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Gaining more ‘time and space’ at Geneva, Colombo steps up genocidal grip on Eezham Tamils in Vanni

[TamilNet, Monday, 04 July 2016, 22:40 GMT]
The so-called Civil Security Department (CSD), which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Defence of genocidal Sri Lanka, is trying to seize 500 acres of additional farmlands at several locations of Mullaiththeevu district through ‘legal’ means, civil sources in Vanni said. While the genocidal-paradigm is upheld by the powers through a passive discourse at Geneva, the CSD under Maithiripala Sirisena is absorbing more farmlands through Sinhala military corporatism. The enslaved Eezham Tamils are to be deployed as slaves and more Tamil children are going to be subjected to brainwashing by the SL military. In the meantime, the income generated from the military-run farms is being channelled to employ a Sinhala-only armed paramilitary, known as Civil Defence Force (CDF) to colonize strategic Tamil lands along the coast and the interior borders of the occupied country of Eezham Tamils.

In its latest move to seize more farmlands, the CSD has sent applications to civil authorities in Vanni, the Mullaiththeevu District Secretariat and Divisional Secretariats, seeking more lands for agricultural farms and pre-schools at Visuvamadu-East, Visuvamadu-West, Koa'naavil, Puthuk-kudyiruppu West, Udaiyaar-kaddu North, Chuthanthira-puram, Udaiyaar-kaddu South, Udaiyaar-kaddu West, Theavipuram, Ithaavil and at Va'l'li-punam in Mullaiththeevu district.

The CSD, formed under Rajapaksa regime, enslaved more than 10,000 former LTTE members. Eezham Tamil captives subjected to so-called ‘military rehabilitation’ are deployed as paid slave workers in the agricultural farms run by the occupying military. They are given black uniforms where the letters, CSD, are written in white.

The CSD slaves are also deployed as teachers at pre-schools and are paraded at military events with instructions to sing SL anthem in Sinhala while UN Rights Chief finds it as a ‘positive’ sign for Colombo ‘allowing’ Tamils to sing the so-called national anthem of genocidal ‘Sri Lanka’ in Tamil. The preschool teachers are instructed to wear a blue uniform.

The genocidal military has also experimented with a different uniform, white shirts with black CSD letters, to preschool children.

Colombo has already come under severe criticism from the Northern Provincial Council for refusing to hand over CSD operated pre-schools in Vanni to civil authorities.

Tamil civil authorities in the North have been repeatedly demanding the Colombo regime to transfer the pre-schools and teachers, who are on the payroll of the occupying military of genocidal Sri Lanka, to the civil administration authorities in the North.

But, Colombo has not taken any move in this regard.

Instead, the entire CSD enslavement is being projected as ‘development’ to Tamils and to the outside world while the entire scheme has been structurally embedded into a genocidal paradigm.

In the meantime, the Sinhala-only Civil Defence Force (CDF), previously known as ‘home guards’, has been deployed in Sinhala colonisation schemes taking place through militarisation. The CDF also comes under the same department.

The UN Human Rights Chief and his OHCHR have turned a blind-eye to the continuing crimes of protracted genocide, Tamil rights activists in Vanni said.

The NGOs operating in North and the various UN missions, including the UNICEF, continuing to turn a blind-eye to these crimes, expose how Colombo’s genocidal paradigm and the so-called ‘development’ paradigm being advanced by the powers pre-occupied with their geo-political ambitions, have been synchronised.

Tamils across the globe should conceive their development strategy beyond the parameters of control and influence by the ‘development’ agents operating against the Tamil interests in the island, rights activists in Vanni said.

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