been appointed as the new managers of the revived East India Companies of the West.

* * *

Even though not aware of the ICG, but believing in the universal power of people’s struggle, the Farmer’s Federation of Mullaith-theevu / Kokkuth-thoduvaai has submitted a notification to the SL Divisional Secretary of the Kataithu`raip-pattu Division, on the following encroachments in the villages listed below with a demand to release their agricultural lands.

The following are details of the lands Tamil own with title deeds in their traditional villages listed below, but where they are unable to resettle while new Sinhala villages are coming up in the division with international aid with an intention of Sinhalicising the division. There was not even a single Sinhala village in the division a few decades back.

  1. Naay-adiththa-mu'rippu-ve'li, Karu-naadduk-kea'ni – 198 Acre.
  2. Nochchi-moaddai, Ka'ndal-ve'li – 73 Acre.
  3. Koomaavadi, Ka'ndal-ve'li – 68 Acre.
  4. Adaiyak-ka'ruththaan-ve'li – 54 Acre.
  5. Aamaiyan-ku'la-ve'li – 24 Acre.
  6. Uththaraayan-ku'la-ve'li – 44 Acre.
  7. Erintha-kaaddu-ve'li – 16 Acre.
  8. Chakalaathu-ve'li, Kannaaddi – 468 Acre.
  9. Akkarai-ve'li, Periya-ve'li, Panichchai-moaddai –124 Acre.
  10. Naayadichcha-mu'rippu –136 Acre.
  11. Kugnchuk-kaal-ve'li – 12 Acre.
  12. We'l'laik-kalladi, Chivanthaa-mu'rippu – 60 Acre.
  13. Va'n'naa-vayal – 44 Acre.
  14. Thaddaamalai, Veppang-ku'lam, Padukaadduk-ku'lam –124 Acre.
  15. Kedda-ka'ndak-Ku'lam –25 Acre.
  16. Adaiyak-ka'ruththaan – 60 Acre.
  17. Poomadu-ka'ndal –120 Acre.
  18. Uththaraayan-ku'lam –220 Acre.
  19. Aamaiyan-ku'lam –220 Acre.
  20. Aa'lk-kaaddi-ve'li –250 Acre.
  21. Adaiyak-ka'ruththan-ku'lam –30 Acre.
  22. Akkaaththu-ve'li –250 Acre.
  23. Mariyaa-munai –116 Acre.

Total acres: 2736



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