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SL State apparatus at full swing to Sinhalicise ancient temple of Tamils in Trincomalee

[TamilNet, Friday, 11 January 2019, 22:41 GMT]
The trustees of Thiruk-koa'neasvaram (Koneswaram) temple in the eastern port city of Trincomalee blame three different authorities of the unitary of state of genocidal Sri Lanka as severely restricting their initiatives to preserve the spiritual environment at the historic Saiva temple. The Tamil devotees experience the conduct of the SL state apparatus as racial discrimination, reporters in the city said. The secretary of the trustee board, Mr K. Parameswaran, when contacted by TamilNet said the SL Archaeology Department, SL Department of Coast Conservation and the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, which is a statutory body of the Colombo government, were confronting the trustee board.

Recently, a humble move to put up a ‘Madam’ (hut for pilgrims) was opposed by all the three authorities, Mr Parameswaran said.

“We removed a Margosa tree to expand the place for the hut in the premises of the temple. The SL Archaeology department came with a warning that no construction work should take place. The Geological Survey and Mines Bureau started to claim that the activity had an impact on the rock of the hill-top. The Coast Conservation says the removal of the tree was causing coastal erosion,” he told TamilNet.

Also, the other members of the trustee board were complaining about the harassment.

None of these authorities seemed to be concerned of the encroachment by 300 Sinhala pavement shop owners, they said.

They were faulting the octogenarian parliamentary group leader of the TNA, R. Sampanthan, who hails from Trincomalee for being unable to secure the needed protection to preserve the ancient Saiva temple.

ITAK's Sampanthan, the UNP or the previous Tamil minister of Hindu affairs under the UNP, were all unable to contain the racist discrimination against the temple of Tamils.

The occupying unitary state in Colombo has stepped up a heritage war of genocide through rules-based discrimination, they said.

The recent move to declare Madu church of Tamil Catholicism as a sacred area of ‘Sri Lanka’ also originates with same intention but with a higher degree of sophistication, they said.

The board of trustees concerned with spirituality were not aware of the rules-based order of the Indian Ocean of the recent Quad formation of powers or the geopolitics sustaining the genocidal state.

The board members said the intruding Sinhala traders were brought in by a former Sinhala deputy minister who hails from Ratnapura.

The Rajapaksa-aligned former deputy minister Susantha Punchinilame was alleged of committing numerous murders in 1988 (three Sinhala SLFP supporters including the medical student Threema Vitharana) and in 1997 (a young SLFP parliamentarian named Nalanda Ellawala and a police constable) in his native electorate of Ratnapura.

The murders were committed during his UNP political career. In 2013, the SL High Court at Ratnapura acquitted Mr Punchinilame from all charges in the 1997 Nalanda Ellawala murder case.

He was nominated as Trincomalee district parliamentarian by the UPFA (SLFP) in 2015 under the national list.

The thug politician, who had crossed from the UNP over to Rajapaksa's SLFP in 2007, was having several ministerial portfolios under the UPFA, including the post of ‘Nation Building and Infrastructure Development’ minister.

Tamil civil officials at Trincomalee District Secretariat said Punchinilame was scheming Sinhalicisation of Trincomalee through so-called ‘development’ projects.

The sinister and deadly politician from Ratnapura, who was claiming the lives of his Sinhala rivals in politics, had brought violent and anti-social Sinhala traders during his time as deputy minister.

The occupying unitary state, its Colombo-based ministries and authorities, are institutionally ethnicity-oriented. These are programmed to discriminate the native institutions of Eezham Tamils in the East.

Although Punchinilame is no longer in the ministerial portfolio, the board of trustees of the temple has not been able to oust the encroaching Sinhala traders, who have been polluting the temple environment with waste disposal and harassing the devotees through bringing alcohol-addicts to the spiritual place.

The harassment coming from the SL Departments of Archaeology, Coast Preservation and the Bureau of Geological Survey and Mines, coupled with the occupation of encroaching traders brought in by the criminal ex-minister have rendered the trustees helpless to preserve the sacred temple.

The provincial government brought out following the Indian involvement based on its geo-strategic interest on Trincomalee harbour has no power to contain the racially discriminatory acts of the SL State. The present Indian Establishment ruled by the BJP also has no interest in striking a balance between the provincial and unitary systems in the island.

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