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Overseas Eezham Tamil Muslims voice for Rohingyas

[TamilNet, Friday, 05 June 2015, 20:08 GMT]
“Stop the Genocide of Rohingya Muslims,” urges Pulampeyarnthoar Ilangkai Muslim Amaippu (Overseas Sri Lankan Muslim Organisation), which convenes a public demonstration in Richmond Terrace, London, on Saturday, asking the question, “Human Rights and Democratic Organisations, where is your solidarity for Roungya people?” The demonstration call condemns the Burmese government, demands the UN to drop the silence, asks the International Community to immediately intervene and addresses the British government to apply pressure to bring justice to peoples affected by its policies of the colonial times. Tamils have to understand that the Rohingya case is an immediate follow-up of the paradigm set by the genocide of Eezham Tamils, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics.

Strategic location of the Isthmus of Kra
Strategic location of the Isthmus of Kra and the Rohingya territory

In a region that long experienced ‘push to the south’, the Rohingyas, who are Muslims today, are more aboriginal compared to the Burmese.

But supporting and structuralising the genocide of small nations by larger nations for ‘clearing land’ and acquiring hold in geostrategic locations is the policy of ‘intervention’ followed in the region by Washington, New Delhi and Beijing.

After the so-called ‘Sri Lanka’ in the strategic point of Indian Ocean, where the Eezham Tamils were sacrificed for ‘entry through genocidal majority’, the focal point now is the Isthmus of Kra and its canal potentialities linking the Bay of Bengal and South China Sea.

The narrow land bar shared by Burma and Thailand links mainland Southeast Asia with maritime Southeast Asia. The land bridge was historically strategic since ancient times and a canal that could be cut as an extension of the Ten Degree Latitude maritime route going between Andaman and Nicobar would open up new vistas for the current interests of the Powers.

Rohingya demonstration
The feeble and deprived Muslims in this part are not wanted by any of them. So, the Theravada Buddhist card will be shown in Burma, Thailand and in the so-called ‘Sri Lanka’ for the paradigm solidarity; ‘Hindutva’ would blind eyes in India; the din of Islamic phobia would plug the ears in the West and the governments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Maldives in the immediate region could be manipulated.

It is time for some governments and peoples in the region to realise the blunder they made in not comprehending properly the kind of the paradigm set and being continued in the so-called ‘Sri Lanka’.

It is time for Tamil Nadu to be awakened to the need of voicing for Rohingya, as apart from the universal humanitarian question on the plight of nations without State, Tamil Nadu was a historical partner in the affairs of the Isthmus of Kra.

It is also time for Eezham Tamil Muslims especially in the overseas to see that such universal questions can’t be addressed by still clinging to the ‘Sri Lanka’ nametag and paradigm at home.

Protest in London

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