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US draft ‘positive’ on many counts in making Tamils ‘learn lesson’

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 11 March 2014, 01:26 GMT]
The US draft tabled at the UNHRC has to be recognized for its positive aspects in disguise that make Tamils learn historic lessons, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. The draft opens eyes on the ultimate culprits who actually led Eezham Tamils into Mu’l’livaaykkaal and continue to lead them into accepting structural genocide; on the extent of USA’s confidence in the inherent orientation for subservience and gullibility among Eezham Tamil ‘articulators’; and on the extent of the infiltration the USA has made into various facets of Tamil Nadu – from Brahministic media to ‘original’ Dravidian movements, and from ‘communism’ to various caste politics, the activists in the island said.

Further comments from the Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island:

This time there was a strong orchestration in Tamil Nadu, supplemented by an array of ‘visitors’ from the diaspora, for not to raise any finger against the USA, but to press New Delhi to just fall in line with the US resolution.

Why such a political bankruptcy in Tamil Nadu, when the struggle has to primarily target the USA and press New Delhi to take independent steps in delivering justice to India’s backyard?

Whether you want a strong resolution coming and failing at the UNHRC, or you want ‘any’ resolution getting passed at the UNHRC to keep the island on the agenda of the UNHRC, seems to be Washington’s blackmail of Tamil articulators.

As a result, there is once again jubilance in the genocidal quarters of Colombo over the Sinhala State getting time and space for the irreversible completion of the genocide, which is once in a millennium opportunity for it.

One could believe in Washington’s inability at the UN [after all its abilities in mobilising the entire international community of Establishments when it was genocide], if Washington has so far done anything at least outside of the UN in the last five years to restore the balance of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island.

In restoring the balance of Eezham Tamils, Washington on its own could have done many things outside of the UN or any other international forum, which could have been practically more powerful than bringing in resolutions. But the USA did nothing.

On the contrary, from the theoretical negation of the nation and territory of Eezham Tamils to non-recognition of the genocide and on-going genocide; and from continued ban and vilification of the LTTE to continued military, financial and logistical support to genocidal Colombo, the USA continues to tilt the balance in favour of the genocidal engineering in the island.

If any of the so-called Tamil ‘diplomats’ are going to continue defending the USA, citing its ‘genuine’ inabilities and the ‘virtues’ of whatever that is achieved through ‘any’ resolution, and are going to argue for a gullible approach towards the USA and UK, the global Tamils have to only pity at their Goebbelism coupled with Quislingism.

The simple truth is that the USA and UK don’t care for their own supporters among Tamils. They don’t even care about those supporters getting discredited. More than the demographic and worldwide strength of State-less Tamils, the ultimate culprits care and fear for the genocidal nation in the island, because it has State.

* * *

This underlines the need, why the nation of Eezham Tamils, especially in the context of the strategic island, should get its sovereign State. It is not only as a Right to Protection from the age-old genocide that is now accelerated, but also as a Right to Protection from the international vultures of today as well as tomorrow, hovering over the geostrategic island.

A genuinely or seemingly ignorant stand taken by many in the outside of the island is that Eezham Tamils were wrong and are wrong in asking for an independent State for them, and that the Eezham Tamils in the North and East don’t consider the future of the Tamils in the rest of the island.

They don’t understand that genocide of Eezham Tamils is a centuries old process in the island. An inalienable thinking in the Sinhala nation in the island is that why can’t the Tamils become Sinhalese and Buddhists, following a dominant historical process of the past in the island. Such a nation left with the control of the modern State will always work towards completion of the genocide either through war or lure.

Only an independent State for Eezham Tamils in one part of the island could stop the genocide, will bring in a balance that could not come in any other way in Sinhala psyche, will guarantee the status of other Tamil-speaking people in the rest of the island, and will pave way for genuine reconciliation.

* * *

When the realities are such, cutting almost a comic figure both in the nations of Sinhalese and Eezham Tamils, Professor V. Suryanarayan of New Delhi’s ‘national security’ connections came out with the following statement in the New Indian Express on Wednesday, while counting trees and lamenting on what the Sinhala polity is doing to Tamils.

“It goes to the credit of Wigneswaran and Sampanthan that even under these adverse circumstances, they have not given up hope of working together with the Sinhalese in a united Sri Lanka,” Suryanarayan wrote.

“It was Indian insistence that finally led to provincial council elections. The unprecedented turnout and the landslide victory of the TNA convincingly proved that not only was the alliance the most representative organisation, it was also willing to work within the existing constitutional framework,” Suryanarayan elaborated further.

When the crux of the interest in the ilk of him in India is united Sri Lanka and Tamils working under the existing constitutional frame work, all his wailings on what is taking place in the island and all what he is expecting from the Colombo government are comically absurd.

The Sinhala State will not change and Suryanarayans also will not change. This ilk and the main stream English media in India have done enough damage to Eezham Tamils for decades in shaping a misleading public opinion in India that ultimately has led to the genocide and is leading to the progress of the on-going structural genocide.

* * *

South Africa’s Desmond Tutu and 38 Human Rights activists and organisations have now called for the UNHRC to set up a Commission of Inquiry (CoI).

“We, concerned individuals and organizations from around the world, urge the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to use their March 2014 session to pass a resolution that will include a commitment to an Independent International investigation in the form of a Commission of Inquiry,” the petition said.

Besides Tutu, Yasmin Sooka who was part of the UNSG report, Mr. C.V. Wigneswaran, Mr. R. Sampanthan and the Bishop of Mannaar were also signatories to the petition.

“Standing in solidarity with the many Sri Lankans who feel their government is making a mistake, we urge the United Nations to establish a Commission of Inquiry,” the petition concluded.

It is misleading to say that it is the Sri Lankan government that is making a mistake. It is the Sri Lankan State.

Indicting the government will bring in only a regime change.

Guruparan Kumaravadivel was touching on the difference between government and State in his press meet in Jaffna last week. He has also aptly raised the point that rather than a CoI that may end up with another report, what is more important is how to take it beyond for binding it with action from the UN.

As an urgently needed practical measure, Guruparan was calling for a transitional administration for the North and East under UN supervision, within a united framework of the island. He said, “We are not demanding anything controversial. We are only asking the measures for which there is precedence.” However, it was unwarranted for him to say that the transitional administration should be within a united country. A transitional administration is transitional administration for the concerned people to decide on the matter of unity or not.

* * *

The new generation in Tamil Nadu has to carefully peruse the discourse arising from this year’s UNHRC sessions. It is time to have a review on the US infiltrations that have been actively taking place since the 1950s, in every walk of life and mind-set. It has to be realised that without Tamils proving their geopolitical strength no justice is going to come.

In the meantime, one has to be equally vigilant about a section of the former Peking-wing articulators operating from the diaspora, who come out with US-bashing and Tamil ‘bourgeois’-bashing, but have no qualms about supporting Rajapaksa. There is another section that works like the ‘Deep Penetration Unit’ of the war times, in tandem with the diplomatic missions of Colombo or with agencies of Colombo-supporting Establishments. Infiltrating and hijacking the social and cultural organisations of Eezham Tamils is the agenda. Also take a note of the mushrooming publications that confine lessons-learning to the militant struggle of Tamils alone and do not speak on learning lessons about the ultimate culprits.



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