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Tamils, Muslims join hands in Mannaar against Rohingya genocide

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 05 September 2017, 23:40 GMT]
The organisers of a protest in Mannaar on Tuesday urged global Tamils to rise up against the genocidal onslaught that has been intensified by the genocidal Myanmar State against the Rohingya Muslims. Tamil-speaking people belonging to all religions in Mannaar took to the streets on Tuesday in a joint protest. Theravada Buddhist Myanmar State's persecution against Rohingya Muslims has reached a full-scale stage of genocidal military onslaught. At least 1,000 people have been killed within a month time, reports say. Some activists claim even higher number of civilian casualties. At least 90,000 have recently fled the north-western State of Rakhine, which has been the Rohingya homeland known as Arakan in the past. The Theravada Buddhist Myanmar has also blocked the UN agencies from supplying medicine, food and water to at least 250,000 Rohingyas who have been besieged by the Myanmar State.

Theravada Buddhism and military is the paradigm in both the places; regimes are backed by the same elements and often application of same models in both the countries to resolve the national question is often advocated in the so-called international community.

Protest in Mannaar on 05 September, 2017
Protest in Mannaar against Rohingya genocide

Protest in Mannaar on 05 September, 2017
Protest in Mannaar was organised by the Federation of Community Organisations on 05 September, 2017
Protest in Mannaar on 05 September, 2017
As in the case of Eezham Tamils, New Delhi is currently appeasing the genocidal State of Myanmar.

In recent international forums, New Delhi and Sri Lanka’-model think-tanks operated in tandem in saving Myanmar and through that saving genocidal Sri Lanka, by rejecting moves voicing against Rohingya genocide.

The line of diplomacy once again upheld ‘Sri Lanka’ paradigm and paves way for the current re-enactment of the same by an emboldened Myanmar. It will also embolden Colombo further, political observers said.

The US bandwagon under former President Barack Obama and former State Secretary Hillary Clinton was engaging in diplomatic relations with the genocidal militaristic State in Myanmar. The ‘soft diplomacy’ of the US bandwagon was aimed at securing its geopolitical inroads into Southeast Asia. Myanmar's ‘democracy’ leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner (1991), was brought to power as State Counsellor in April 2016.

The mainstream Theravada Buddhist Establishment in Myanmar, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize winner for ‘non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights’, have been defending the genocidal polity of Myanmar State.

“Eezham Tamils perceive the crime against Rohingya people as a genocide. The International Community has not taken any concrete measure to protect the civilian population as it failed in the case of genocide against Eezham Tamils in 2009. This protest organised jointly by many of the public organisations in Mannaar, demands UN Human Rights Council to demand international investigations on genocide against Rohingya Muslims,” said V. S. Sivaharan, the leader of ITAK Youth Wing based in Mannaar.

[Map courtesy:cfr.org ]

The systematic persecution of Rohingyas is continuing unabated as the doctrine of Responsibility-to-Protect (R2P) and the UN's post-R2P promise of ‘Human Rights Up Front’ which was based on the lessons learnt in the genocide against Eezham Tamils, have not been applied in the case of Rohingyas.

Amidst international inaction, a section of the stateless Rohingyas resorted to respond with violence against the military occupation of Myanmar.

The resistance group, known as Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), despite its lack of guerrilla or military sophistication, has however managed to attack some paramilitary checkposts in August.

ARSA, designated as ‘terrorist organisation’ by Mynmar, demands an independent democratic Muslim state for Rohingyas.

Responding to the ARSA assaults, the Myanmar Army has launched a full-scale genocidal onslaught, following the genocidal model of ‘Sri Lanka’.

Since August, 90,000 Rohingyas have fled the state of Rakhine into Bangladesh, which is another country affected by the crisis due to refugee influx.

Strategic location of the Isthmus of Kra
Strategic location of the Isthmus of Kra and the Rohingya territory

The ethnic origins of the Rohingyas is often traced to Bangladesh even though their presence in Myanmar is historical and the Burmese themselves are not the aboriginal people of the country.

Ironically, Bangladesh was one country that sent its military representative to give moral support to the Sinhala Buddhist military when the genocide against Eezham Tamils was taking place in the island during the Vanni war.

Both Washington and New Delhi woo the Burmese regime competing against influences coming from China.

Norway's former Development Minister Erik Solheim was at the forefront in making diplomatic inroads for the West with the military junta of Myanmar.

Erik Solheim was Norway’s peace envoy during the peace talks between Colombo and the LTTE, when the balance of diplomatic power of Tamils was tilted by the so-called Tokyo Co-Chairs formally representing the “International Community” in the process.

The USA, the EU (previously influenced by the UK), Norway and Japan constituted the so-called co-chair group steering the peace process that ended in genocide in May 2009.



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