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Eezham question gets entangled in competition of SCO and NATO

[TamilNet, Thursday, 23 June 2011, 23:38 GMT]
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), if materialises as alliance of China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Central Asian countries accounting for more than half of humanity, it will make NATO (and Pax Americana) simply irrelevant to an entire landmass. NATO may face a piquant situation when it aspires to claim that it is the only global security organization available in the 21st century, writes M K Bhadrakumar, formerly of the Indian Foreign Service, in Asia Times Saturday. With the SCO summit last week admitting Sri Lanka as a ‘dialogue partner,’ the organization brings itself to the waters of the Indian Ocean, Bhadrakumar pointed out. The question of Eezham Tamils would be muffled by both of them competing for control of the island as a whole, unless awareness of people counters them.

The polarisation of the power blocs was very much visible two years ago itself when Sri Lanka was voted clean at the UN Human Rights Council by China, Russia, India, Pakistan and their supporters.

It was again demonstrated by the same bloc of countries in participating the military conference convened last month by Sri Lanka to project its genocidal war as a justifiable future paradigm for the world.

However, both the SCO and NATO, competing for the control of the island as a whole are united in ignoring genocide and the resultant national question of Eezham Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

They differ only in their approaches in wrestling the island as a whole into their control.

One bloc, in order to achieve its geopolitical ambition of getting the island into its fold and exploiting it as a whole, is straight forward in its approach of openly protecting Mahinda Rajapaksa without caring what he did and what he would do in future in brutally upholding the genocidal state. The approach also suits the domestic orientation of many of the members of this bloc.

The other bloc led by the US, which initiated the mobilisation of every one to fight the war knowingly to the end, with no idea on post-war solutions but with full of expectations of ‘strategic partnerships’ insinuating its order in the whole of the island, and expectations of proving a point through wrong application of a faulty paradigm, was deceived by Rajapaksa towards the end of the war and was outwitted by crafty Sinhalese diplomacy that had its own genocidal objectives.

One section within the crestfallen US bloc now thinks that a change of regime in its favour, mobilisation of Sinhala and Tamil elite of its choice together and some hoodwink solutions to Eezham Tamils - all effectuated through highlighting the war crimes of ‘both sides’ but carefully negating the state’s chronic intention of genocide behind the war crimes, could bring back the bloc’s lost acceptance in the whole of the island. Meanwhile, another ‘unseen’ section within the US bloc still cordially deals with the Rajapaksa regime to win it over to its side through the pressure enacted by the other section.

There are enough reasons to believe that the post-war structural genocide and extermination of the nation of Eezham Tamils currently carried out with unprecedented acceleration and haste by state in Sri Lanka is blessed by all, so that the dirty work done by Rajapaksa now would relieve future headaches of those who wish to eat the cake in full.

* * *

Many Eezham Tamils are painfully puzzled that why even after so much injustice committed against them, no establishment in the world is prepared to recognize the naked genocide; why no one accepts that their liberation and aspiration to be independent is righteous; why the US-bloc ‘crisis managers’ who support liberations elsewhere and are non-committal to situations somewhere else, categorically deny the liberation of Eezham Tamils; why some diplomats who should be absolving their sins by gracefully conceding liberation still suffer from ‘appetite’ disorder, and above all, the most intriguing question is what is the ideological, philosophical and pragmatic justification that the Eezham Tamils should not ask for their independence?

The excuses that there are Tamils in the south are opportunistic. There are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, but it didn’t nullify the need for secession. One may argue that secession brought in problems to India and Pakistan. But, there are also examples like Singapore and Malaysia. More Chinese live in Malaysia. Secession brought in confidence to co-exist and progress together.

The real answer to the puzzle of Eezham Tamils why their aspiration for independence is considered a ‘sin’ is simple, but no one wants to tell it, for it will make one look ugly.

All of them who compete to have the island in full are worried that the ‘majority’ nation in the island would turn against them if they support secession and it would be difficult for them to face an exploiting competitor.

The Sri Lankan state effectively uses the card for unhindered genocide. Unless all the powers agree or made to agree to deliver the logical justice of secession, Eezham Tamils would always be ‘advised’ to accept genocide and even deny there is genocide, for the sake of the benefit of the blocs.

* * *

The adage that in international relations there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies has become obsolete with the present ‘globalised’ world order.

Today there are permanent friends and permanent enemies. All those who are in the world establishments are permanent friends against their permanent enemies, i.e., the peoples of the world. While the ‘friends’ in the establishments have all the infrastructural arrangements such as the UN for their mobilisation, unfortunately the peoples of the world are yet to find ways of mobilising themselves.

The very week, the Channel 4 in UK focussed especially on the UN failure in stopping the killing of more than 40, 000 Eezham Tamils, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon received a second term of appointment unanimously from the UN Security Council.

No one should ever forget that all the establishments of the world - not only the powers of the so-called Security Council and their allies in the EU and elsewhere, but also establishments that were ranging from that of aspiring powers like India to petty countries like the Maldives, and even governments that were in the verge of capitulation to power manoeuvrings in West Asia and North Africa, abetted, supported or kept quiet to the genocide of Eezham Tamils.

When we read about many of them now buzzing around Sri Lanka with economic goodies, with the word that the war is now over, one wonders whether it was the Tamil ability to resist to their genocide that was preventing them all of them all these years.

* * *

Who is to stop this injustice coupled with insanity in the establishments, demonstrated by all of them in unison for the first time and thus setting a paradigm?

Western intellectuals whose dissenting voices are powerful in impacting global opinion have the view of a cat’s eye than a bird’s eye on the happenings in the island. In their preoccupation with the Islamic World near to their minds, they fail to give enough importance to the paradigm silently set in the island that is going to affect larger sections of humanity in densely populated Asia and elsewhere.

Leftists in Latin America and elsewhere preoccupied with the US imperialism are equally of a cat’s eye view that belittles, confuses or even negates the liberation of Eezham Tamils. They fail to recognize that supporting the liberation of Eezham Tamils is challenging all imperialisms of the world.

Governments of many countries of the non-power world, which should have risen up to the occasion in checking power paradigms ending up in genocides in their part of the world come out with only pathetic shows.

The president and foreign minister of The Maldives, who wanted the entire world to intervene against Gayoom when they were in exile, now oppose international justice to Eezham Tamils.

How the people of Bangladesh that now supports Rajapaksa would have responded to those who sat with Pakistan at the time of its liberation or how Vietnam that now seeks business with Rajapaksa would have responded to similar alliances when it was facing the brutal war and oppression of the US? What would have been the reaction of Fidel Castro's Cuba if any country had voted against it when it was resisting the US in achieving its independence?

* * *

Whatever the power bloc situation that develops in the island, the immediate brunt will be faced by India.

There are more reasons today than in 1947 why India should take a new non-aligned stand for its own benefit and for the benefit of the non-power world. India’s stand could facilitate the liberation of Eezham Tamils, enhance its prestige and the resulting moral strength is the effective check against anyone manipulating the situation.

But if the establishment in New Delhi is not prepared for leadership acceptable to the civilized world of the 21st century, and if senile advices treating genocide as an insignificant routine are the ones that are going to be listened to, then the key to change the paradigm within India vests primarily with the people of Tamil Nadu.

They have to very firmly voice for the total independence of Eezham Tamils, demonstrating who is the majority that should be taken into account in the geopolitical context, if that is what decides human justice in international polity. Let us hope that Tamil Nadu is not deviated from the move, setting inspiration to the region as well as to entire humanity.

* * *

Obviously, the Eezham Tamils in the island and in the diaspora are more concerned about their liberation and independence in order to save their remaining from genocide than the war-crimes investigation sans political justice that is a trial of strength between the power blocs.

Yet, the war crimes investigation may be important to the world order and large sections of Tamils are emotionally obsessed with it - their obsession being more felt by the post-war behaviour of the Rajapaksa regime.

Meanwhile, this is the crucial time for the Eezham Tamil diaspora that has the freedom to voice, to come out with a new face, boldly exposing the anti-humanity forces and aligning with right sections of international polity, to resolutely demand for the paradigm-setting independence.

Eezham Tamils have to realise and project it to the world that their call for independence is not merely liberation of them from genocide or achievement of their national aspiration, but more than that. It is of prime universal importance to the edification of the power polity of the world today.

Without anything substantial to offer, the power blocs are keen in only recruiting the elite of the diaspora imperceptibly or otherwise into their folds and they have been working for quite some time on it. The division of the elite in power-bloc lines is dangerous now as well as in future. Diaspora has to seriously think whether there is anything good in joining the ‘civil service’ of the power blocs when they are engaged only in bulldozing the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island.

Above everything, the Sinhala brethren has to see that a genocidal unity backed by power blocs is not a unity, it will be a curse for ages, benefiting only the power blocs.

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