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Jolie silent on US sponsored Sinhala rape talks about IS

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 09 September 2015, 17:14 GMT]
Hollywood actress and UN Special Envoy for Refugee Issues at the UNHCR, Angelina Jolie, campaigning at the House of Lords of the British parliament on Tuesday, said that the Islamic State (IS) is using rape as a very effective weapon, centre point of their terror and as policy in a way the world has never seen before. She stressed on the importance of bringing prosecutions at the International Criminal Court (ICC). In June 2014, Jolie and the then British Foreign Secretary William Hague, organising Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, with delegations from 140 countries, failed to even discuss Sri Lanka’s use of rape as a weapon in a US-UK bandwagon sponsored genocidal war against a national question.

Jolie accused the IS for using rape as a policy.

“They are dictating it as policy. This is beyond what we have seen before,” she said.

“It is actually put into their policy. They are saying, ‘you should do this, this is the way to build a society’,” she further said.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency
If there is going to be a genuine international investigation, what Jolie says could be proved in the case of genocidal Sri Lanka, where the ‘war without witnesses’ in a way the world has never seen before, was paradigm-setting in erasing national questions through genocidal route to facilitate imperialist entry into geostrategic locations.

The LTTE was never known for using rape as a weapon at any stage of its struggle. Unilaterally having policy control over the organisation in this respect, the LTTE struggle was safeguarding a nation from the long deployment of such a weapon by the genocidal State in the island.

But at the final stages of the war and its aftermath, the ‘international community’ bandwagon Jolie represents at the UN, facilitated the deployment of rape as a major weapon against an unprotected nation of people, by the military of another nation of genocidal intent, enjoying impunity and cover. This was perceived as the way to ‘build unity and integrity’ of the island.

A tip of the iceberg could be seen in a recent report, “A Still Unfinished War: Sri Lanka’s Survivors of Torture and Sexual Violence, 2009-2015,” that came in July 2015 from International Truth & Justice Project.

If Angelina Jolie talks of ‘policy’, the ‘policy’ could very well be seen in the USA ditching international investigation on ‘Sri Lanka’, at the UNHRC, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

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