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Decapitated body found near Madhu

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 21:00 GMT]
The decapitated body of a female and a body of a male were handed over to the Mannar hospital this afternoon around 4 p.m by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) said sources in Vavuniya.
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Examination papers to arrive via sea route

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 20:59 GMT]
Stationery and question papers for the GCE Advanced Level to the areas held by the LTTE will be sent tomorrow from Mannar via a sea route, said sources.
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Transformer destroyed in Vavuniya

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 20:56 GMT]
Another transformer in Vavuniya town at the Soosaipillayaarkulam junction was blasted around 6 am today, said sources. This blast occurred within eight hours of the first transformer at Kurumankadu was blasted last night officials at the Ceylon Electricity Board said.
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News In Brief

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 14:19 GMT]
Two eletricity transformers are blasted, two firearms are said missing from policestation and a curfew is imposed in Eravur.
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PTA detainee said tortured

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 14:16 GMT]
A 22 year old woman who had been tortured in military custody was released on bail yesterday by the Batticaloa courts. Antony Krishnaveni, had been arrested by paramilitary gunmen from the Razeek group whilst on her way to Batticaloa from her village Kaluvankerni before being handed over to the Sri Lanka Army.
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Buddhist Union opposes devolution

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 14:14 GMT]
The Sri Lankan government should not implement any power sharing before wiping out terrorism in the country, said the Union of Buddhist organisations at a meeting yesterday. The union decided to campaign to bring pressure on the Sri Lankan government to prosecute the war, say sources.
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Government Agents of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu transferred

[TamilNet, Saturday, 31 July 1999, 07:46 GMT]
The Government Agent of Mullaitivu, R. Tharmakulasingham and the Government Agent of Kilinochchi, T. Rasanayagam were transferred from their stations with immediate effect on the last evening.
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Vavuniya students protest

[TamilNet, Friday, 30 July 1999, 19:27 GMT]
The senior students of five schools in Vavuniya town area staged a demonstration today, demanding the opening of an access route to the Vanni and the conduction of the Advanced Level examinations in the region, just as in other areas of Sri Lanka.
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News in brief

[TamilNet, Friday, 30 July 1999, 18:59 GMT]
Jaffna student's organisation threatens to disrupt exams; Vanni teachers not yet paid for July and Nominees named for Jaffna vacancies
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Colombo students demonstrate

[TamilNet, Friday, 30 July 1999, 12:11 GMT]
Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala students of the Art faculty of Colombo University have been jointly staging a demonstration in front of their faculty today, demanding the Sri Lankan government take steps to hold GCE examinations in the Vanni, when schools elsewhere sit for papers.
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'SLA used civilians as human shield'

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 18:16 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers in a statement issued today said that they had thwarted an attempt yesterday by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) to advance using civilians as a human shield through the SLA forward defence lines at Moondumurippu-Nattaangkandal.
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Teachers and students protest in Vavuniya

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 16:50 GMT]
Several teaching uniouns picketed outside the Education Zonal offices in Vavuniya today demanding full payment of risk allowance and the balance of salary arrears for shool principals.
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Amnesty condemns Thiruchelvam killing

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 16:50 GMT]
The London based human rights organisation, Amnesty International, strongly condemned the assassination of Neelan Thiruchelvam today by a suicide bomber in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, and paid tribute to him as "a politician who contributed greatly to his country".
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ICRC 'not involved in convoy crossing'

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 10:58 GMT]
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was at no stage involved in the organisation or escort of the convoy which transported the Vanni residents who have been stranded in Vavuniya since last month due to the closure of the access route to the areas held by the Liberation Tigers said the organisation's spokesman in Colombo, Mr.Harasha Gunawardena this afternoon.
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Attacker's accomplice still at large - Police

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 10:47 GMT]
Sri Lankan Police sources in Colombo said that they are yet to apprehend the accomplice of the suicide bomber who killed Dr.Neelan Thiruchelvam MP at the Kynsey Road-Ward Place junction in the Colombo suburb of Borella this morning at around 9.a.m.
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Jaffna doctors warn of critical drugs shortage

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 10:46 GMT]
Medical officials in Jaffna warned that a tragic situation could develop in the peninsula due to the shortage of drugs.
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Shelling causes further Vanni displacement - VoT

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 10:45 GMT]
The VoT said in its nightly new bulletin last night that artillery shells fired by Rana Gosha troops towards the Paandiyankulam area yesterday evening damaged the school building forcing about 500 civilians to flee the area to a safer place.
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Kilinochchi G.A urges President to open route.

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 10:43 GMT]
T.Rasanayagam, the Government Agent in Kilinochchi, has asked the Sri Lankan President to make immediate arrangements to open a land route to the LTTE held areas of the Vanni.
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Teachers plan further protests

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 10:39 GMT]
Northeast province teachers and principals continued their action against what they as a discriminatory pay award for the third day running today.
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Mr. Thiruchelvam killed in bomb blast

[TamilNet, Thursday, 29 July 1999, 05:46 GMT]
Mr. Neelan Thiruchelvam was killed in a bomb blast while travelling from his house at Rosmi Place to his office at Kency Road at 9.10 this mornig.
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Twenty police arrests following transformer blast

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 July 1999, 16:59 GMT]
Police in Mathala are reported to have arrested 20 youths during a two day search operation in the area following an incident in which two electricity transformers were destroyed in bomb blasts.
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Crossing cancelled as shots fired

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 July 1999, 16:29 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army General Lionel Balagalle the Chief of Staff and the Commander of Vanni region said today that the return home of Vanni residents stranded in Vavuniya since the closure of the access point was cancelled after shots were fired soon after the first batch had reached the area controlled by the Liberation Tigers.
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UNHCR refused to accept student requests

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 July 1999, 15:54 GMT]
Vanni students held a protest march yesterday demanding the opening of a civilian route into the region.
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Youth tortured to death - Judge

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 28 July 1999, 10:26 GMT]
In the hearing into the mysterious death of a youth from Gurunakar in the Jaffna peninsula, the extra Jaffna District judge, Mr. A. S. E. Ekanathan, identified torture as the cause of death.
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Stranded travellers to return tomorrow

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 21:52 GMT]
K.Ganesh, the Government Agent in Vavuniya, said today that over 2200 stranded travellers in Vavuniya had been registered with the civil authorities to be sent to the Vanni tomorrow morning after military officials informed him that the Vanni people will be returned home tomorrow.
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Teachers vow to continue protest

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 19:14 GMT]
The seven teaching unions decided to continue their picketing campaignuntilall teachers and principals in North east province are paid risk allowanceand salary arrears if full.
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News in brief

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 19:11 GMT]
Government Agent in Mullaithivu gets medicine from Mannar for his asthmatreatment and an SLA soldier is wounded in Muttur.
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Stranded Vanni residents to go back?

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 16:46 GMT]
The Vanni Security Forces Commander, Major General Lionel Balagalle, said today that two thousand persons from among the Vanni residents who have been stranded in Vavuniya since the closure off all entry points to the areas held by the Liberation Tigers in the north could be sent back tomorrow.
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Journalists to watch travellers return

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 16:26 GMT]
Vavuniya kacheri officials were busy this morning making arrangements to send back about 2200 civilians from the LTTE controlled areas of the Vanni who have been stranded in Vavuniya since last month.
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Torture victim granted bail

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 11:41 GMT]
The Batticaloa high court yesterday decided to proceed with three cases filed against Shanmuganm Manogaran,23, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act despite a supreme court verdict last month ordering the state to grant him compensation on grounds that he was tortured while in detention.
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Tamil groups appeal to President

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 11:38 GMT]
Six Tamil parties in Colombo resolved today to appeal to the Sri Lankan President to take action to avert the crisis in the Vanni.
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President Speaks At Military Graduation Ceremony

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 09:18 GMT]
The contribution of the Sri Lankan military is needed to implement the concept of "one nation one country" said the Sri Lankan President, Chandrika Kumaratunga Bandaranaike, while speaking at the Kothelawala military college graduation ceremony held at the Bandaranaike conference hall yesterday.
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Soldiers arrested in Mannar

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 09:01 GMT]
Fourteen Sri Lankan Soldiers, including 3 military officers, from the Sunny Village military camp in Mannar have been arrested by the Special Military Police.
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LTTE agrees to Mannar sea evacuation

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 07:38 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers have welcomed a proposal by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that seriously ill patients stranded in the Vanni due to the closure of the access point at Uyilankulam could be evacuated by sea, said sources close to the LTTE in Europe.
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Presidential commission announces Ampara hearings

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 27 July 1999, 04:04 GMT]
The presidential commission will start hearings into missing persons from Ampara on 28th July, said the secretary of the commission, Mr. M.C.M. Iqbal yesterday.
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Police block Jaffna student protest

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 15:50 GMT]
A march organised by Jaffna University students, demanding that thegovernment open a route into the Vanni, was blocked by the SLA and Police atParameswara college junction at noon today.
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Talks to end teachers dispute fail

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 14:50 GMT]
A conference convened to resolve the Northeast province teachers' protest against what they see as a discriminatory pay dispute failed when the Northeast Provincial Council Governor, Major General Asoka Jayawardene, said that he had no authority to change the Education Minister's decision regarding the settlement of arrears pay.
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Six killed in shooting incident

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 11:08 GMT]
A policeman, a soldier and four civilians were killed and six others seriously wounded when two gunmen, suspected to be members of LTTE, opened fire at Thekkankaadu, about one km south of Vavuniya town along the Vavuniya Anuradhapura road, said sources.
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Demonstrators demand route to Vanni

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 10:00 GMT]
About 500 travellers, including government servants and traders from the LTTE held areas of the Vanni, have staged a Sathyagraha demonstration outside the Vavuniya Kacherie this morning demanding that a route to the LTTE held areas of the Vanni be opened immediately so that they could return home to their families.
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Further troop movement out of Mannar

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 09:55 GMT]
Hundreds of troops deployed in the Mannar district have been replaced by Police, said sources.
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Teachers strike blocks off official buildings

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 07:50 GMT]
Hundreds of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala teachers and principals started picketing the offices of the Provincial Ministry of Education, the Department of Education and the Treasury Department in Trincomalee this morning.
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Situation in Vanni Deteriorating - GA

[TamilNet, Monday, 26 July 1999, 07:43 GMT]
People in the Kilinochchi district are affected by shortages of food, malnutrition and disease due to the closure of an access route to the Vanni, according to T.Rasanayagam the Government Agent in Kilinochchi, said sources.
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School boy killed in air attack

[TamilNet, Sunday, 25 July 1999, 20:37 GMT]
Selvarajah Uthayakumar, a Year 3 student at the Visuvamadu Reddbarna School in the Kilinochchi district was killed in an air attack by Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) kfir jets at around 2.00 p.m. this afternoon said the Voice of Tigers (VoT) radio in its night news broadcast.
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Teaching unions protest against discriminatory decision

[TamilNet, Sunday, 25 July 1999, 20:35 GMT]
Seven Tamil and Muslim teaching trade unions unanimously decided today to picket the offices of the North east Provincial Ministry of Education and the Department of Education in Trincomalee on the Morning of July 26 to protest against what they see as a discriminatory pay award.
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Troop Relocation in Mannar Area

[TamilNet, Sunday, 25 July 1999, 16:17 GMT]
Sri Lankan Army (SLA) troops stationed at Sunny Village, Puthukduiyiruppu and Pesalai have been relocated to the Paappamoddai area and police personnel have taken over these positions, said sources.
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Temple Priest Arrested in Eastern Province

[TamilNet, Sunday, 25 July 1999, 16:01 GMT]
The chief priest of the Alaiyadivemby Maruthayadi Manikkapillaiyar Temple, Sri Arasaretnam Senthinathakurukkal, was arrested on Friday July 23 by a team of police personnel who came in a white van, residents said.
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Governor releases discriminatory pay awards

[TamilNet, Sunday, 25 July 1999, 15:33 GMT]
The Governor of the North East Province (NEPC), Major General Asoka Jayawardene, has instructed his provincial education officials to carry out the central ministry's order and pay risk allowance and salary arrears to teachers and principals in Ampara Sinhala zone first, in full, from the allocation of 150 million rupees released by the treasury last week.
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Passenger ferry sunk by powerful blast

[TamilNet, Sunday, 25 July 1999, 09:18 GMT]
A passenger vessel the "Newco Endurance" which plied between Trincomalee and Muttur was sunk in the eastern harbour when a powerful bomb exploded around 3.30 a.m. this morning.
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News in Brief:

[TamilNet, Saturday, 24 July 1999, 19:09 GMT]
Trincomalee residents alarmed by illegal settlements, SLA casualty in Vavuniya road accident, Teachers demand payment of risk allowance; Confusion over alternative exam arrangements.
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Brigadier meets Vadamaradchi fishermen

[TamilNet, Saturday, 24 July 1999, 12:06 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commander for the Vadamaradchi division, Brig. Sarath Karunaratne, met with representatives of the Fishermen's Federation yesterday to discuss the various problems faced by fishermen in the region, said sources.
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Two arrested in Ampara

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 23:03 GMT]
Two Tamil youths were arrested by Karaitivu Special Task Force (STF) during a cordon and search operation in Kalmunai about 22 km. north-east of Ampara, on Thursday, residents said.
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Tigers offer alternative Vanni route

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 19:31 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers are ready to open an access route to the Vanni through the Uylankulam and Pallamadu areas in Mannar district or through Mankulam if the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) agrees to maintain a demilitarised zone in the area between the present defence lines of the two sides, the Voice of Tigers (VoT) said quoting S.P.Thamilchelvan leader of the LTTE’s Political wing in its morning news bulletin today.
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Teachers fury over discrimination

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 19:27 GMT]
The Governor of the North East Province (NEPC), Major General (retd) Asoka Jayawardana, today prevented provincial officials from banking a treasury cheque for 150 million rupees, when several teacher-trade unions protested to decision of Education Ministry to first pay risk allowance and arrears in full to Sinhala teachers in the Amparai area and then share the remainder amongst Tamil and Muslim teachers in other districts, NEPC sources said.
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Mass protest in Vanni -GA

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 18:05 GMT]
At least eight seriously ill people in the Vanni have died as they had been unable to travel to hospitals in the south, due to the closure of the access route to the region, according to K.Ganesh, the Government Agent in Vavuniya. At least three thousand travellers who had come to Mannar and Vavuniya for various purposes and stranded are undergoing severe hardship without money and spare clothes to wear, the GA said.
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Six killed in clashes

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 17:48 GMT]
Three Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and another wounded when suspected members of the Liberation Tigers opened fire at them in the Madhu area around 9 a.m. this morning, said sources.
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ICRC may move sick

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 13:30 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has not agreed to let the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) take relief supplies to the Vanni by sea from Mannar to Vidaththaltheevu but has granted the organisation permission to transport the sick not only by sea but through any of the access routes that are closed now, SLA official said today.
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Grenade kills SLA trooper

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 13:16 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier was killed and another wounded when suspected members of the Liberation Tigers threw a grenade at a route clearing patrol at Vantharumoolai, 23 km. north of Batticaloa, around 9 a.m. this morning.
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Four wounded in incidents

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 13:14 GMT]
Two time bombs fixed to bicycles exploded, injuring three civilians in two separate incidents- one at Muttur town and other at Serunuwara this afternoon, residents said.
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Students mark 'Black July 83'

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 13:12 GMT]
Students of the Eastern University boycotted the lectured and carried black flags to mark 'Black July-83'. A press release from the students said the picketing was arranged to mark the July 83 communal riots and the massacre of Tamil political detainees in Welikkade prison.
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New Mankulam DMZ proposed

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 13:10 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army officials said yesterday that they have suggested a new demilitarised zone, 5 km long and 1 km wide along the Mankulam- Thunukkai road, through which relief supplies may be taken into the Vanni.
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Detainee's rights case cleared

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 13:05 GMT]
The Supreme Court yesterday granted leave to Trevor Lenox Dunstan Shokman of Wattala and presently detained at Kalutara remand prison, to proceed with his fundamental rights case.
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UNP to widen protest campaign

[TamilNet, Friday, 23 July 1999, 03:40 GMT]
Addressing a crowd of about 5000 at the end of a protest campaign yesterday, the Leader of United National Party (UNP), Ranil Wickremasinghe, announced that his party will take the protest campaign to every corner of the island.
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Peace before development -World Bank told

[TamilNet, Thursday, 22 July 1999, 12:06 GMT]
Leaders of Tamil groups in Colombo told a World Bank team that the war in the Northeast should be brought to and end before any development projects are initiated in the province.
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SLA continues Jaffna sweep

[TamilNet, Thursday, 22 July 1999, 10:15 GMT]
The Sri Lanka army (SLA) will continue its operation into the mangroves of Varani and Amban in southeastern Jaffna for another week said sources in the north. One soldier was killed and three were wounded during clashes between troops and the Liberation Tigers today.
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Sea transfers for stranded travellers

[TamilNet, Thursday, 22 July 1999, 08:26 GMT]
Arrangements are underway today, to send by sea from Mannar island, those travellers from the Vanni who are stranded in Vavuniya and Mannar due to the closure of the access route to the areas not held by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), officials in Mannar said.
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LTTE officials meet NGOs over route

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 23:02 GMT]
S.P.Thamilchelvan, leader of the Liberation Tigers' political section and his deputy, Karikaalan, met the representatives of international non governmental organisations in the Vanni to explain the position of the LTTE regarding opening of a route to the areas held by the LTTE., the Voice of Tigers (VoT) radio said in its morning news broadcast today.
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Three SLA soldiers, policeman killed

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 19:06 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka army soldiers were killed and two were wounded when the Liberation Tigers attacked their bunker near the village of Jayanthiyaaya at around 6.30 a.m. this morning, said sources.
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Youth killed in STF ambush

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 19:00 GMT]
The Special Task Force shot dead a youth at Kaluthaavalai in Batticaloa at around 10.45 p.m. last night, said sources in the area. The STF said that they ambushed a group of Liberation Tigers when they tried to infiltrate an area controlled by the security forces.
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Body of Ida Hamilitta exhumed

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 18:21 GMT]
The body of Ida Hamilitta, a Tamil woman who was allegedly raped and killed by Sri Lankan Army soldiers, on July 11 at Pallimunai, was taken to Colombo this afternoon by a CID team for further investigation.
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Bomber ruse to disrupt protest ?

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 18:17 GMT]
The Sri Lankan state media published the photograph of a woman today claiming that she had come to Colombo to carry out a suicide mission. However sources said that the photograph, released by the Ministry of Defence, was that of a woman who had already died.
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Fishermen killed in SLN attack

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 18:12 GMT]
A fisherman was killed when the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) attacked his boat on Monday (July 19) night. Five others in the boat, however, managed to escape.
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TELO sulks over lost contract

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 17:57 GMT]
Unidentified men believed to be members of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) smashed up the office of the Divisional Secretary's (DS) at Aariyampathi in Batticaloa last night, sources said.
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Journalists demonstrate over assaults

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 12:33 GMT]
A large number of journalists demonstrated in Colombo today, protesting against several of their colleges being assaulted last week, allegedly by personnel from the Presidential Security Division (PSD).
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Blast kills two soldiers

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 12:32 GMT]
The Officer in Charge of the Thambalai Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp and a corporal were killed this morning when a bomb exploded around 8.15 a.m. said sources.
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Woman murdered over affair

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 12:28 GMT]
A Muslim woman, Abusaali Julia,34, was stabbed and killed, at Thaamaraikkerny, in Eravur, 10 km. north of Batticaloa by suspected members of a Muslim extremist group for allegedly violating Islamic law sources said.
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Patients await Vanni access route

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 12:26 GMT]
Four seriously ill patients who are awaiting treatment at hospitals in the south were taken yesterday by protesters to the ICRC's sub-delegation at Puthukudiyiruppu in the Mullaithivu district, to highlight the difficulties faced by ordinary people since the Vanni access route was closed, the Voice of Tigers(VoT) said this morning.
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Two youths shot dead

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 21 July 1999, 02:13 GMT]
The Special Task Force (STF) troops shot and killed two youths near the Murugan Temple in Pesaalai in the north-western Mannar around 11 a.m yesterday, sources said.
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Two detained in Ida Hamilitta case

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 July 1999, 21:10 GMT]
The Mannar Court today ordered the detention of U.Dayananda Upul Gurusinghe and N.K.H.D.Rjah Somaratne, two soldiers from Pallimunai army detachment, in connection with the rape and murder of Ida Hamilitta, a Tamil woman who was killed on July 11.
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Tigers and SLA clash in Jaffna mangroves

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 July 1999, 17:34 GMT]
The Sri Lanka army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers clashed today in the mangroves of Amban and Varani in southeastern Jaffna. Fighting erupted between SLA troops on a major search operation in the region and the Liberation Tigers around 11 a.m. this morning.
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Search operation in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 July 1999, 10:20 GMT]
Hundreds of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers from camps at Naakarkovil, Maamunai, Varani and Vallipuram launched a search operation in the Vadamaradchi East and Thenmaradchi divisions of the Jaffna peninsula in the early hours of this morning, said sources.
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New police regulations in Batticaloa suburbs

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 20 July 1999, 09:26 GMT]
The Sri Lankan Police has stipulated new regulations in the Batticaloa suburbs of Puthunakar, Seththukkuda and Thimilaithivu which have caused inconvenience to residents in the area, said sources.
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Skeleton found in Jaffna well

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 22:27 GMT]
A family from Piththanai, a hamlet in Velanai, an island off the Jaffna peninsula, who had returned to their home two days ago found a skeleton when they were cleaning out their well today.
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Protests in Vanni over supplies

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 19:11 GMT]
The offices of international relief agencies in Mallavi in the Vanni are being picketed by people protesting against the closure of relief supplies into the region, reported the Voice of Tigers (VoT) radio in its night bulletin today. The offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and CARE are amongst those being picketed, said the radio.
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Strike total success - CTTU

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 17:54 GMT]
The General Secretary of the Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union (CTTU), Mr.T.Mahasivam, said today that the one-day strike by the teachers, principals and non-academic staff in schools in the north east province was a one hundred percent success.
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UNP plans public opinion study

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 16:14 GMT]
Sri Lanka's main opposition party, the UNP, said today that it will formulate a national plan for the millennium in consultation with a wide cross section of island's population and political parties. While addressing a press conference in Colombo to explain the national plan, the leader of the UNP, Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe said that the views of the Liberation Tigers would also be obtained for preparing the national plan.
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Four civilians wounded in SLA fire

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 12:28 GMT]
Four civilians were seriously wounded when the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers opened fire indiscriminately in Sunny Village, two kilometres from Mannar town, this afternoon. Four houses and a video movie parlour set on fire by marauding soldiers were burnt down completely. Several civilians were assaulted by the troops.
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ICRC security guard released

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 12:23 GMT]
The Batticaloa ICRC security guard who was arrested by the Sri Lanka Army last night was released this afternoon. The SLA arrested him at the Batticaloa delegation of the ICRC on suspicion that he was working for the Liberation Tigers.
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Vavuniya teachers on strike

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 11:19 GMT]
Over 1500 teachers and principals in the Vavuniya district boycotted schools today in support of the 9 demands put forward by the Ceylon Tamil Teacher's Union (CTTU), said sources at the Education Department.
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SLA arrests ICRC employee

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 08:39 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops cordoned off the offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) at Kovinthan Road in Batticaloa yesterday evening and arrested a local employee of the organisation around 7 p.m. said sources.
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Confusion continues over Mannar bodies

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 03:48 GMT]
The Judicial Medical Officer for Mannar, Dr. Emmanuel Peiris, in his post-mortem of the 37 persons killed during Operation Rana Gossa 4, said that they were wearing military uniforms.
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UNP Supporters burn state paper

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 03:36 GMT]
Supporters of the United National Party burnt several copies of the Thinakaran, a Tamil daily newspaper published by the government controlled Lake House, at a reception accorded to Mr.Mohamed Mustapha (Myown) yesterday. Mr. Mustapha was formerly allied to the SLMC but joined the UNP last week.
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Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi teachers also strike

[TamilNet, Monday, 19 July 1999, 03:32 GMT]
Teachers, principals and non-academic staff in the LTTE controlled districts of Killinochchi and Mullaitivu will also participate in the one-day token strike scheduled to be held on Monday, July 19, said Mr.T. Mahasivam, the Ceylon Tamil Teachers' Union General Secretary.
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Vadamaradchi fishermen face dilemma

[TamilNet, Sunday, 18 July 1999, 16:28 GMT]
In a letter sent to the Fishermen's Federation of the Vadamaradchi division, Jaffna, the head of the Tamil Eelam administrative service of the Liberation Tigers for the Vadamaradchi region, P. Pynthamilan, has requested the Federation not to support attempts by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) to enlist the fishermen to guard the peninsula's coast-line.
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Search operation in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Sunday, 18 July 1999, 14:06 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Police cordoned off the villages of Puthunakar, Cheththukkuda and Thimilaithivu, about 2 km. west of Batticaloa town, and conducted a search operation from 5 a.m. this morning, said sources.
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Housewife jailed for withholding information on LTTE

[TamilNet, Sunday, 18 July 1999, 04:11 GMT]
A housewife from the Kokkadichcholai area of Batticaloa district was convicted under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) for not informing the Police of known movements of members of the Liberation Tigers, and was given three years of rigourous imprisonment by Judge N. Ramachandran of the Batticaloa High Court.
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Starvation is identified - Government Agent

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 20:39 GMT]
The Government Agents of Mullaithivu and Kilinochchi have appealed to the government to take immediate action to open a supply route to the LTTE held Vanni areas and send relief food and essential commodities to the population there, said sources.
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Puthukkudiyiruppu SLA camp closed down

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 20:38 GMT]
The Sri Lanka Army closed down its large camp at Puthukkudiyiruppu on the Mannar-Thalaimannar road today as the troops have been relocated to the Mannar camp, said army sources.
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Teacher's Union prepares for strike action

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 20:35 GMT]
The Ceylon Tamil Teacher's Union has asked the student community of the North-east to stay at home on July 19 when teachers, principals and non-academic staff boycott schools by sending sick notes in support of the nine demands put forward by the CTTU to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
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Three fishermen arrested

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 20:28 GMT]
The Counter-Subversive Unit of the Batticaloa Police arrested three fishermen yesterday evening when they came ashore in their boats, said sources.
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SLMC supporters show displeasure for defector

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 19:55 GMT]
Supporters of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) threw stones and burnt tyres when Myown Mustapha, a former SLMC politician who joined the UNP last week, was taken in a motorcade from Amparai to Thuraineelavanai this evening, said residents.
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Public announcements in Vavuniya town

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 19:53 GMT]
The Police handed over the bullet riddled body of a youth, in his mid twenties, to the Vavuniya hospital this morning for identification and inquest, said hospital sources.
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PLOTE member's funeral scheduled for Monday

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 19:52 GMT]
The funeral of Sabaratnam Baskeran, a senior PLOTE member in Vavuniya, will take place on Monday, said the group's spokesman today. He was killed in a claymore mine attack on Friday 16.
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Worsening HR situation in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Saturday, 17 July 1999, 12:31 GMT]
Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Jaffna has been receiving increasing number of reports from all parts of the peninsula on human rights violations committed by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) troops, said sources.
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Three held on chemicals charge

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 20:14 GMT]
The Special Task Force (STF) arrested three civilians today, on the charge of possessing some chemicals which could be used for manufacturing explosives. Two of the detainees were Tamils of Periya Porathivu and the third person was a Muslim from Kattankudy in the Batticaloa district, residents said.
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Anuradhapura court rules on Jaffna civilians

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 20:14 GMT]
Several civilians arrested in the Jaffna peninsula by the Sri Lankan security forces have been released on bail by the Anuradhapura Magistrate in the centre of the island, the Forum for Human Dignity said.
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Man freed as police miss dates

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 20:13 GMT]
The Ampara High Court Judge, Mr.Sisiraappu, today acquitted an man charged under the Prevention of Terrorism (PTA) Act when the defence counsel submitted that the main police witness had been absent for three dates.
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Two police casualties in Batticaloa fire fight

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 12:39 GMT]
Two Sri Lankan Police personnel were killed and one wounded when the Liberation Tigers attacked their patrol at Palameenmadu, on the northern outskirts of Batticaloa town, at around 6.50 a.m. this morning.
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EPDP member shot in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 12:25 GMT]
An unidentified armed man shot and killed a EPDP cadre, Piyasena Karunaratne, 28, (alias Ranjith), at the Thirunelvely junction around 8.30 a.m. this morning. He was in-charge of the EPDP's Thrunelvely camp.
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Mannar Police give hospital unidentified body

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 12:20 GMT]
The Mannar police have handed over the body of an unidentified man, who was killed in an attack at Vidaththalthivu in Mannar last night, to the Mannar hospital at around 12.30 p.m. today.
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Senior PLOTE member dies in mine blast

[TamilNet, Friday, 16 July 1999, 12:15 GMT]
Sabaratnam Baskaran (34), alias Dumaal, private secretary to Manikadasan, PLOTE's military wing leader, was killed in a claymore mine blast at Matarabaas junction; Kovilkulam in Vavuniya, at around 2 p.m. today.
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LTTE rejects SLA proposals

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 14:15 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers said today that while they were "agreed in principle" to open an access route into the Vanni, they had rejected the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) proposal that the LTTE withdraw 5 km. from their present positions at Mankulam so as to create a demilitarised no-man's land for this purpose.
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Jaffna Magistrate urges early exhumation

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 13:25 GMT]
Jaffna additional magistrate, M. Ilancheliyan, instructed the CID and the attorney general's department this morning to begin examination of the alleged mass graves of Tamil civilians in Chemmani in Jaffna on August 30, 31 and September 1.
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Three SLA casualties in Mullaithivu fire fight

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 13:15 GMT]
Three commandos of the Sri Lanka Army's Special Forces (SF) were killed yesterday when the Liberation Tigers attacked the troops as they advanced from the Janakapura detachment in the Veli Oya region, towards the areas held by the LTTE in Mullaithivu district, sources said.
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Police fire tear gas at Colombo demonstrators

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 12:28 GMT]
Sri Lankan riot police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of demonstrators who participated in a procession today, demanding the government to abolish the Presidential system in the country.
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Former LTTE member raped and shot - inquest

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 09:37 GMT]
Kesavan Rajah, a 63 year old shop keeper, said while testifying at the inquest into the death of Ida Hamilitta, 21, that the woman was shot dead by Sri Lanka Army personnel from the Pallimunai SLA camp.
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Batticaloa students demonstrate against police arrests

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 09:11 GMT]
Students at the Eastern University have been boycotting lectures and demonstrating on the roads since 7 a.m. this morning in protest against the arrests of two follow students by the Police, sources said.
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CTTU to strike despite renewed call for talks

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 06:20 GMT]
The Ceylon Tamil Teachers' Union (CTTU) has informed its members in the North East province to be ready for a one-day token strike on July 19, inspite of an invitation by the Ministry of Education to CTTU to come for talks with the Deputy Minister on July 21.
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Blast toll rises

[TamilNet, Thursday, 15 July 1999, 03:37 GMT]
The latest victim of the Batticaloa bomb explosion yesterday morning is a Tamil male named Kulanthaivelu Suntharalingam, 48, said hospital sources.
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Mankulam route yet to open

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 14:25 GMT]
The opening of a new supply road to the Vanni through Mankulam on the A9 highway has been delayed over disagreement between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers (LTTE) as to the details of the demilitarised zone between the two sides, said sources.
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Two youths shot

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 10:09 GMT]
The Sri Lankan Police said that two Liberation Tigers were shot dead at a check-post near the Tharavayadi Pillayar temple road in Kalmunai in the south-eastern Ampara district, at around 5.30 p.m. yesterday.
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Batticaloa blast kills two

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 07:28 GMT]
A powerful bomb, fixed to a bicycle, exploded opposite the Batticaloa police station at about 10.55 a.m. this morning killing two civilians and injuring another 18, including three policemen, said sources.
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Eight held from refugee camp

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 03:48 GMT]
Eight men were arrested by the Police in a cordoned off search operation conducted early morning Monday, July 12, at Veppankulam refugee camp about 3 km north of Vavuniya along Mannar road, said sources.
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Travel restrictions eased for Temple ceremony

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 03:21 GMT]
The security forces relaxed travel restrictions imposed on people from army controlled areas to visit Verugal in the Muttur area, Trincomalee district to witness the consecration (Kumbapishegam) ceremony of the historic Hindu temple, the Sithiravelauthaswamy Kovil, residentssaid.
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Widespread support for CTTU strike

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 03:04 GMT]
The All Ceylon Muslim Teachers' Congress and the Government General Employees Union representing the non-academic staff attached to the schools in the north east province have decided to support the one-day token strike of the Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union (CTTU) scheduled to be held on July 19th.
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Youth arrested for photographing vehicle

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 July 1999, 02:55 GMT]
A muslim youth was taken into custody by the Trincomalee Police on Monday evening when he was taking a photograph of the vehicle of the Governor of the North East province, Major Asoka Jeyawardene.
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Fire at SLA camp in Welikande

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 13 July 1999, 11:06 GMT]
Six Sri Lanka Army soldiers and 4 civilians were wounded when fire broke out in the artillery dump of the SLA's 23-1 brigade camp at Welikande, in the Polannaruwa district, about 70 km. north-west of Batticaloa around 8.30 a.m. this morning.
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TELO associate found dead

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 13 July 1999, 10:59 GMT]
A man associated with the paramilitary group, the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO), was found dead at the dike of the Vairavapuliyankulam irrigation reservoir early this morning, said Police in the northern town of Vavuniya.
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Elections after security improves - NEPC Governor

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 1999, 23:13 GMT]
The main event in the North-eastern Provincial Council's (NEPC) celebration of local government week was held under tight security in Trincomalee town today due to the presence of the North-eastern Governor, Major General Asoka Jeyawardene, as the chief guest for the event.
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Former LTTE member killed in Mannar

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 1999, 23:06 GMT]
Unidentified gunmen shot and killed Ida Hamilitta, 21, a former member of the Liberation Tigers, at her home in Pallimunai, Mannar, at around 1.30 a.m. this morning, said sources.
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Parties call for abolition of presidential government

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 1999, 23:01 GMT]
Four political parties the JVP, MEP, NSSP and the MULF have planned to hold a fast in front of the Fort Station in Colombo on Friday to protest at the continuation of the Presidential system of government by the PA coalition government.
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Ambush kills eight

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 1999, 13:32 GMT]
Eight Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and five seriously wounded when the Liberation Tigers ambushed their patrol at Kokkuththoduvaai in the north-east of the island, this morning around 6.30 a.m., said sources.
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Demonstrators demand access to return

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 1999, 13:24 GMT]
An estimated thousand people demonstrated in front of the Government Agent's office in Vavuniya this morning demanding the authorities to make arrangements for them to travel back to their hometowns in the Vanni.
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SLA operation in Batticaloa

[TamilNet, Monday, 12 July 1999, 12:13 GMT]
Fighting broke out in the Thaandiyadi area yesterday evening when the Sri Lankan army conducted a limited operation from the Valaiyiravu Bridge, west of Batticaloa, towards Paduvaankarai; the western hinterland of the district said sources.
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More refugees flee to Mannar Island

[TamilNet, Sunday, 11 July 1999, 20:04 GMT]
(News Feature) Hundreds of displaced villagers keep on fleeing the Vanni area, as there is no shelter, food and relief assistance, said sources in Mannar island. "Up to Friday more than 1700 villagers have crossed the Mannar lagoon to reach the ferry at Pallimunai in Mannar island", additional Government Agent for Mannar V.Visvalingam said.
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Hindu parents dissatisfied with Buddhist Principal

[TamilNet, Sunday, 11 July 1999, 19:55 GMT]
The All Ceylon Young Hindu Federation has requested the Minister of Education and Higher Education and the north western provincial council administration to appoint a Hindu principal to the Kurunegala Hindu Maha Vidyalayam.
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Failure to honour talk commitments prompts CTTU action

[TamilNet, Sunday, 11 July 1999, 19:50 GMT]
The Ceylon Tamil Teachers' Union (CTTU) has now renewed its call for trade union action, claiming that the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has failed to honour his assurances given during the talks he had with the deputation of the CTTU on June 30.
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Two SLA soldiers wounded as convoy escapes claymore attack

[TamilNet, Sunday, 11 July 1999, 15:29 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers exploded a claymore mine in Jaffna targeting a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) convoy from Jaffna town to Palaly this morning around 9.30 a.m.
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STF search Thaalankudah

[TamilNet, Saturday, 10 July 1999, 17:36 GMT]
The Special Task Force (STF) conducted a house to house search today in Thaalankudah village, 7 km. south of Batticaloa, and took the men there to the Catholic Church there.
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Protests over government textbooks

[TamilNet, Saturday, 10 July 1999, 17:30 GMT]
(News Feature) At a two-day workshop jointly organised by the World Bank and the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom, the Samshakthi Teachers' Forum presented its report on the role of school textbooks for multi social reconciliation in Sri Lanka.
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Third NEPC service planned

[TamilNet, Saturday, 10 July 1999, 17:26 GMT]
The third Governor's administrative mobile service of the North East Provincial Council will be held at Batticaloa, during the middle of next month, NEPC sources said.
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TELO cadre wounded

[TamilNet, Saturday, 10 July 1999, 05:16 GMT]
A senior member of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) in Vavuniya Vincent alias Subramaniam Jeyendran, 34, was seriously wounded when he was shot by unidentified men in the town last night around 8 p.m.
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Relatives identify fisherman's body

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 July 1999, 16:03 GMT]
The relatives of Soosai Alfred, the Indian fisherman killed when his boat was fired on, were brought to Mannar today to identify his body. They were brought to Kacchathivu island by the Indian Navy from Ramanathapuram, Mandapam, South India and transferred to a Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) boat at Pesaalai, Kachchathivu around 12.30 p.m. this afternoon.
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More Colombo detentions

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 July 1999, 10:20 GMT]
Twenty-four people, including two women were detained by the Sri Lankan Police during a search operation in Wellawatta, a suburb of Colombo, yesterday evening said Deputy Inspector General of Police, T.N.De Silva.
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Jaffna demining team arrives

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 July 1999, 10:19 GMT]
Eight members of the United Nations Development program sponsored demining team arrived in Jaffna by ICRC ship yesterday around 4 p.m., bringing with them four dogs which will be use to sniff out mines, said sources.
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Inquest into fisherman's death

[TamilNet, Thursday, 08 July 1999, 19:01 GMT]
The Mannar District Judge, M.Ilancheliyan today ordered Mannar Police and the Registrar of the Mannar District Court to inform the Indian High Commissioner of the death of Alfred, a Tamil Nadu fisherman, and the detention of three others by the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN).
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News in Brief:

[TamilNet, Thursday, 08 July 1999, 18:56 GMT]
Thirty held in Colombo; Search operation in Batticaloa and Sick soldier dies.
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UNP absent as Emergency Regulations extended

[TamilNet, Thursday, 08 July 1999, 18:45 GMT]
The bill to extend the emergency regulations by a month was passed in the Sri Lankan Parliament today with 144 voting for the bill while six MPs voted against the extension.
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Concern over NMAT's case

[TamilNet, Thursday, 08 July 1999, 18:43 GMT]
The Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) MP for Kandy, Rajaratnam said the National Movement Against Terrorism (NMAT) should be banned. He said the NMAT was trying to foment trouble in the tea estate region, and the Sinhala organisation was filing a case against the CWC to this end.
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Army to try as Navy, Police quit

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 18:42 GMT]
Lieutenant P.K.T.Perera, of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) Kayts, informed Jaffna additional magistrate S.A.E.Ekanathan today that the SLN could not arrest Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) cadres Karalasingham(Paatsha), and Vettivel Selvaraja as instructed, as they were hiding on Delft island.
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Sleeping sickness cases in Kalmunai

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 18:40 GMT]
The Medical Research Institute (MRI) based at Borella, Colombo said it had confirmed that the two patients admitted to the Kalmunai hospital in the island's eastern province last week were suffering from sleeping sickness.
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Taped conversation provokes pandemonium

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 16:41 GMT]
The Sri Lankan Parliament was adjourned today amidst pandemonium on the floor of the house when an MP from the main opposition United National Party (UNP), played a tape of a conversation which allegedly took place between the Sri Lankan President's media advisor and a businessman about kick backs with regards to a private TV channel deal.
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Curfew death in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 15:38 GMT]
Velayuthapillai Panchalingam 19, of Manthivil, Jaffna was shot dead at Thattankulam Junction last night around 9.45 p.m. Relatives say he might have been shot by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops whilst returning home because a curfew was in place at the time.
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Indian fisherman killed

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 12:06 GMT]
The body of a South Indian fisherman was handed over to Mannar hospital this afternoon by the Talaimannar police, through the Talaimannar Divisional Secretary (DS) on the orders of Mannar District Judge Ilancheliyan said police sources.
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Six troopers wounded

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 11:54 GMT]
Four Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were wounded when a land mine exploded at Salappai Aaru near the Kutchaveli SLA detachment 15 km. north of Trincomalee, around 10 a.m. this morning, said sources.
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Suspected extortionists arrested

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 10:16 GMT]
Five people, said to be members of a criminal gang were arrested today by the Mount Lavinia Police at Dehiwala, a suburb of Colombo, the police said. The criminals were carrying 4 pistols when they were arrested.
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LTTE agrees Mankulam supply route

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 08:18 GMT]
The Voice of Tigers (VoT) radio said in its night news broadcast yesterday that the Liberation Tigers have agreed to open a supply route to the Vanni through Mankulam.
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LTTE attack wounds two STF personnel

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 07 July 1999, 04:47 GMT]
Two STF commandos were wounded when the Liberation Tigers fired at their truck at Naruvilikulam in the Nanaddan area west of Murunkan yesterday evening, sources said.
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Poster campaign in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 06 July 1999, 15:23 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers have put up posters in Maamunai, Pt. Pedro, Sempiyanpattu, and Nelliyaan in Jaffna, banning the distilling and selling of illicit liquor. The LTTE has said that it will take severe action against anyone who continues to trade in illicit liquor.
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SLA expects more defections

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 06 July 1999, 13:21 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers distributed pamphlets encouraging members of Tamil paramilitary groups and auxiliary forces assisting the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) to defect to the LTTE, extending an earlier appeal.
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Batticaloa marks 'Black Tiger' day

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 06 July 1999, 13:08 GMT]
'Black Tigers day' was observed in the Batticaloa district on Monday with a hartal, residents said. Main functions were held at Kokaddichcholai and Karadiyanaaru they added.
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Three civilians killed

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 06 July 1999, 11:08 GMT]
Sri Lankan state radio today blamed the Liberation Tigers for the attacks on a van and a double cab that were travelling along the Namal Oya road to Ratmalgahawela, in which three civilians were killed.
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SLAF officer killed in Mankulam

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 06 July 1999, 07:07 GMT]
A Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) officer was killed when the Liberation Tigers attacked the forward defence lines (FDLs) in Mankulam last night around 7 p.m., said sources.
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Jaffna mine clearing to commence

[TamilNet, Monday, 05 July 1999, 16:55 GMT]
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced during a press conference held at its offices in Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo today, that it is to begin its mine clearing operation in the Jaffna peninsula shortly.
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Ambush kills one

[TamilNet, Monday, 05 July 1999, 13:17 GMT]
A Special Task Force (STF) trooper was killed and 3 others, including an officer, were wounded in a claymore mine attack on their vehicle at around 1.30 p.m. in Vankalai west of Murunkan in the north-east of the island, sources said.
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New Vanni access procedures

[TamilNet, Monday, 05 July 1999, 13:03 GMT]
Travellers from areas not controlled by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), coming into Vavuniya will be thoroughly screened at Peyaadikoolankulam 3 km. north of Vavuniya town along the A 9 trunk road and people wishing to cross back are to be checked at Thandikulam about 2 km. north of Vavuniya town, according to the new plans adopted to open up a new route to the Vanni, sources said.
Full story >>

Work underway on new route to Vanni

[TamilNet, Sunday, 04 July 1999, 11:58 GMT]
Arrangements are underway to open a new supply route to the areas held by the LTTE said Mr.K.Ganesh, the Government Agent of Vavuniya. A team of four government officials comprising GA Vavuniya, Mr.S.Ragunathapillai, the Additional GA Vavuniya, and S. Sri Skandarajah, the Project Engineer at the Vavuniya Kachcheri and a technical officer visited Mankulam yesterday to inspect the proposed site for 'cross loading', sources said.
Full story >>

One civilian killed

[TamilNet, Sunday, 04 July 1999, 10:30 GMT]
The Liberation Tigers fired mortars at the Kiran Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp, 26 km. north of Batticaloa, this morning around 8 a.m. and fired at soldiers on foot patrol near the area. One SLA soldier was wounded in the incident sources said.
Full story >>

Claymore blast wounds 3 in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Sunday, 04 July 1999, 09:53 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers and a Police constable were wounded in a claymore mine blast in the balcony of an upstair building by the Parameswara junction on the Palaly road this morning around 11.20 said sources in Jaffna town.
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SLA claims it captured strategic junction

[TamilNet, Sunday, 04 July 1999, 09:35 GMT]
SLA headquarters sources in Colombo said this afternoon that troops captured a strategic junction on the Mannar-Pooneryn road in the early hours of the morning today unopposed. They said that the army had moved along the Neduvarampu road from its positions at Aandaankulam and taken the junction. Aandaankulam is southeast of the Pallamadu junction, in the interior east of the Mannar-Pooneryn road.
Full story >>

Three homeguards killed

[TamilNet, Saturday, 03 July 1999, 08:38 GMT]
Three homeguards were killed and another wounded when the Liberation Tigers attacked a sentry post at Padiyatalawa, about 65 km. south-west of Batticaloa, on the Chenkalady-Badulla road, in the early hours of the morning today.
Full story >>

PLOTE, TELO warned

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 18:29 GMT]
Leaders of the PLOTE and TELO, two paramilitary organisations operating alongside the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Vavuniya were summoned to the SLA headquarters today to discuss the situation prevailing the region due to the clashes between the two groups, said sources.
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Vidaththalthivu exodus continues

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 15:03 GMT]
The Counter Subversive Unit (CSU) of the Sri Lankan Police arrested two of the displaced people who arrived in Pallimunai in Mannar town from coastal areas north of Vidaththalthivu today. Three persons among the two hundred and seventeen displaced Vidaththalthivu residents who came by sea from Moondaampiddy and Iluppaikadavai yesterday were also arrested by the CSU.
Full story >>

Four killed in clashes

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 14:56 GMT]
A suspected member of the Liberation Tigers was killed and a Sri Lankan Policeman was wounded in a confrontation at Vairavapuliyankulam Irrigation Tank bund, this afternoon around 2.15 p.m., said sources.
Full story >>

Soldiers on assault charge

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 13:08 GMT]
Two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers have been arrested in connection with the assaults on civilians following the deaths of 3 soldiers in a claymore mine attack at Nunaavil yesterday morning. Maj.Gen. Mallawarachchi, GOC, 54 Div. said action will be taken against them.
Full story >>

TELO official resigns

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 13:06 GMT]
Vice Chairman of the Valvettithurai Pradeshiya Sabha, Santhirasekaram Kunasekaram, representing the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO), submitted his resignation from the post yesterday.
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"Political matters beyond our competence"

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 12:56 GMT]
The US Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C has dismissed a petition filed in November 1997 by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) challenging its designation by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as a foreign terrorist organization, saying that the courts "were forbidden" to speak on the subject.
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More SLRC officials under investigation

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 07:00 GMT]
The Sri Lankan Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) which is interrogating the Sri Lanka Red Cross (SLRC) official, Sivanathan Kishore, his office assistant Ronald Srikanth and SLRC Vavuniya branch driver Nagamany Easwaranathan about suspected connections with the Liberation Tigers, has summoned the branch President Chelliah Manrcandeyar and five assistants who are working in the office, said sources.
Full story >>

PLOTE cadre killed in Vavuniya

[TamilNet, Friday, 02 July 1999, 04:00 GMT]
(Correction) A member of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), Mookan Uthayakumar, alias Sekar, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Veppankulam about 3 km west of Vavuniya, around 8.30 p.m. yesterday.
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Civilians assaulted following lethal blast

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 July 1999, 18:17 GMT]
Several people had to be hospitalised after Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops severely assaulted civilians in Nunavil on the Jaffna-Chavakachcheri (Kandy) road, in retaliation for the deaths of 3 SLA soldiers in a claymore mine blast today.
Full story >>

Muttur access security stepped up

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 July 1999, 16:56 GMT]
Commandos of the Special Task Force (STF) and regular policemen conducted a cordon and search operation in Addapallam area in the Ninthavur division today of Tamil and Muslim homes in the Addapallam area.
Full story >>

Appeal to ease education embargo

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 July 1999, 16:49 GMT]
The Minister of Education and Higher Education Mr.Richard Pathirana is to request the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) to lift its ban on transporting teaching materials to schools in Vanni region, which is not under the control of the SLA, once the Governor of the North East Province sends his approval with a list of items which may be sent.
Full story >>

SLA bus hit by claymore in Jaffna

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 July 1999, 09:17 GMT]
Five SLA soldiers were wounded this morning around 10 a.m. in Nunavil on the Jaffna-Chavakachcheri (Kandy) road when the vehicle in which they were traveling was hit by a claymore mine exploded by the Liberation Tigers. The Kandy road was closed to traffic following the attack.
Full story >>

Two students arrested

[TamilNet, Thursday, 01 July 1999, 09:00 GMT]
Two students were arrested by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) at Murakoddanchchenai, 40 km. north of Batticaloa on Monday, June 28, according to officials of the government funded Human Rights Commission.
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04.02.24 15:40   Photo
சியோனிசம் காணும் தோல்வி ஈழத்தமிழருக்குப் பலன் தரவல்ல படிமை மாற்றத்தின் அறிகுறி
24.04.22 05:44  
தீவின் நெருக்கடிச் சூழலில் ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசம் கடைப்பிடிக்கவேண்டிய நிலைப்பாடுகள்
09.04.22 14:44   Photo
குறிதவறும் ஈழத்தமிழர் தலைமைகளுக்கு வரலாறு தருகின்ற எச்சரிக்கை
21.01.22 07:24   Photo
ஈழத்தமிழர் தேசத்தின் தலைமைத்துவம் தேர்தல் அரசியற் கட்சிகளுக்கு அப்பாலானது
02.11.21 15:32   Photo
13 ஆம் சட்டத்திருத்தத்தால் கட்டமைக்கப்பட்ட இன அழிப்பை எதிர்கொள்ள முடியுமா?
15.09.21 08:19  
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17.05.21 19:23   Photo
Ananthi blames war criminal Silva for blocking collective memorial at Mu'l'livaaykkaal
09.04.21 14:46  
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23.03.21 12:41   Photo
No focus on Tamil genocide, geopolitics gets played out in Geneva in favour of QUAD formation
21.03.21 13:34   Photo
Navi Pillay explains ‘human rights’ limitations in Geneva on Tamil genocide
15.03.21 20:36   Photo
Deceived Tamil activists in UK falsely claimed ‘substantial changes’ to Zero draft
09.03.21 21:34   Photo
UK repeatedly wronged Tamils says hunger-striker, demands genocide justice
26.02.21 11:53   Photo
Tamils witness false dilemma in Geneva as geopolitical formations pit against each other
19.02.21 14:02   Photo
UK not prepared to push for ICC option in new UNHRC Resolution
07.02.21 23:16   Photo
Unprecedented P2P uprising paves the way for rights-oriented politics of Tamils and Muslims