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Idiotic racism in Colombo University ‘medical research’ published in India

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 23:13 GMT]
“The Sinhalese are probably the descendants of the original inhabitants of the Island, but their origin is also traced to Northern India. However, there is disagreement as to whether they came originally from the North West or North East part of India. The Sri Lankan Tamils are the descendants of Tamils from South India who came to the Island and settled down at various times in the past when Sri Lanka was invaded by South Indian rulers. The Moors are the descendants of Arab traders,” says a ‘medical research’ undertaken by the Department of Pharmacology and by the Department of Human Genetics Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo that is published in the Indian Journal of Human Genetics.

With such a distorted preconceived notion, amounting to Nazi education of the interwar times, the ‘research’ on “Genetic variants in the cytochrome P450 2D6 gene in the Sri Lankan population” was undertaken by T.D. Praveen Tharanga, C.M.V. Jinadasa, M.F. Risama, Priyadarshani Galappatthy, R.L. Jayakody and Vajira H.W. Dissanayake. The article appeared in The Indian Journal of Human Genetics (2013, Vol 19, issue 4), was web-published on 4 January 2014.

The study was funded by a grant from the “Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education Project” of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo in genocidal Sri Lanka.

* * *

The notion projected by the study can’t be ignored as something merely coming from an undergraduate undertaking, because it shows the general mindset that firmly prevails in the Sinhala academia and the universities, as well as the endorsement to the mindset coming from a professional, refereed Indian journal, commented an academic of the University of Jaffna.

The ‘researchers’ seem to be having no idea of the geological and archaeological facts about the prehistoric population of South India and the island that freely traversed to and fro through a land bridge that existed well into Holocene times; about the common megalithic culture of South India and the island in the protohistoric times starting from at least 3000 years ago; about the possibilities of language replacement through Pali-Buddhism evolving the Sinhala language on the Dravidian/ Austro Asiatic substratum of the local population; About Eezham Tamils historically evolving from the same motley as a parallel identity with their own land; and above all about the large sections of South Indian populations that have come in various historical times being found within the Sinhalese themselves, the Jaffna University academic said, citing the surnames of two of the researchers related to South Indian navigators and warrior guilds.

A predominant part of the Muslims in the island are not “descendants of Arab traders” either, just like a predominant part of the Christians in the island are not descendants of Europeans, the academic further said.

* * *

When the geological and archaeological fact of the land link that existed between extreme peninsular India and the island, and the prehistoric movement of fauna as well as people who made the original population of the island was explained in a diaspora seminar sometimes back, a Sinhala postgraduate girl present there was reluctant to accept it, saying that “it was not taught to her at school in Sri Lanka.”

The Colombo University medical undergrads are not to be blamed for their ‘Mahavamsa’ mindset. It is something that has been consciously orientated for several decades by the Sinhala elite and by the various governments of the genocidal State.

Relevant research in this field done even by Sinhala academics has not been disseminated properly to the public and has not reached at least the university students.

The few Sinhala academics, who did some authentic work, too are now either engaged in thinking how to prove the meagalithic culture an ‘Aryan’ culture or engaged in buttressing the Rajapaksas and the ‘Army and Archaeology’ genocidal State by doing ‘diplomacy’ with Washington and New Delhi.

The Colombo University medical undergrads could not find any genetic markers differentiating Eezham Tamils and the Sinhalese. But the model they could think is the assimilation of the ‘South Indian invaders’ with the ‘original’ Sinhalese.

“The *3 allele is absent in South Indian Tamils, the presence of the *3 allele among a large proportion of Sri Lankan Tamils to the point where it is almost reaching the high frequency observed in Sinhalese probably suggests that there has been considerable admixture between these two populations following migration from South India. This is supported by the results of blood group genetic marker analysis, which also have not revealed any difference between the Sinhalese and Tamils,” the ‘research’ paper said.

* * *

The formula is very simple to the Sinhala-Buddhist mind: The Sinhalese are original and they are not related to the nearest land, i.e., South India. Even if they had come from North India they didn’t invade the aborigines. Tamils are South Indian invaders. Muslims are trade migrants. The latter two have no moral right for any territorial claim in the island. If Tamils in the island want their land or identity let them go to Tamil Nadu. If they want to live in the island let them get assimilated or live as subordinate ‘minorities’ with a tag on them that they are descendants of ‘invaders’.

The intent for genocide and structural genocide comes from this mindset and is justified by this mindset.

The mindset has been recently summarised by genocidal Sri Lanka’s diplomat Dayan Jayatilake: “There is no Tamil nation in Sri Lanka, but there is a Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. There is however a Sinhala nation in Sri Lanka. That is the only ethnic community on the island, which can claim the status of a nation as such,” he wrote last month.

No power on this earth could perform the edification of this congenital disorder of the mindset by appeasing the genocidal State, by shielding the genocide and the intent for further genocide, by blaming the Eezham Tamils for ‘narrow nationalism’ as some so-called Leftists licking the boots of the ‘great’ nationalism of Colombo are saying and by deliberations to resolve the issue within one State. There are better chances of mindset change for the benefit of both the siblings through a paradigm of Separation for Reflection and Unity.

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